Not sure if braces and aligners are worth it? Advantages of orthodontics in adulthood

Are you an adult who has had enough of having misaligned or crooked teeth?


If you are, you aren’t alone, but chances are you are less than eager to approach a dental team about wearing a brace or aligner, as you aren’t sure that the wearing of a metal brace will be worth it in the long run.

Well, it is and in this article, our team breaks down the key main benefits of wearing a brace or aligner in adulthood.

At Weybridge Orthodontics, we know all about braces and aligners and have made orthodontics Weybridge accessible to thousands of people; improving their oral hygiene, their smile and their confidence. We will always choose the appropriate appliance for you, so you can get the straighter smile you deserve quickly.

How can starting orthodontics Weybridge as an adult help you? Read on to find out!

Clearer speech

The link between misaligned teeth and speech patterns is immense (as where your teeth are located impacts on how your tongue moves) and, should you have a speech impediment in adulthood or suffer from a lisp, there is a good chance that undertaking orthodontics Weybridge will help these issues.

Better oral health

Straighter teeth are easier to clean and when you wear braces you will notice a reduction in plaque and tartar in your mouth.

In turn, this reduces the chances of you developing cavities, gum disease and other dental conditions, all while giving you a more aesthetically pleasing smile. Perfect!

Improved general health

As discussed in the last point, there is a link between excess amounts of plaque in your mouth and misalignment of the teeth.

And all that plaque has to go somewhere and is often ingested. This has been linked to cardiovascular issues, a higher chance of developing cancer, strokes or even heart attacks.

As braces straighten your teeth, it is easier for you (and us) to remove plaque, thus making the chances of developing such serious health disorders less likely.

More restful sleep

As odd as it may seem, having misaligned teeth can do more than cause issues with your eating habits.

Many people whose upper and lower jaws do not fit together correctly suffer from nocturnal bruxism; this is where the teeth grind together due to the loosening of the muscles that occurs when we fall asleep.

And so, having teeth that mesh together will reduce the amount you grind your teeth together, allowing you to get a more restful forty winks and to not wake up with neck pain.

Fewer headaches and migraines

It is a saddening fact that many people who have misaligned teeth also suffer frequently from headaches and migraines. This in part is linked to nocturnal grinding and the tension that this creates within the muscles of the face and neck. And as the link between grinding or bruxism and misalignment has been found countless times, when you begin to straighten your teeth, your incidents of grinding will reduce and so will your headaches or migraines.

Let Invisalign in Weybridge straighten out your oral future

Realigning your outlook


Here at Weybridge Orthodontics, we’ve always been thoroughly committed to making sure our patients receive the highest standard of orthodontic and dental care imaginable.

We understand that, given recent lockdown restrictions, getting treatments like Invisalign Weybridge has been more difficult than ever. However at Weybridge Orthodontics we are overjoyed to now be back to operating a full service, where patients can receive all sorts of cosmetic orthodontic treatments including Invisalign, and get their smile back in shape.

What is Invisalign Weybridge?

A lot of people visit our practice on a regular basis looking to address crooked or badly shaped teeth. What a lot of people don’t realise however, is the amount of different options that are available to them to do so besides conventional, fixed metallic braces.

Invisalign Weybridge is one such alternative treatment that aims to discreetly and comfortably shift your teeth into proper alignment – without leaving any trace on your outward appearance.

This is achieved by approaching the problem of misaligned teeth from a completely different angle to traditional orthodontics. Rather than bonding brackets and wires to every individual tooth, the Invisalign method aligns crooked teeth purely through a removable, transparent plastic retainer.

These retainers slip perfectly over each patient’s tooth shape – as they’ve been custom built for them – and use pressure points that have been deliberately built inside its construction to force any teeth that have been cited as being crooked until they gradually move into place. 

As every Invisalign aligner is made purely from Smartrack, transparent plastic, when patients wear their aligner over their teeth it becomes totally invisible.

What are the advantages to Invisalign?

As you can imagine, the discreet nature of Invisalign is one of its main appeals – particularly with young professionals or teenagers that are looking for a means of correcting their dental alignment without impacting how they look.

Alongside Invisalign’s cosmetic advantages however, there are also several other reasons that patients are increasingly choosing it over conventional orthodontic treatments.

One such reason is that, as the Invisalign process is entirely non-invasive and does not need anything to be fixed within the patient’s mouth throughout any point in the process, the patient can take off their aligner whenever they wish to.

This is unlike almost every other form of orthodontics, and gives patients ultimate flexibility and convenience over when or where they carry out their orthodontic alignment.

Another appeal of Invisalign is that, given its non-invasive nature, it is generally found to be one of the most comfortable methods of realigning crooked teeth. Invisalign can also achieve a straighter smile in a far shorter time frame than through traditional braces – which are often worn for around 12 months or more.

If you’re interested in finding out if Invisalign could help discreetly realign your smile, then the first step is to call or email us here at Weybridge Orthodontics to book a consultation. That way you can speak with an experienced professional who will go through all the relevant details and even create an accurate rendering of how your smile will look after completing Invisalign treatment.

What is meant by Incognito, Weybridge?

Weybridge Orthodontics know that there are good reasons why many potential patients do not contact an orthodontist for treatment. There are still negative associations with the wearing of braces, with many people believing braces are unsightly and will lead to them becoming embarrassed by having to wear them.


What many people may not have realised is that this no longer has to be the case, thanks to modern technology and practices. We are proud to introduce Incognito Weybridge, a new kind of brace that will help to change the way you will think about the need to use braces.

Incognito: an introduction

The Incognito™ Lingual Bracket System is a new technology that has enabled the creation of a new format of braces that are practically invisible to the eyes of others looking straight at you, as you are talking and smiling. Now you can receive Incognito Weybridge, knowing that you will not feel self-conscious whilst receiving the treatment needed to straighten your teeth. Best of all, you can keep smiling throughout your treatment.

These Incognito braces are customised to fit into place in the client’s mouth behind the teeth, using the latest in material technologies to gain the best results and be comfortable for them to wear. The Incognito Weybridge braces are designed to always remain in place throughout the treatment period, causing no major issues whilst eating and drinking.

We are certain that the results gained using this new state-of-the-art technology will put a smile on the face of any patient using this treatment. You can find out if this treatment is the right one for you via a full consultation and examination carried out by one of our expert orthodontists.

The results of treatment

More people than you may think find they need to undergo some form of orthodontic treatment, many more have considered it as an option. The whole purpose is to give every patient the ability to have the teeth they are looking for and need, as well as increasing the quality of their oral health.

Having your teeth straightened gives you the ability to take greater care of your oral hygiene by making it easier to clean your teeth and gums. This in turn helps to decrease the chances of issues such as gum disease and bad breath.

Another common problem that brace technology can help solve is that of a weakened or misaligned bite. Realigning your teeth will help to increase the strength of your bite, making it easier for you to chew food and eat.

Prepare for treatment

You must maintain a high standard of oral hygiene when preparing to receive orthodontic treatment, as well as throughout your treatment time.  You may want to seek advice from your consultant and start to adopt some good practices for your oral hygiene in the weeks leading up to the start of your treatment.

Getting used to these practices in advance will help lower the risk of gum disease and other complications whilst you are wearing your braces.

Let us talk about Invisalign in Weybridge

Here at Weybridge Orthodontics, we became aware of the fact many patients do not engage with treatment that would greatly benefit their oral health. We decided that it was time for our orthodontists to address this, by identifying the major issue preventing engagement and directly addressing it.


Knowing that one of the main barriers to engagement is perception allowed us to identify a solution that would change this, with the introduction of Invisalign Weybridge.

Many potential patients indicated that the main reason they refrained from getting braces was because they felt that braces were unsightly, and if they had them fitted they felt this could lead to them becoming self-conscious and possibly slightly embarrassed. There was a strong feeling that if there was a virtually invisible brace system then these same patients would be more open to engaging with treatment, for this reason amongst others it was decided to offer Invisalign Weybridge.

Explanation of Invisalign

By providing Invisalign Weybridge we have brought teeth straightening technology to the Surrey area of the UK which is innovative in its design, comfortable to wear and adapted to our lives today. Still, very few people know what Invisalign is, what follows is a very brief explanation and for more information, we encourage you to contact our practice.

The treatment involves the use of a series of aligners that are virtually invisible and removable, they are changed about every two weeks. Each aligner is custom made to match your mouth and teeth; over time they slowly reposition each tooth into the desired position which will have been charted after using Clincheck to predict the treatment path specific to you.

Every few weeks your orthodontist will monitor the progress of the treatment and replace the aligner with the next one in your treatment until the teeth are fully aligned. This means that within a few short weeks you may start to notice a difference.

There is no need to worry about your smile, throughout treatment. Due to the almost invisible nature of these aligners, they will not be seen by others, even when they are looking straight at you. Meaning that you can keep smiling knowing you are receiving that treatment you feel you need.  For those who enjoy eating out, you will be able to eat and drink normally whilst visiting your favourite restaurant for dinner with a loved one.

Come on, let us improve your oral health

The main reason for having any treatment should be to improve aspects of your health, this is and will always be our primary goal for our patients. If we can align your teeth in a way that then goes on to allow you to have a more positive attitude, we feel that the added benefit of increasing your self-esteem is a bonus effect of our work.

There is a definite link between good oral health and positive self-image, after all, when we are confident about our oral health, we do not hide it. Instead, we smile more, making us appear more sociable as an individual.

Your next step

If you are looking for teeth alignment options, then we feel we know what your next step should be. You should contact Weybridge Orthodontics for more information and to arrange a consultation. Remember, we are only a phone call or email away.

Introducing orthodontics in Weybridge

One of the most common problems people have with their teeth in the UK is that they are crooked, meaning the teeth are not fully functional and are misaligned.  This can lead to many other health issues within the area of the mouth, ranging from an increased likelihood of gum disease to a misaligned bite with the digestive problems that can entail.


At Weybridge Orthodontics we are very aware of the need to have your teeth properly aligned and of the overall impact of misaligned teeth on oral health, especially in the young.

Based in the heart of the historical home county of Surrey, orthodontics Weybridge brings together a team of professionals who boast a hundred years of collective experience. Having advised and helped thousands of clients between them, these professionals believe they have the fullest understanding possible of problems that can be eased and treated via the methods they employ.

What are orthodontic treatments?

The most common form of treatment used by orthodontists is that of braces. A brace is an orthodontic device that is normally attached to the teeth, this is used to aid the teeth straightening process.

Historically, many potential clients who needed braces were reluctant to engage with the treatment, believing the braces looked unsightly and would lead to them becoming a target for ridicule and embarrassment. This, however, is no longer the case, as advances in orthodontic technology have led to the creation of options that are barely visible to the eyes of others.

Thanks to the creation of these new treatments, more people than ever before are receiving treatment to straighten their teeth.  This, in turn, has led to an overall improvement in oral health, not just for the individual but for the nation.

Why come to us?

Here we take pride in our work delivering orthodontics Weybridge, always ensuring that we offer our clients the best treatment possible.  From your initial consultation through to your final days of treatment we strive to offer our patients accurate advice, as well as always acting in the highest professional manner.

We want our clients to feel well informed and comfortable from start to finish. For this reason, we encourage communication throughout the treatment process.  We welcome your questions, none of which will be belittled or ignored. As we believe that if you are asking questions this is an obvious sign that you are comfortable, meaning you are more likely to be happy to go ahead and receive any treatment you may require.

Before receiving treatment

It is important for you to practise a high standard of dental hygiene leading up to the start of you wearing braces, or any other orthodontics Weybridge device, this should be maintained throughout your treatment.

While wearing braces there is an increased risk of gum disease, for this reason, you may need to take more care with your oral hygiene. You should seek advice from your orthodontist around this topic, following their advice should ensure the best results for your dental health.

Want to know more?

If you would like to find out more or make an appointment to discuss your needs, then you should contact our practice. We are only a phone call away and our friendly reception staff will be happy to help you.

Weybridge Orthodontics consist of a friendly and professional team of 7 orthodontists and therapists who love to help create better smiles for children and adults.

Understanding Invisalign braces in Weybridge

Historically, when we think about the need for braces, we may quickly attach negative thoughts to wearing them. Our minds soon focus on the idea that having braces placed on our teeth may create an image that many around us may see as unsightly, this can lead to the lowering of a wearer’s self-confidence. In some cases, this may also lead to potential patients refusing to engage with treatment, which could be damaging to their oral health.


Weybridge Orthodontics offers Invisalign Weybridge, this allows us to provide our patients with a teeth straightening device that appears to be virtually invisible to the eyes of others looking at them. Imagine being able to receive the treatment you need without being concerned about losing the smile others love to see from you.

Are you looking for a way to improve your smile? Is this something you have been looking for?

Invisalign Weybridge; what is it?

Recommending Invisalign Weybridge allows us to bring an innovative, new form of brace technology to our clients. We honestly believe that this aligner will allay any image fears our patients may have about wearing it, as well as provide them with the high-quality orthodontics treatment they are looking for.  When it comes to the results, we honestly believe Invisalign can deliver some of the best among the treatments currently available on the UK market.

The treatment is carried out using a series of invisible aligners that are removable, as the treatment progresses the aligners are changed around every two weeks. Each aligner is custom made to match your needs, with the idea being that over time they will slowly and gently move each tooth into the desired position within the mouth.

Every two weeks your orthodontist will monitor the progress of the treatment and replace the aligner with the next one in your treatment until the teeth are fully aligned. This means that within a few short weeks you may start to notice a difference.

Many of our patients have reported feeling less conscious of wearing Invisalign aligners, as they find out that very few people can tell they are in place. This fact means that patients have an increased likelihood of engaging fully with the treatment, leading to them gaining an increased standard in their oral health that will last them a lifetime with proper care.

Other benefits of tooth alignment treatments

Having your teeth aligned can help ease several common problems, such as weak bite and gum disease. The most important purpose of these types of orthodontics are directly for health reasons, although we must acknowledge some people seek these treatments purely for cosmetic reasons. This is perfectly acceptable, as it will therefore also lead to an increase in self-esteem and well-being.

Whatever your reasons or needs are for treatment you will find that we are happy to discuss them with you openly and honestly. Our only desire at the time of your initial consultation is to ensure you are as informed as possible before you make any final decision about treatment.

Contact the professionals

If you want to find out more then Weybridge Orthodontics are ready to take your enquiry, we are only a phone call or email away. We will always offer helpful and professional advice, allowing you to make the right choice to match your needs.

Incognito Weybridge is the only invisible option available

For those people who wish to enjoy their natural smile whilst also straightening their teeth, then the only real option that is available to you is Incognito Weybridge. This treatment is a fixed device, which means it is attached to your teeth for the duration of the treatment.


Fixed devices do have their advantages over removable ones, but it really is a preference to many as to what they feel would best suit their personal needs and their lifestyle when deciding on the style of device which they would find most suitable.

If you think that Incognito Weybridge might be an option for you, then we encourage you to discuss this with your dentist so that that can determine whether you are suitable for this treatment. Unfortunately, Incognito Weybridge isn’t the right choice for everyone, but if you have a mild or moderate misalignment, it is likely that we can provide you with the service that you need.

Those with more complex cases will find that a more traditional treatment will grant them the best results. Our professionals need to have the ability to manipulate the wires that are pulling teeth into their correct position so that they can respond accordingly to your teeth as they go through this extensive procedure.

If your complex case goes outside of the realms of what is common, then we will encourage you to choose a more traditional option so that you can enjoy those results that you’re seeking, faster.

How does this treatment differ from a traditional brace?

Because these lingual braces are attached to the back of the teeth, there are factors that we need to account for that we generally do not need with front-facing braces.

For one, we cannot see the back of our teeth so we wouldn’t be able to detect any food debris trapped within the brackets and wires like we can with traditional front-facing options. Our tongue also works up against the back of our teeth a lot for speech and the rough texture of exposed wires can cause your tongue serious damage over time.

This is why these lingual braces are coated in a gold plating, to create a smooth edging that repels bacteria and is comfortable for your tongue to glide over.

Are there any complications that I need to be aware of?

Although some people report a slight lisp during the early weeks of treatment, this usually fades away as you become more used to the device against your teeth.

Complications can arise like they can for any device and we just need to ensure that the lines of communication are consistently open so that you feel relaxed and comfortable enough to speak with us about any of them. This way, we can tackle them head on and help you to find solutions so that your teeth straightening journey is the best it can be.

If you want to enjoy straightening your teeth without anyone knowing, then these lingual braces are your best option, being the one true invisible teeth straightening device available.

Why do patients trust Invisalign to improve their smiles?

While improved mouth function and oral health are main aims of orthodontic treatment, the impact of straight teeth has a far longer reach and stretches to include benefits to physical and psychosocial health. This is why we at Weybridge Orthodontics have set ourselves the particular focus of providing top quality orthodontic care and access to industry leading teeth straightening appliances such as Invisalign Weybridge.


Treatment plans centred on Invisalign Weybridge require the dental practitioner to receive further training in the use of the system as well as practical experience in overseeing successful treatments that produce desired outcomes. We have taken great care to ensure our dental practitioners fulfil these must-have qualities to make certain that our patients benefit from incomparable exemplary orthodontic care. We take a look at some of the reasons why Invisalign Weybridge enjoys such a fantastic reputation for straightening teeth and what factors are most important to consider when deciding on using a tray-based orthodontic system.

What sets tray-based orthodontics apart from conventional appliances

The glaringly obvious difference of aligner-like braces is the look of them. Unlike traditional metal appliances that need to be attached to the teeth and that require manual adjustments to be made by a dentist throughout the treatment plan, tray-based braces resemble aligners made of clear plastic and can be removed and reinserted effortlessly by the patient. What is more is that instead of a single device, the Invisalign system uses a series of custom made trays with each tray in the set specifically designed to manipulate teeth into the desired position in incremental degrees.

It is in this precise design that the teeth straightening system is able to produce its remarkable benefits that are found to be second to none. The advantages of using removable trays include the following:

The clear plastic trays remove the awkwardness of having to reveal the highly visible metal braces that have been the cause of embarrassment for many a patient! This discreet looking orthodontic appliance has encouraged many adult patients to seek treatment to improve the symmetry of their smiles that they otherwise would not have done if their only choice were fixed metal braces.

The fact that the tray-based braces can be removed works to another looked-for advantage – that of being able to eat a more varied diet. Patients on traditional orthodontic treatments are usually asked to refrain from eating certain foods that may damage the metal components.

To reap the benefits of such positives, patients will need to consider a few factors that apply to the removable braces system. Patients will need to be willing to be more disciplined in following all our dentist’s instructions in regards to the using of trays. In addition to this, the patient needs to be scrupulous in their oral hygiene practice.

Please reach out to us at Weybridge Orthodontics should you require more detailed information on this and other orthodontic treatment plans that we offer. Our well-experienced dental practitioners would be happy to sit down with you and discuss all your treatment options to produce your aesthetically pleasing, aligned smile.

Your options for straight teeth with orthodontics Weybridge

If you want to have a more attractive smile, then look no further than orthodontics Weybridge to set you straight. We have a range of devices that we can use to perfect your bite and realign your teeth so that you not only have a healthy smile that allows you to eat and speak correctly, but also a more confident one.


Whether we perform these treatments for children, young adults or working age adults, we seek to meet the needs and expectations of each and every one of our patients and find a solution that works with them. Depending on the severity of your condition, we may have several options that will make your treatment experience a more enjoyable one.

Such orthodontics Weybridge treatments include removable or fixed braces, some can be short term options and others are able to be worn for longer lengths of time. We help you to decide on a treatment device by offering you unbiased information on every choice that is available to you. In addition to this, we also provide you with bespoke and relevant advice regarding how each of these devices are able to personally change your smile, so that you can make the most informed decision regarding your smile.

We will factor in every feature of the treatment plan, including the length of time we would expect you to need to wear the device, the expected costs and any general complications that you might find yourself experiencing. We draw such information from past experiences of our patients, both positive and negative.

It is important to have a balanced approach to a treatment plan always, especially one as involved as orthodontics Weybridge.

How does a teeth straightening device work?

This depends on the device itself and whether it is a fixed divide or removable. In general, fixed devices, which are attached to teeth via brackets and wires are attached to these brackets work by pulling teeth into their new position.

Some traditional options require a dentist to manipulate the wires every few weeks to pull teeth into their new position gradually over time. Other options, such as Six Month Smiles is a more automated option, where the wire that we used has a memory and it gradually and constantly moves back to this position over the course of 6 months after it has been fitted to your teeth.

Removable devices, such as the popular Invisalign treatment works a little differently by pushing teeth into their new position. An aligner is worn over teeth for a recommended 22 hours every day, gently forcing teeth into a slightly new position and holding them there. After a couple of weeks, a new aligner is worn which pushes teeth that little bit more into their correct position. After a year or two, you can enjoy a perfectly straightened smile.

The direction and amount that we move teeth is predetermined in these situations but with a fixed device, we have more flexibility to our approach, making it more suitable for the complex cases.

What you should know about the Invisalign process

The simple changes made by a teeth-straightening treatment such as Invisalign Weybridge can have a monumental impact on a patient’s life. Consider for a moment what undesirable effects crooked teeth can have on a patient’s mental health or the unwarranted pain and discomfort that can arise from biting and chewing when teeth are not in the natural position that they are supposed to be in.


It is because of these weighty considerations that we at Weybridge Orthodontics consider orthodontic plans like Invisalign Weybridge a key component in the dentist’s arsenal of effective treatments to resolve frustrating issues and restore dental health. There is a wealth of practical advice available for patients wanting to take their treatment plans and their results to the next level. We take a look at some of these recommended guidelines.

Make the most of your teeth-correcting treatment with these top tips

Make sure to always use your aligner trays according to our instructions. While the Invisalign Weybridge teeth-straightening system is incredibly simple – a patient inserts a new tray every two weeks, according to the treatment plan – it is imperative that this interval schedule is followed to the tee.

Also equally important is for the patient to ensure that they wear the aligner trays in the mouth for a prescribed minimum number of hours in a 24 hour period. For the majority of patients, this will be between 20 and 22 hours. Even though this system is often referred to as removable braces, there is only a small window period in a day when the aligners are allowed to be removed. This may mean shorter meal time than you were used to as this short window period also has to accommodate your daily brushing and flossing duties.

Patients are urged to remember that in order for them to receive their beautiful symmetrically-aligned smile once their treatment is over, the trays need to do their job and this means wearing the trays as instructed. An added bonus of observing this instruction is that should a patient experience any change in speech or discomfort when wearing the trays (this is common at the beginning while a patient gets used to having the tray placed on the teeth), these slight challenges wear off relatively quicker.

Damaged aligner trays translate into interruptions and delays in the treatment plan process but this can easily be prevented. Toward this end, patients should be extra cautious when handling the trays and ensuring the trays are always safely stored in their appropriate storage cases when not in use. It is a handy idea to always keep a spare storage case at work, in your car or in your bag so that you are never without one when you leave home.

Remember to sterilise the aligner trays using the appropriate cleaning products (no toothpaste please). Aligner trays must be cleaned and free of germs and bacteria before putting them back in the mouth. Removable orthodontic appliances can be quite liberating for patients who do not want the conventional fixed braces. For more information on our Invisalign treatment plans, please contact us at Weybridge Orthodontics.