Dealing with Orthodontic Emergencies

In common cases, orthodontic emergencies are rare and are typically not severe. Nonetheless, the discomfort and inconvenience caused by these problems can interfere with the patient’s daily activities. We list down some of the most common emergencies that patients with braces may encounter and some temporary solutions providing relief.

Pain and discomfort

Weybridge OrthodonticsDuring orthodontic treatment, feelings of pain and discomfort are hardly an emergency. But they may still cause our patients some degree of panic. In typical cases, the pain sets in about 6 hours after placement. It will significantly worsen over the next few days. For effective relief, we can recommend pain medication before and immediately after the placement.

Broken or loose braces

Generally, we do not consider orthodontic breakage as an urgent problem. However, a loose brace may cause some problems. When a bracket breaks loose off of a tooth, it can still be attached to the wire through its elastic tie. This is to eliminate the risk of the patient accidentally swallowing the bracket.

The discomfort may come from the bracket’s constant moving or spinning on the wire. We recommend you contact us immediately so our team can advise whether or not the problem must be addressed before your next appointment.

Protruding wires

Even at the early stage of treatment, the teeth will begin to move until they align with their prescribed position. When this happens, the wire used to straighten the teeth will move to the back of the band area. In cases where the bite is being corrected, the wire will be longer at the back of the braces. The wire can poke the gums and cause distracting pain.

We recommend Brace Eeze relief wax to smooth the area and make a buffer between the metal and the mouth. Apply it by taking a small amount and rolling it into a small ball. Flatten it and place it over the poking area of the brace.

Mouth ulcer and sores

At the first few phases of the treatment, the braces can be irritating and rough to the cheek, lips and tongue. In some bad cases, patients can experience ulcers and sores caused by the metal. To alleviate the pain from the ulcer, we recommend applying a small amount of topical cream directly to the ulcerated area. To stop the irritation, a buffer is also advised.

If the pain and discomfort are not resolved by any of these solutions, please contact Weybridge Orthodontics immediately.