Life After Getting Braces: Managing to Eat with Braces

Newly-installed braces may feel odd and a bit painful inside your mouth. After installation, it obviously feels different and heavier, due to the metal brackets and other materials inside your mouth. Your first braces will plant the idea that you have limited choices in terms of what you can eat.

Weybridge OrthodonticsDentists remind patients of the importance of avoiding certain foods that can damage your braces. In addition to being difficult to chew, these foods can ruin your braces’ capability of shifting your teeth. When you bite into food while wearing braces, brackets can easily pull away and break.

Regularly eating crunchy, sticky and tough food may require you to wear your braces for a longer period, not to mention visit your dentist more often.

You might be wondering: ‘Does this mean I cannot eat my favourite meals?’

Fortunately, you can still eat certain food types without worrying about your new braces. Life after braces need not be difficult and ‘tasteless’—all it takes is some precaution, restraint and the help of your knife and fork.

Soft foods are always an option

The first day with braces is probably the most difficult in your journey to a better smile. Since your teeth are adjusting to the foreign object inside your mouth, you will quite certainly feel some pain. Soup and pudding are your best mates on the dining table during this time. Choose food that you can easily swallow, as chewing will be difficult during the first few days.

Softer foods are always an option while you have braces on. Rather than force yourself to eat steak, choose chicken or fish instead.

Brace yourself for easy-to-chew options

Braces, despite their durable nature, are susceptible to damage, especially when forced to break down tough food types. A steak dinner is not the best way to celebrate your new braces. Before you take a bite, consider if the food is easily chewable. If not, make sure to cut your food into smaller pieces to avoid damaging your braces.

A list of foods you can enjoy

Life with braces can still be full of delicious flavors. Here are some foods you can have:

  • Soft fruits (e.g. oranges, kiwis and grapefruit)
  • Dairy products
  • Eggs
  • Sweet treats such as pudding and ice cream
  • Soups
  • Seafood
  • Non-tough meats

Take care of your braces by being mindful of what you eat. At Weybridge Orthodontics, we also help you prolong the life of your braces for a better, brighter smile. Call us now for more information.