Clear explantion and choices about treatment available

  1. Kieran Conway: Clear explantion and choices about treatment available. Clear quotes and timeline expectations for completion of treatment. Progress was explained at every appointment outlining what stage had been reached and the next stage in the process. When a piece of brace broke by accident it was no trouble to be seen and have the situation rectified. ‘Before’ and ‘after’ photos were amazing to see and view the change that had occured! The service has been really great. Ross is friendly, enthusiastic and clearly passionate about what he does. He made Kieran feel at ease in every stage of the process. The reception staffs are always very efficient and do their utmost to accomodate a suitable appointment.

My Story by Julie Rogers (Our Head Nurse)

Once upon a time back in Feburary 2013. “I decided to have braces”. My reason for this decision was I turned 30 and I had a crown of which the margins started to show, so I thought to myself ‘I need to have my crown replaced…..!!so why not have my teeth straigtened first’ . I went for the InovationC fixed braces because it was a self ligating brace (no elastics) which means I can have as many curries as i like without my braces changing colour. Also, they are not that visible. Having braces fitted wasn’t too bad just a long time to have your mouth open. I had a bit more of pain that evening but a couple of painkillers took the edge off. All together I had a pleasant experience. Thanks to everyone at WO.




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