Discovering the world of Orthodontics Weybridge

Why might you need a brace or retainer?


When looking at photographs of ourselves or in the mirror each day we often first notice our imperfections, whether it be our skin, the shape of our nose or the wonky smile. The beautiful aspects of our own faces can therefore shift into an afterthought and in some cases not come into thought at all. This is why when suffering from misaligned teeth it is important to know that there are a variety of options out there for you. From fixed braces to removable retainers, our team at Weybridge Orthodontics can help you achieve a smile you are proud of. With over 12 possible treatment options, we have got you and your smile covered.

What is the Six Month Smile option?

Whilst we may have had crooked teeth for some time, once the decision to straighten the smile has been made, waiting for the end result can seem like a life-time away. Therefore following a plan that will provide you with effective results but in the shortest amount of time is often one of the more popular options here at Weybridge.

The Six Month Smile option is a term used by our team for the shorter courses of orthodontic treatments. With a shorter treatment time, whilst the results can be seen often within 6 months the treatments focus more on the front positioning of the teeth rather than the positioning of the upper and lower smile.

The breakdown of some of the treatments we offer.

One of our shorter term treatment courses is known as Incognito Lite. This particular treatment is fantastic for patients who want to focus on the front teeth without the visibility of a brace. This particular appliance is fixed to the back of the teeth rather than the front and enables you to fine-tune your smile without your friends and family knowing.

Alternatively for those who are still seeking an ‘invisible’ treatment plan but are in need of a little more work, the invisalign i7 may be something our orthodontics Weybridge team suggests. Invisalign uses clear, removable retainers which are custom-made to fit your teeth. Using a series of retainers, this treatment gently pushes the teeth into a new aligned position and is then followed up by a final retainer which is to be worn ongoing in order to maintain the hard work which has previously been put in. Whilst wearing a retainer going forward may not sound like something you want to do, it is important to know that the final retainer is as inconspicuous as the treatment retainers and therefore very few people would know that you are straightening your smile.

The benefits of removable retainers.

Using removable retainers has many benefits for patients. Not only do they benefit the teeth by creating the shift into a new aligned position but allow you to receive treatment with confidence. Getting your Orthodontics Weybridge with our dental team will ensure that you are in the know 100% of the time and are always provided with the most up-to-date knowledge and technology.

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Realigning your teeth with Invisalign Weybridge

Taking the plunge

When first deciding to straighten your smile, it is all too easy to fear what the treatment process may be and whether or not the potential embarrassment would be worth the hassle. Luckily at Weybridge Orthodontics we can help you avoid any embarrassment by creating a treatment plan with you using Invisalign Weybridge. After all, no one wants to hide away for months on end in order to realign the teeth and luckily there is no need to hide your smile away at all.


What are they?

In the past, the majority of orthodontic treatments have been created out of metal and fixed in a variety of ways to the teeth. Whilst many of these treatments were and are highly effective, cosmetically they are not necessarily discreet which is why Invisalign Weybridge were created. These removable retainers, which are transparent in appearance, enable us adults to work on our smiles without the need for noticeable treatments. Each retainer is created from digital scans of your own teeth creating a snug fit to the teeth, which places pressure points in particular locations. This pressure then gently pushes the teeth into a new aligned position. Whilst the process behind Invisalign may sound simple, it requires a large amount of dedication from you and from us at Weybridge Orthodontics. After all, your dental care is a team effort.

How do we get from start to finish?

To begin the journey of Invisalign Weybridge our first point of call is to carry out a consultation. Whilst this may sound rather formal, the idea of this is to not only gain an insight into what your overall goals are for your smile but to also take a look at the physical aspects. Whilst the majority of cases can undergo the treatment, it may be that there are other more suitable orthodontic treatments which is why this consultation is of great importance. At all times we will all be working to help you get the smile you have dreamed of.

Once the decision has been made to go ahead, a series of digital scans, x-rays and in some cases moulds will be taken so as to create a custom made plan as well as your retainers. This plan will enable you to see the possibilities that are ahead of you if treatment is carried out to plan.

Once treatment begins, it is important to know that the majority of the plan relies heavily on your own dedication to the process. Wearing the retainers for approximately 22 hours a day, with removal during your daily cleaning processes and meal times will allow your teeth to be constantly working on their new alignment. As the treatment progresses, our team at Weybridge Orthodontics will work on getting you through each stage seamlessly, a simple change over of retainer sets as your teeth reach a certain level is all that is needed along with your regular check-ups. Then once we are all agreed that you have reached your goal, a new final retainer will be created to wear ongoing. This is important so as to maintain your perfected smile for many years to come.

What are the benefits of convenient and discreet Incognito braces?

At Weybridge Orthodontics, we are always on the lookout for orthodontic solutions to help patients attain a notable array of goals. On this sterling list of orthodontic appliances are discreet and comfortable braces like Incognito Weybridge. This relatively new introduction to the orthodontic shelf follows other similar teeth straightening appliances that distinguish themselves by offering a level of comfort and convenience that was never seen before in orthodontics.


Yes, it is now wonderfully possible to straighten one’s teeth without having to endure so many of the frustrations that can accompany wearing highly efficient, but noticeable, traditional braces. While the rewards of teeth straightening are abundant, some patients find themselves unable to look past the modicum of inconvenience they have to go through with some types of fixed braces. Now that these barriers such as embarrassment are done away with, thanks to innovations such as Incognito Weybridge, adult orthodontic patients can once again embrace their teeth alignment goals.

What to know about Incognito Weybridge

The Incognito™ Lingual Bracket System has certainly opened up patients’ imaginations when thinking about orthodontics. This particular teeth straightening system showcases a distinctive design – the braces sit behind the teeth as opposed to the front. This innovative positioning makes it possible for Incognito braces to work their magic behind the scenes so to speak. This also offers Incognito braces as the strongest argument for invisible braces that blend the two worlds of strength and function.

In addition to this, this most remarkable orthodontic appliance is a result of the latest developments in dental technologies.

The system makes use of custom-made braces that factor in the exact shape of the patient’s mouth to ensure precise results. Each patient’s prescription is as unique as their goals and needs. This feature of Incognito’s modern orthodontics system inspires confidence that the patient does not receive a run-of-the-mill treatment plan, but rather one designed around his or her situation.

The system retains some elements of the wires and brackets system found on traditional braces – the archwires and brackets along with bonding – continue in their reliable roles aligning teeth into proper, desirable positions.

Some of the challenges of teeth straightening that Incognito helps with include the following:

  • No need to remove the braces to eat and drink
  • The braces are not visible when you smile
  • Reduced risk of white spots forming on tooth surfaces
  • Minimal interference with speech clarity

One of the most welcome characteristics of modern orthodontics is that patients can look at a realistic view of the result of their treatment at the very first consultation appointment. This is made possible through the use of 3D imaging technology which can deliver the results with astonishingly high accuracy. There is no question that every attention to detail is paid to deliver targeted results.

Patients may also be interested to note that there is another advantage to Incognito braces; they can be used to accommodate flexibility where not every tooth will need the braces. Our well-experienced dentist will help in deciding on the best course of action to follow, so to find out more, simply give us a call at Weybridge Orthodontics to set up an appointment.

How not to fail Invisalign

Invisalign Weybridge, available at our reputable dental practice, Weybridge Orthodontics, is a world-renowned orthodontic system that is so simple to use, that alone is hard to believe. And yet, patients can inadvertently put their treatment plans at risk when they fail to adhere to ALL of our strict guidelines.


The simplicity of Invisalign Weybridge and the incredible convenience it affords is just part of what drives this popular teeth straightening system’s success. Patient’s do also look forward to other features and benefits uncommon to the world of orthodontics: invisibility, comfort, less need for personal sacrifices, freedom to eat favourite foods and no back-breaking work brushing and flossing teeth. ALL of this is bound and set in a set of custom-made aligner-like trays. Simply remarkable.

How can a patient begin to reap all the above rewards and targeted orthodontic results? It’s simple – consistency and commitment to your orthodontic goals. But this may prove harder in practice.

Understanding the exact role a patient plays in his or her orthodontic path with Invisalign Weybridge is perhaps the very first step that needs to be understood to manage this process easily.

Don’t ignore the how-to-use Invisalign tips

On the list of non-negotiable instructions to wearing Invisalign aligners are:

Minimum daily wear time of 22 hours

It is understandable why patients give more air time to the fact that these teeth straightening tools are removable but not enough attention to the minimum daily wear time. The removable feature is part and parcel of the system’s core design.

It is the nature of how things work that the aligners need to be worn to produce the desired effects. Therefore, the removable feature comes into effect at certain times in the day. These cover mealtimes and at-home oral health maintenance but they should not be extended outside of the two hours permissible (the odd patient here and there may find that they are allowed a little extra time).

Follow the set replacement schedule

Each patient will be equipped with a schedule to refer to as well as several aligner trays to wear over a specified period that runs the course of the treatment plan. The schedule will outline how long each tray will need to be worn and when to replace it with the tray next in line. Each tray is precisely measured to produce exact movements in tooth alignments.

Keep the teeth and gums exceptionally clean. If dental decay sets in, then this has the potential to ruin the orthodontic treatment plan. In the same breath, aligner trays should be kept clean and safe and we can provide more guidelines on how to do this. If the trays become warped or damaged, they must be replaced with new trays to not jeopardise the treatment any longer than is necessary.

All of us here at Weybridge Orthodontics look forward to helping you achieve a smile that you can feel confident in, allowing you to live a highly rewarding life. So, why not make that call today to schedule an appointment with us?

How orthodontics relate to the quality of life

Patients commonly associate orthodontics Weybridge with either a functional or cosmetic purpose but, often, these two blend perfectly together to provide many unexpected yet desirable benefits. For instance, we, at Weybridge Orthodontics, are over the moon every time a patient opts for straightening their teeth and finds how easier and quicker cleaning their teeth becomes as opposed to when their teeth were crooked. Such patients also realise that aligning their teeth for better functionality comes with the added benefit of a beautiful looking smile.


Indeed with orthodontics Weybridge, a patient can achieve so much more and improve their quality of life to live a rewarding one. Here, we take a look at some of the ways orthodontics Weybridge has been a game-changer in many patients’ lives.

The many goals of orthodontics

It may not seem so at first, but the result of any orthodontic treatment is quite remarkable. A patient may initially have the intention to correct an overbite but, once the treatment is over and the braces come off, their smile has improved and so has their confidence. Are there any other medical treatments that can claim the same? This is just one of the many countless ways dental practitioners can use teeth straightening appliances to boost the physical, mental, and psychosocial aspects of our lives. Here’s how this works.

We start first with dental function. Both dental function and dental appearance can benefit enormously from having teeth straightened. The improved dental function makes biting, chewing and grinding down food quicker and easier, speech clearer and provides relief from pain. Grinding down food into minute pieces before swallowing aids the digestion process and proper absorption of nutrients resulting in a stronger physical body.

The positive effects of a good dental appearance find their way into other spheres like the mind and emotions. The extent of this positive effect is determined by how much confidence a patient gains by loving the look of their smile.

This confidence can be explained best by looking at confidence as one would currency. The more money one has, the more one can invest in something. Confidence plays a similar role. You need the confidence to gain and deepen friendships and professional relationships and leap at opportunities as they present themselves.

Confidence enables one to live happily on the inside of one’s self. This is psychosocial wellbeing.

In protecting the physical body, teeth alignment plays a role too. The benefits to oral maintenance begin to announce themselves when aligned teeth prove to be less of a fuss to clean. Toothbrush bristles and floss can weave their way more effectively in between teeth to remove bits of food left behind and a cleaner, healthy mouth stands as a protective barrier against bad bacteria and germs from entering the bloodstream.

Looking after your oral health is, in effect, looking after your whole body. This is why patients should always endeavour to choose a suitable dental provider for exceptional care. Opt for a reputable dental clinic, offering quality dental care such as Weybridge Orthodontics.

Rethink teeth straightening with Invisalign

In our many years of dental care, one of our interesting finds at Weybridge Orthodontics is that patients tend to fall into two main groups: those who are ready and excited to embrace new dental developments and technologies and those who tend to give what they term, ‘new-fangled inventions’ a wary eye. We acknowledge this propensity to be over-cautious when changing from one medical intervention to another, but we would like to assure the latter group of patients that there are no grounds for concern when it comes to Invisalign Weybridge.


For many years now (more than one might at first think, considering the popularity of this orthodontic appliance today), Invisalign Weybridge has been trusted to correct all manner of orthodontic difficulties that can result in bite problems, speech impediments, poor oral hygiene, gum infections, awkward smiles and jaw joint pain.

Patients on orthodontic treatment plans who focused on Invisalign Weybridge are often overjoyed, beaming with confidence in their new smiles; their body was free from pain and their digestion improved. How can Invisalign achieve all this and more? We shine the spotlight on an orthodontic system that continues to inspire smiles across the globe.

Invisalign’s unique set of characteristics

At first glance, the compelling set of Invisalign’s characteristics is a strong statement of the remarkable capabilities of this teeth-straightening system. The design of the system sets itself apart in a number of ways from other typical forms of orthodontic appliances.

The first point of interest is that these aligner-like braces do not resemble our usual frame of reference when it comes to braces. Not at all. The aligners are clear trays made from plastic material. Each tray in the set, worn for a predetermined period, is designed to shift teeth along the dental arch in small precise increments until the desired effect is achieved. What patients then have is more comfort and easier oral maintenance as well as a system that is as easy to use as slipping one tray off to replace it with another.

The next characteristic that most patients are keen to know more about is the fact that the braces are removable. Yes, this feature certainly turned orthodontics on its head. Now, patients using Invisalign can enjoy the freedom of eating basically whatever they’d like – no more worries about food restrictions.

Also gone is the struggle with cleaning the mouth. The tray-based system removes the challenge of tangling with floss thread and toothbrush bristles to clean between teeth and around the gum line. A clean mouth and healthy gums are the stable foundation on which orthodontic treatment proves most effective

No fear of embarrassment

Given its transparent nature, Invisalign is quite hard to spot and this makes it much easier to feel confident about smiling in public while the aligners do their work. Now, both teenagers and adults can take their teeth alignment goals further with Invisalign. The first step towards the world of Invisalign begins with a visit to our friendly dentist at Weybridge Orthodontics.

What to know about the Incognito braces system

The dental industry has dedicated much time and resources to developing new and exciting techniques and appliances to correcting teeth alignment and other crooked teeth issues. In recent years, modern orthodontic appliances like ‘invisible’ braces to reposition teeth into correct alignment has opened up orthodontics to patients who are looking for enhanced comfort and efficacy in their teeth correcting treatment plans. An added bonus is if the braces tick all the above boxes as well as being discreet-looking. All these desirables are met within braces such as Incognito Weybridge and Invisalign.


At Weybridge Orthodontics, our patients have access to modern and effective orthodontic treatment plans so that they can achieve the best possible outcomes from their investment in orthodontic treatment.

The Incognito Weybridge belongs to the new generation of discreet-looking braces that are suitable for both young and adult patients. Using a forward-thinking approach to correcting teeth alignment, these braces are affixed to the back of teeth – hidden from the gaze of the outside world. In fact, unless a patient were to tell someone that they have braces in their mouth, no one would be able to tell they are there.

The Incognito Weybridge braces are fully custom-made to meet each individual patient’s orthodontic condition. The system uses advanced technologies and materials to help achieve the desired outcomes.

How is Incognito braces different?

The purposeful design of Incognito lingual braces differs in that they make use of custom-produced archwires, brackets along with bonding trays to deliver the patient’s desired orthodontic goals.

3D imaging technology is used in the design of this remarkable orthodontic appliance which offers the patient a lifelike view of the braces they are to wear. This digital technology is also able to predict, with great accuracy, what the ultimate result from treatment will look like.

Plus points of invisible lingual braces

This type of braces is not designed to be removable which may save patients in a number of ways: no more forgetting to put them back on after eating or brushing, less chance of them being damaged or lost when not in use.

Another positive of 3D technology in the design of custom-designed braces is that attention is given to every detail to ensure the appliance fits in perfectly with the patient’s oral situation.

One of the challenges to wearing traditional fixed metal braces is the appearance of white spots on the front surface of teeth that are visible once the braces are removed. Patients on this orthodontic treatment plan are at low risk of this teeth imperfection occurring.

Lingual braces achieve high comfort value.Thanks to the unique design of the braces which follows the particular shape of teeth of the patient to maximise on patient comfort and also lessens the likelihood of speech interference.

Now, with an amazing array of orthodontic appliances to choose from, it has never been a more opportune time to let orthodontics help you improve the quality of your life. For a professional consultation about all available orthodontic treatment plans at Weybridge Orthodontics, reach out to our front desk team to schedule an appointment.

What are the commonly asked questions about Invisalign?

You are after a great looking smile and you know straightening teeth is the most reliable way to achieve this, or, you are worried about your dental health because cleaning crooked teeth is not being effective in keeping teeth plaque-free, not to mention the frustration involved. You decide it is time to consider orthodontic treatment. You are presented with a myriad of teeth straightening tools to choose from, from traditional metal wire-based braces to virtually invisible aligner-like trays Invisalign Weybridge.


At Weybridge Orthodontics, we encourage patients to make an informed decision when it comes to any dental treatment plan, including orthodontics. We believe that this promotes a patient’s inclination to fully invest and have faith in their chosen treatment plan. Without this pillar of faith, they are more likely to falter in following all instructions regarding their treatment plan, which is especially important when choosing Invisalign Weybridge.

We answer some of the top questions put to us by patients in our consultations in the hope that you gain a better understanding of what is required when considering the clear aligner-like teeth straightening system that has become a global phenomenon.

What patients want to know about Invisalign Weybridge

  • Do I really have to wear the trays for 22 hours a day?

Yes, there is no getting around the minimum period prescribed by our dentist for having the trays sit on teeth (some patients may find that they are only required to wear the trays for 20 hours).

Patients could not be put off by this requirement. It must be remembered that the orthodontic device must be given time to do its job effectively (and give you that glowing smile) this can only be achieved while the device is in the mouth,

  • Do I have to give up smoking?

We strongly encourage this. The last thing a patient would want is to find their trays have become stained or discoloured due to nicotine use.

  • Do I have to give up any foods?

By being removable, one of the advantages of these aligner-like trays is that patients can basically eat what they like. Although, we usually encourage patients to avoid those foods that are generally a danger to teeth, like hard and sticky foods, particularly sweets.

  • How do I clean my aligner trays?

It is vitally important to pay attention to our aftercare instructions when it comes to tray hygiene. Aligner trays are usually brushed with a suitable toothbrush (the wrong type may scratch or damage the trays) and rinsed with warm water and a specially formulated solution (crystals or tablets) designed for Invisalign. This is an important step that should be implemented after eating and before re-inserting trays into the mouth.

  • Why is there an adjustment period?

It must be remembered that the trays are not a natural part of the mouth and will need getting used to. The more a patient wears the trays, the shorter the adjustment period will be. We can provide patients with tips and techniques to make this process easier.

Getting started with Invisalign is easy – simply schedule a consultation with our well-experienced dentist at Weybridge Orthodontics and we will assess your suitability and provide you with all the information you need to know.

Why should I consider orthodontics?

When we at Weybridge Orthodontics ask patients what they know about orthodontic treatment, many are quick to point out that straightening teeth has a positive effect on improving the look of a smile. Enhancing the look of a less-than-pleasing smile has become one of the foremost reasons to consider orthodontics Weybridge.


While we applaud a patient’s desire to straighten their smiles, we know that teeth alignment treatment goes far beyond that of aesthetic value.

Misaligned or crooked teeth can pose many other problems than just an unbecoming smile. Patients may be surprised to learn that these other problems can include: speech impediments, masticatory (biting and chewing) challenges, headaches and the greater risk of teeth becoming damaged. Dentists rely on orthodontics Weybridge to correct all the issues above AND give patients an aesthetically–pleasing aligned smile.

We take a look at a few top reasons to opt for orthodontics Weybridge.

Reason to choose orthodontics

  • Healthier teeth

This may be a lesser-known (among patients) benefit to straightening teeth, and yet, it is an all-important benefit. Teeth that are in perfect alignment (in their correct position in the dental arch) makes it easier for toothbrush bristles and floss to reach in between the spaces to remove tiny food particles and teeth-destroying bad bacteria. Patients will also find that they spend less time brushing and flossing as these oral health duties become easier to do.

  • Desirable self-confidence

Why is confidence such a desirable personality trait? For the simple reason that the rewards of confidence can reach into every sphere of a person’s life. Without confidence, a person may not have the self-assurance to take the step of applying for a job, or, they feel too shy to make friends because of how they look – for confidence is directly tied to being deemed attractive.

  • Healthier body

Poor oral health arising from inadequate oral hygiene practice is not restricted to the mouth area only. In fact the development of gum disease caused by the accumulation of plaque puts at risk the health of the rest of the body too. The presence of gum disease, especially if left untreated, makes it highly likely that bacterial infections can enter the bloodstream and reach vital organs like the heart.

  • Ability to enjoy a diverse array of foods

Teeth at risk of decay or damage (both made possible when teeth are not straightened) open up the possibility of tooth loss, whether they are purposefully extracted or fall out of their own accord or are knocked out (as in the case with protruding teeth). Tooth loss has a major adverse impact on the quality of life a patient lives. When teeth are kept in alignment, this increases the chance of a lifelong service of natural teeth, the patient is able to look after their nutrition by eating a wide variety of foods.

Much time and research has been spent in the field of orthodontics that has seen many relatively new teeth straightening techniques and appliances to restore good dental health and function, in addition to great looking smiles. To find out which treatment plan would best benefit your individual situation, get in touch with our friendly front desk team at Weybridge Orthodontics to schedule a consultation appointment with one of our competent and well-experienced dental practitioners.

What to know about your Invisalign treatment

You’ve heard about the amazing benefits of having your teeth straightened but are overwhelmed when it comes to choosing from among the myriad of orthodontic appliances available? You are well-familiar with traditional metal braces but, as an adult, you don’t really want to announce your orthodontic treatment plan to the world.


Modern orthodontic appliance designers have found the ideal solution: clear (barely visible) aligner-like braces. The most widely known and preferred brand being Invisalign Weybridge.

At Weybridge Orthodontics we look to efficacious orthodontic treatment, offering our patients modern teeth straightening devices with sought after deliverables including Invisalign Weybridge.

A look into why Invisalign Weybridge has become such a phenomenon in the orthodontics industry reveals a number of advantages that are not provided with the use of other more traditional teeth straightening tools.

We focus on a few important points to know about before opting for Invisalign.

Facts about Invisalign treatment plans

  • Aligner-like trays must be worn

In order to straighten teeth successfully, it is imperative that a patient wears their aligner-like trays as instructed by our dental practitioner. This means that the responsibility of abiding by the treatment plan falls to the patient. These are removable aligner-like trays which means it is the patient’s responsibility to put them back on after meals or brushing and flossing. We recommend that the trays need to sit on teeth between 20 to 22 hours in a day – anything less will mean that the trays aren’t being given the time they need to do their job properly.

  • Be vigilant about oral hygiene

Neglecting to brush and floss teeth and failing to clean trays properly allows bad bacteria and plaque to accumulate on teeth and gums. Lack of a recommended at-home oral hygiene practice only risks the effectiveness of the treatment plan, not to mention the danger of tooth decay.

  • Smoking is discouraged

Not only is smoking a threat to dental health as it has been linked to gum disease and mouth cancers, there is the increased chance of the clear aligner-like trays from becoming discoloured or stained.

  • Initial adjustment period

It only stands to reason that with having a foreign object placed on teeth, some patients may need a short period of adjustment while they get used to wearing their trays. Any adjustment issues like changes in speech usually goes away after a short period of adjustment.

  • Role of retainer following completion of treatment

An important step with any orthodontic treatment plan is to continue to support newly aligned teeth by wearing retainers once treatment has come to an end, and so it is with Invisalign braces. This may raise a few eyebrows among patients, but it has been found that teeth can move again into undesirable positions once the braces have been removed. When armed with accurate information, patients are best able to make correct decisions regarding their oral health treatments. At our Weybridge Orthodontics clinic, we prioritise patient education by taking the time to answer a patient’s questions and address their concerns. Why not book an appointment by getting in touch with us and have more of your questions about orthodontic treatment answered?