Orthodontic treatment in Weybridge

Orthodontics Weybridge is a pillar of modern dentistry allowing the reorganisation of teeth for patients whose bite is not quite right. Misaligned teeth are more than an aesthetic issue; they can lead to the patient having to compensate by using exaggerated jaw movements when eating and wearing down tooth surfaces. Bruxism (grinding teeth) is more common in those with poorly meshing bites.


The stereotypical patient looking for orthodontics Weybridge used to be in their mid to late adolescence, this was for good reason. There has never been a need to treat baby teeth with aligners (obviously) and the inconvenience and cost of a brace led to most adult patients concluding that orthodontics was not worth their time and energy.

We are seeing many more adults receiving orthodontic treatment these days, but with modern orthodontics being so subtle, you are unlikely to notice. So it seems the stereotype will continue for some time.

Brief rundown of our services


The most common braces are the traditional method of providing orthodontic treatment using metal wires and brackets, mostly replacing the now antiquated headgear. However there are many other types of brace now available if you meet the criteria.


The 3M Unitek is a workhorse of a brace with worldwide adoption, it is our go-to metal brace, which uses coloured elastic bands to enable the patient to express their own individuality.


This is the reimagination of the metal brace for working professionals.    

More swish than other forms of orthodontics, Weybridge, each of its gold tooth attachment points are handcrafted for the tooth it is mounted on, providing a discreet and extremely low profile.


Clarity is a brace that is made from a composite of polymers and glass, giving the tensile strength required in a brace while being less noticeable. It is an excellent compromise for conditions that are too severe for clear aligners, but is adaptable for patients who wish to avoid a metal brace.

Functional appliance

Yes, it is a boring and not very inspiring name, but a functional appliance is a bridge widener that uses a set of sliding plastic blocks and wedges to progressively widen the jaw, making room for overcrowded teeth. They perform an extremely important service creating the pathway for straighter healthier teeth.

The upper removable appliance

These are half of a functional appliance, used when only the top jaw requires an extension such as widening or lengthening.


Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles aligners focus on rapid realignment of the four front teeth for cosmetic reasons and are aimed at adults with a deadline, like a wedding, to reform a smile.

Post-orthodontic treatment

You may have heard about retainers, the flexibility of teeth makes orthodontics possible, but regressions are not unheard of where tendons in the gum (which have been put under tension by the change of tooth position) pull them back to their starting positions. This can be addressed by cutting the tendons, but the first level of treatment is 2 months use of a retaining device. 

The Essix Retainer

The Essix Retainer is the global standard in retainers and has been in use for a long time. Now made from PVC to increase the durability and ease of cleaning, this is our preferred retainer.

Upper wire-bonded retainer

The wire-bonded retainer is close to a brace in the sense that it is permanently fixed in the mouth for two months and is used to prevent severe cases of regression.

Could Incognito in Weybridge help you discreetly amend crooked teeth?

Keeping your smile healthy


Here at Weybridge Orthodontics, we believe that it is our duty as an orthodontic practice to do all that we can to ensure that every one of our patients have teeth that are as healthy as they possibly can be. Whilst many people seek out cosmetic braces such as Incognito in Weybridge for cosmetically driven reasons, we also stress the health benefits that treatments of this nature can have – both mentally and physically. We understand, here at Weybridge Orthodontics, that for many people who have misaligned or crooked teeth it can be the cause of stress, embarrassment and a loss in self-esteem. For those who feel this way, we implore them to contact one of our discreet orthodontic specialists to see whether or not treatments such as Incognito in Weybridge could be the answer to improving their oral and social wellbeing.

What is Incognito in Weybridge?

Whilst more conventional methods of amending crooked teeth – such as metallic braces – have proven to be a tried-and-tested method of successfully straightening out a patient’s teeth and improving their overall oral health, they are not famously praised for their impact on how patients look. This detrimental effect on the outward appearance of patients has led to many who could be benefitting from the healing aspects of the treatment putting off doing so. In response to this, here at Weybridge Orthodontics, we are happy to now offer patients a range of ‘discreet’ alternative treatments which can effectively realign a patient’s smile, without them having to wear visible and image-altering braces for the length of treatment. One such treatment of this nature is Incognito, which can realign crooked or overlapping teeth in a way which leaves very little impact on how a patient looks when compared to conventional methodologies such as metallic braces.

How does Incognito work?

The Incognito method of amending overlapping or crooked teeth – also called ‘lingual braces’ – operates in a way which is relatively similar to conventional braces. The fundamental difference however is that the metallic brackets and wires which are connected to each individual tooth are placed at the back of the patient’s teeth. As such, the braces are completely hidden from the front and the patient can enjoy life as normal – without attracting any attention or scrutiny. As you can imagine, the process of fixing a brace system to each individual tooth from within the interior of a patient’s mouth is far more complex than with traditional braces. Therefore it initially requires that patients visit our practice here at Weybridge Orthodontics to have all the appropriate measurements taken to allow for one of our Incognito experts to create their unique braces.

How do I go about getting Incognito braces?

If you have teeth which are misaligned and are looking to amend this, but do not wish to put your outward appearance on the backburner for the time it takes to complete your treatment, then you ought to contact one of our discreet orthodontic experts here at Weybridge Orthodontics. In doing so, we can assess your dental wellbeing and formulate a uniquely tailored treatment plan which will ultimately provide you with a straighter and healthier looking smile – without affecting your appearance in the process.

Weybridge Orthodontics at a 3M Training Day

Weybridge Orthodontics Business Development Manager Attia Ellahi, and Anielle Pointu our Treatment Coordinator attended a 3M Training Day with speaker Lina Craven from Dynamic Perceptions on the 19th May at the 3M Head office in Bracknell.

3M Group

Lina’s training was focused on how to improve the patient experience here at Weybridge Orthodontics by offering the best services we can to our patients.

Lina has spent some time with our Weybridge Orthodontics team in house and it is always a pleasure to attend her training sessions. Lina is the Founder of Dynamic Perceptions Limited. She is a keen industry observer combined with over 30 years of experience working with specialist practices. Her aim is to provide the necessary tools and insight to help us and our team create something truly outstanding at Weybridge Orthodontics.

Attia and Anielle had an enjoyable and inspiring day training with Lina. They also mentioned the bonus of delicious catering from 3M throughout the day! The training site was in the amazing 3M museum, what a fabulous place to meet.

3M museum

3M are a long running partner of Weybridge Orthodontics and we have close working relationship with the company.

Weybridge Orthodontics offer a number of 3M products and treatment systems at the practice, namely, Gemini, Clarity and Incognito.

3M statement

Thank you to both 3M and Lina for an excellent day

Weybridge Orthodontics Team Building Trip to Snowdonia

In April four of Weybridge Orthodontics team members set off for Wales to visit Snowdonia. The trip was inspired by Fiona and love of mountains.

Snowdonia Landscape Start

Julie, Anielle, Simone and Fiona had a few reasons for their visit to Snowdonia, firstly was to discover and tackle a climb on Snowdon which is the is the highest mountain in Wales, at an elevation of 1,085 metres above sea level, it is the highest point in the British Isles south of the Scottish Highlands.


The Weybridge team also wanted to improve their own fitness levels and spend some time bonding as a team. What a better way to do this that be out in the fresh air and to face challenges along the way.

Encouraging each other is a fantastic way to develop skills as a team, and helps team connect and bond in a different environment to the orthodontic practice setting.

Snowdonia Landscape

At Weybridge Orthodontics, we aspire to have fantastic communication skills within our team and most importantly with our patients. Team building exercises develop these skills and motivates our team to ensure we maintain our happy, encouraging and healthy environment at Weybridge Orthodontics.

Snowdonia Selfie

The team were thrilled to reach to top and achieve their goal, with support, hard work and encouragement from one another. The climb was followed by a hearty meal, an overnight stay and a very good night’s sleep.

Well done Team Weybridge, we are all proud of you!

Snowdonia End


Snowdonia Fun!


Brackets and Bands for Years? Stop Delaying Orthodontic Treatment

The first thing many orthodontic patients ask is this: ‘How long will I have to wear these braces or aligners for?’

orthodontic treatmentChildren usually wear orthodontic appliances for almost two years, while adults wear them for about 12 to 20 months. Some patients, however, wear their braces or aligners for about four years and above—mainly because they fail to follow the rules that come with orthodontic treatment.

This does not need to be the case for everyone. Patients can stay on track and avoid delays in orthodontic treatment by following these guidelines.

Avoid Certain Types of Food

Gum, toffee, chips, and nuts are some of the foods to avoid when undergoing orthodontic treatment. It takes a lot of self-control, but these foods can do damage to orthodontic appliances. When they do, it will go a long way toward ensuring that the treatment timeline stays on schedule. For those wearing braces, each broken band or bracket adds about a month to the overall treatment.

Maintain Good Hygiene

Some orthodontic appliances are notorious for trapping food and allowing plaque and tartar to build up easily. Those undergoing treatment need to pay more attention to their hygiene more than ever to avoid complications.

We recommend brushing with a prescribed toothpaste after every meal, as well as using mouth rinses and flossing daily. For those wearing metal braces or other similar appliances, it is especially important to brush after eating sweets. Sugar can erode the cement keeping the braces in place.

Schedule Appointments Regularly

Those who have broken a bracket or stained clear aligners should schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible to prevent delays.

Patients should schedule appointments regularly as well, and avoid cancelling them. Each cancellation of an appointment extends the overall treatment by weeks—sometimes even months.

These are only a few of the major ways patients can avoid orthodontic delays. If you have some questions about treatment, please give us a call at 01932 831 825. Those who wish to undergo orthodontic treatment may contact us as well.

Adult Orthodontics: Why It Is Never Too Late To Get Braces

“Metal teeth” and “silver smile” – these were just some of the associations people attached to braces. Over the last decade, however, dental brackets have considerably evolved.

metal bracesIn the past, adults with crooked teeth were under one of life’s worst predicaments. The emotional burden that accompanied defective dental appearance could not be solved by simply getting metal braces, because those, too, made a lot of people feel self-conscious about their smiles.

So people had two choices: to get treatment and endure the emotional discomfort that came with it, or to not get any at all and suffer from the humiliation for good.

But thankfully, technology has come through for mankind once again. With the advent of Incognito lingual braces, adults feel braver to finally receive the treatment they need.

How do they work?

Incognito braces are virtually invisible. This is due to their position, which is on the backside of your teeth. On the upper teeth, our orthodontics position them very high so as not to touch your tongue, and on the lower teeth, we set them very low, avoiding the tongue as well.

Although the procedure may sound extremely painful, patients feel little to no discomfort. The mouth gets used to feeling only a few weeks after the placement.

What makes them special?

In addition to being hidden, Incognito braces are custom-made to find a specific solution to one dental misalignment. Before manufacturing the actual braces, we will place a custom bracket on the tooth to identify and determine their ideal position.

What makes them the best choice for adults?

With Incognito braces and other advanced straighteners, being too old for braces have quickly become an outdated notion. Due to increased confidence from the braces’ invisible nature, adults feel more proactive about getting treatment for their teeth. As we know, an improved smile will bring physical and psychosocial benefits.

If you have been living with crooked teeth or a wrong bite, it is time to take a step towards a healthier better-looking smile. Contact Surrey Braces today and discover how our orthodontic treatments can transform your life.

Tommy D Group cake sale

Fred and George Dixon are raising funds for the Tommy D Group*

We at Weybridge Orthodontic are having a cake sale on Thursday the 18th December ’14 to raise money for the Tommy D Group. Come and join us on the day for some delicious cakes and biscuits.

In August 2015 the two brothers will be going abroad to visit and volunteer at an orphanage

*The Tommy D Group supports young people, under the age of 18 who have been bereaved. The group finds comfort in the support of their peers and take part in social activities such as bowling, outdoor survival and meals out.