The modern, invisible alternative to traditional braces

Incognito™ braces straighten your teeth without being seen. The braces are fitted to the back of your teeth, so no one will ever know that you are wearing them (unless you actually tell them).

The Incognito™ Appliance System uses a fully customised lingual bracket system to straighten misaligned teeth. This means that the braces sit behind your teeth, hidden from view. At Weybridge Orthodontics in Weybridge, we will create a set of braces that are unique to you, to help you achieve the results that you want. Because they are completely out of sight, you can talk and smile confidently without worrying about how you look. They are fixed and comfortable to wear so there is no need to remove them when eating or drinking.

incognito-bracesIncognito™ in Weybridge

Although Incognito™ braces are an ideal option for adults because they do not affect the appearance of your teeth, they are also suitable for younger patients who would prefer to keep their braces invisible. This makes this system a great choice for you if you work in a professional environment where your appearance is important. Customised to precisely fit your teeth from the measurements taken at our practice in Weybridge, Incognito™ braces are made using state of the art technology with custom-made arch wires, brackets and bonding trays; each element is designed to deliver targeted results. The appliances are designed using 3D technology to give precise results that will give you a smile you can be proud of.

Discreet, convenient and comfortable

There is a growing demand for better ways to correct poorly aligned teeth and more patients than ever are searching for orthodontic treatments that are discreet as well as convenient. We are constantly aiming to find the best solutions for tooth straightening and are pleased to be able to offer our patients here in Weybridge Incognito ™braces, which we believe are an innovative and effective system for straightening your teeth.

To find out more about this treatment, book an appointment with us and see what Incognito ™can do for you and remember, unless you tell someone, this will be your secret to a beautiful smile.