Crooked Teeth Leads to More Serious Problems

Some people brush off their crooked teeth, thinking that it is better than having none at all. Contrary to popular opinion, having misaligned teeth may lead to more serious health problems if left alone. Here are some effects of having misaligned teeth:

Serious dental problems

gum diseasesCrooked teeth may lead to serious dental problems, such as plaque, tooth decay and gum diseases. As it is hard to brush and floss your teeth, bacteria may build up in areas that you cannot reach. Given that your teeth are not in their best position, constant chewing may build pressure on the wrong areas. These areas may wear out early and lead to cracked tooth or weak enamel, as well. Instead of paying for teeth alignment, you may end up spending more for restoring your teeth.

Trouble sleeping

Serious cases of teeth misalignment may lead to the development of sleep apnoea. It is a condition where a person experiences trouble in breathing whilst asleep. Your uneven teeth may block the airway, cut off your air supply and possibly threaten your life.

Eating problems

Misaligned teeth will make it hard for you to chew and digest food properly. They tend to produce unpleasant grating sounds while eating, which may be embarrassing and uncomfortable for you. Jaw pains due to crooked teeth will make you eat less and lose weight.

Speech impediments

One of the signs of misaligned teeth is having noticeable lisps or whistles when talking. Teeth play an important role in proper articulation of words. Misaligned teeth may affect the way you pronounce words and cause people to misunderstand or even ridicule you.


Crooked teeth may give you headaches, as well. Uneven bites prevent your jaws from relaxing, which tightens the muscles up to the head. Excess lactic acid accumulates and goes up, thus causing pains in the head and shoulders.

Do not underestimate misaligned teeth. They may affect not only your health, but your finances, lifestyle, and confidence, as well. At Weybridge Orthodontics, we aim to treat teeth misalignments. Our array of products includes metal braces, mouthguards, removable aligners and retainers to accommodate people with different dental problems. Visit our office for more information on our products and services.