What is Invisalign?

There are a number of different types of alignment treatments that are available on the market but one of the most popular forms of treatment after conventional braces is Invisalign Weybridge.


So what exactly is Invisalign Weybridge? It is a type of alignment treatment that straightens and aligns teeth in a discreet manner. Invisalign Weybridge is invisible, which means that it cannot be seen when you talk and laugh, but only if you choose to tell people that you are wearing an aligner.

Why do people get Invisalign?

A lot of people feel self-conscious about their teeth and their smile and this is usually the main reason why people tend to get work done to their teeth, in order that this may give them a sense of confidence. Also a lot of people are heavily influenced by what is happening on social media and by what celebrities and influencers are doing to their appearance and this plays a major role in determining whether someone has work done to their dentition or not.

If you are looking to have Invisalign in Weybridge then look no further than Weybridge Orthodontics, leading specialists in the field of orthodontics. Our highly trained staff are able to deal with your needs and requirements in a professional, friendly and approachable manner.

What is the procedure?

If you wish to get Invisalign to straighten your teeth you will need to make an appointment with our dentist, when they will be able to provide you with an initial consultation to assess your teeth and the extent of alignment that is required. Our dentist will examine the health of your gums and teeth and jawbone and will take X-rays of your teeth. They will also take impressions of them and these will then be sent off to the laboratory for your Invisalign trays to be made. These are tailor-made to fit to your teeth and jaw and therefore you must ensure that you do not share your Invisalign trays with anyone else, as this can cause them to get damaged and may break. This may also cause them to be ineffective if they have been tampered with.

Once the trays are back from the laboratory our dentist will contact you for your next appointment, where the Invisalign trays will be fitted to your teeth and you will be shown how to insert and remove them in the correct way. Once you feel comfortable with your Invisalign trays our dentist will then provide you with tips for their care and provide you with details of your next appointment.


Ensure that you wear the trays for about 22 hours a day and only take them off when you are eating and drinking. You are able to drink water with the trays in, but not any other type of beverage.

Ensure that you keep the trays clean by brushing them twice daily. This is to make sure that there is no build up of bacteria on the trays that can affect your hygiene.

A guide to Invisalign

Here at Weybridge Orthodontics, we offer all the latest treatments for teeth that are misaligned. One of the most popular is Invisalign. Many people have heard of this form of teeth straightening, but they are not sure exactly what it is and how it works. This is an explanation of Invisalign Weybridge, and a discussion of some of the benefits that our patients can expect to enjoy during the process.


What is Invisalign Weybridge?

Invisalign Weybridge is the trade name for invisible braces. They are invisible because they take the form of completely clear trays that are fitted over the teeth, allowing them to retain their natural appearance. These trays are made of super soft plastic and are also known as aligners. The aligners are custom made for the teeth of each of our individual patients using them and are swapped every few weeks as the teeth gradually move into the optimum position.


The fact that the aligners are invisible is arguably their most important benefit. Teenagers who are embarrassed about others knowing that they are having their teeth corrected find that these braces present the ideal solution. Many of our older patients, including adults who did not get the opportunity to wear braces in their youth often find clear braces to be the best choice. This is because they have felt self-conscious for years about their teeth, and do not want to add to this by letting the whole world know that they are getting orthodontic treatment. Invisalign allows them to achieve the smile they have always wanted in complete confidence.

Eat as normal

The patient who chooses invisible braces need not worry about having to change their diet.  This is because the aligners are designed to be removed for eating. Some other types of braces require some changes to be made, and certain foods must be avoided. With Invisalign, our patients can eat as normal and even try new foods. It is simply a matter of taking the aligners out, enjoying the meal then brushing the teeth before putting them back in.

Some other kinds of braces can be a little problematic when it comes to eating in general, as they can get food trapped in them. This can then result in staining and potential plaque build-up if it is not possible to remove the debris with brushing at home. Our patients with clear braces have no such worries. Provided they brush their teeth thoroughly after every meal, this need never be an issue.

Better oral hygiene

Because the teeth can be brushed and flossed as normal, our patients who choose invisible braces usually enjoy better oral hygiene. This means a reduced risk of cavities, staining and gum disease. In addition, when the teeth and gums are kept scrupulously clean during treatment, the patient can expect the best possible results when it is complete.

Invisalign is a great choice for people who would like to get a better smile, but feel self-conscious about the idea of wearing braces. It is very efficient and requires little in the way of lifestyle changes. An element of self-discipline regarding wearing the braces most of the time and keeping the teeth clean usually gets great results.

Does life change with Invisalign?

Here at Weybridge Orthodontics, we understand that all our patients have different needs and requirements when it comes to getting the smile they have always wanted. For many, Invisalign Weybridge is a great option as it offers excellent results while being completely invisible to others. Here, we explain what this treatment is and explore whether the life of the patient must change during the process.


What is Invisalign Weybridge?

Invisalign Weybridge is considered by many to be the ultimate modern solution to correcting teeth that are not quite as straight and uniform as they should be. It is a type of orthodontic treatment that takes the form of completely transparent trays of very soft plastic. These trays are known as aligners and are placed over the teeth. They are swapped for a new set every few weeks, and thus gradually move the teeth into a more desirable position.

Does the patient have to change what they eat?

One of the great advantages of opting for clear aligners over other options such as fixed braces is that there is no need for any changes to the diet of our patients. This is because these braces are designed to be removed for eating. A patient simply removes them before a meal, then brushes their teeth afterwards before putting the aligners back in. This means that they can continue to eat whatever they fancy, and do not have to make any special concessions when it comes to certain foods.

However, it is worth noting that though the patient can eat as normal, snacking should be kept to an absolute minimum. This is because the braces must be worn for most of the time every day: ideally 22 out of every 24 hours. If the patient is taking them out throughout the day for frequent snacks, then they cannot expect the best possible results at the end of the treatment period.

Can the patient drink whatever they like?

The beverage of choice for the person wearing invisible braces should be water. This is because other drinks such as cola, coffee, tea, red wine and so on can stain the braces with the result that they are no longer invisible. If the patient wishes to consume anything other than water as a drink, they should limit this to during meals only when the aligners have been removed. This will protect them and ensure that they remain completely transparent.

Can the patient still play sports or musical instruments?

Yes! This is a great advantage of clear braces. Other forms of orthodontic treatment can make playing contact sports or musical instruments difficult if not impossible, because they are permanent fixtures for the duration of treatment. However, because Invisalign can be taken out for matches and for music lessons or performances, then the patient can enjoy their usual activities as normal.

Wearing invisible braces does not mean that the life of the patient has to change drastically.  They can still enjoy all their favourite foods and many hobbies and the advantage of the fact that no one needs to know they are being treated with aligners. However, there is an element of self-discipline required that should be considered carefully before embarking on treatment, something we invariably point out to our prospective Invisalign patients.

All about Invisalign in Weybridge

Many people are unhappy with their smile. This can cause them to feel self-conscious and prevent them from fulfilling their potential in many areas of life. Here at Weybridge Orthodontics, we help our patients choose from a range of options to get the best possible smile. That can literally be transformative, allowing the patient to become the best and most confident version of themselves.


One of our most popular options is Invisalign in Weybridge. It is a favourite among many of our patients because it comes with a range of benefits that do not apply to other kinds of more traditional braces, while still offering great results.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the brand name for invisible braces. They are composed of trays of very soft clear plastic that are placed over the teeth for the purposes of correcting misalignment. They are also known as aligners, and are custom made to fit each patient on an individual basis. The patient wears the aligners for a few weeks before swapping them for a new set that is a slightly different size. Over a period of months, the trays gently move the teeth into the optimum position.


The transparent nature of these braces is one of the main reasons why they are so popular with many of our patients. Those who do not wish the world to know that they are having their teeth straightened often choose Invisalign in Weybridge.

A word of caution though: the aligners only remain invisible if they are cared for. If the patient consumes drinks other than water, for example, coffee or cola, whilst wearing the braces, then they can become stained. Smoking with the braces on can also cause staining. Therefore, taking good care of the aligners and taking our advice about establishing a healthy regime during treatment is of vital importance.


These braces are composed of very soft plastic which has been moulded to match the teeth of the patient exactly. This means that they are easy to wear and that any discomfort is minimal, especially when compared with other kinds of braces.


Having the teeth straightened using aligners is usually a much quicker process than being treated with more traditional kinds of braces. The treatment period usually lasts a matter of months, rather than years. However, it is worth noting that this varies between patients, so it is always worth talking to us about expectations on an individual basis.

Invisalign: a great choice

Having misaligned teeth corrected with Invisalign allows our patients to reap the benefits of a fantastic new smile whilst keeping their treatment under wraps. For those who have missed out on teeth straightening as young people, this is a very appealing option due to the fact that these braces are invisible to others. Added to that, they offer high levels of comfort, and the treatment process is usually a relatively quick one. Provided the aligners and teeth are looked after with care during treatment, the patient can expect great results that have a significant impact on their confidence and self-esteem.

Advantages of Invisalign in Weybridge

Invisalign in Weybridge is an increasingly popular choice for people of all ages. Here, we explain how it works and go into detail about the advantages of opting for this treatment. Invisalign is also known as clear braces and is composed of trays of soft transparent plastic that fit seamlessly over the teeth to straighten them over time. Clear braces are one of the many ways in which we help our patients here at Weybridge Orthodontics to get the smile they have always wanted.


Clear aligners are invisible to others, which means that the patient does not have to worry about feeling self-conscious about having their teeth straightened. Whether the patient is a young person or an adult, they don’t necessarily want the whole world to know that they are wearing braces. Getting invisible braces means that they can get on with living life as normal without inviting any awkward questions or queries.


Unlike other kinds of braces, Invisalign in Weybridge is designed to be easily removed at the convenience of the patient. This means that playing a favourite sport, for example, does not have to change due to concerns about the aligners becoming damaged. However, it is worth noting that if the treatment is to be fully effective, the trays must be worn for most of the time every day. We recommend around 22 hours each day, with removal taking place only if essential for sports and for eating.

Eat as normal

Patients undergoing straightening treatment with fixed braces often have to be careful about the kinds of foods and drinks they are consuming. There is no such requirement with clear braces because they are taken out for mealtimes. This means that the patient can enjoy all their favourite foods and drinks as normal, with absolutely no restrictions at all.

However, it is important to brush the teeth thoroughly after eating, and to keep the aligners clean. This means that there will be minimal possibility of any bits of food becoming trapped between the teeth and the aligners, which can cause staining, decay and the build up of plaque: all of which can prevent the patient from getting the best possible smile at the end of the treatment period.

Faster results

Invisible braces often produce faster results than other kinds of treatment. Fixed metal braces usually have to be worn for a period of years, but patients who choose clear aligners often only have to wait a few months before they get the straightening result they were hoping for. The amount of time that is needed does vary between patients, so it is a good idea to ask us about the expected treatment period on an individual basis. Invisalign is an excellent choice for patients who want quick results with minimal disruption to their lives. These braces allow the patient to eat and drink as normal and to go about their usual routine without having to make any big changes. In addition, their invisible nature means that there is no need to feel self-conscious about having treatment, and the patient can remain confident that no one else needs to know if that is what they prefer.

How long does Invisalign in Weybridge take to work?

Invisalign in Weybridge is rapidly growing more popular for the simple reason that the system is basically invisible. With the ability to remove them when eating and cleaning, they are an extremely user-friendly option to teeth straightening. We know it sounds too good to be true and some have questions about the time it takes to move teeth vs other more traditional braces but there is no one size fits all to this question. Here’s our discussion on the topic.


‘How long until Invisalign straightens my teeth?’

Simply, the answer is ‘it depends’. For those with more simple cases, aligner work can be done in as quickly as six months. However, on average, Invisalign in Weybridge can take around twelve to eighteen months. With more complicated cases such as crowding, the treatment could be longer at more like twenty-four months. It’s really important to understand early on that just because you look and think you have the same problem with your teeth as someone else you’ve seen who only took six months to move – doesn’t mean that it won’t take longer for you.

To be more specific

When you come and visit us at Weybridge Orthodontics for your initial consultation our dentists will be able to advise on your individual smile and how long they think it could take. Things they will take into account are how much straightening your teeth need to reach the desired result, and how far a distance your teeth need to move – the further the distance the longer the treatment will take. We will also consider the pace of your movement – everyone will move at a different rate and this is not controllable. We look at how complex your case is – the more complicated, the more difficult, the longer time is a standard rule. How much you actually wear your Invisalign in Weybridge will also be considered, as you will be required to wear your trays for 22 hours per day. If you don’t wear your aligners long enough, treatment time will take much longer and just simply won’t be as effective.

All that being said

There are no guarantees on speed with any orthodontic system and the benefits of Invisalign are that you are able to carry on life as usual whilst treatment is happening. The impact on your daily life is very minimal and you won’t need to change any of your dietary habits either.

With Invisalign, your biggest challenge will be making sure you are extra strict with your oral hygiene routine. Making sure you are brushing after every meal and cleaning your appliance correctly twice daily. Poor dental hygiene could lead to gum disease or decay which would be detrimental to progress in straightening.

If you think Invisalign could be the solution for you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our team. We would love to answer any questions you might have and will be happy to get you booked in for your first appointment!

Did you know there are other long-term health benefits to Invisalign in Weybridge?

The Invisalign teeth straightening system has become super popular across the globe. Thousands and thousands of people have used Invisalign to get the perfect smile they’ve dreamed of.


So now the real question is: are you happy with your smile and if not, what’s stopping you from getting the great smile you’ve always wanted? We’ve compiled some of the not so well known psychological benefits of a straighter smile – so if you were unsure before you’ll be ready to take the plunge and get on board with Invisalign in Weybridge after knowing these.

Psychological benefits

Did you know that 90% of the body’s serotonin is made in your gut. What’s serotonin, you ask? Serotonin impacts every part of your body, from your emotions to your motor skills. It’s the body’s natural mood stabilizer – it’s the chemical that helps with sleeping, digesting, and eating. But what’s really important is that it reduces depression, anxiety, heals wounds and maintains bone health.

Well how is this relevant to straightening teeth? When a person has a crooked smile, it can greatly impact their bite and the way they chew and subsequently digest food. When your body struggles to break down food in the gut correctly, digestion becomes a difficult process for the body and can cause a lack of serotonin. You know that feeling of gloom you get when you’re tummy is bad? That’s no coincidence; that’s because your stomach is telling your brain it’s having a tough old time. If you’re someone who struggles with mood disorders and also has a misalignment in your mouth – having corrective treatment could seriously help make a change for your mental health. Invisalign in Weybridge could be the system to correct this, and with it being so discret you won’t need to worry about the visual implications of teeth straightening on your life.

We should never dismiss the effect that poor self image and confidence can have on us. Feeling constantly aware of your smile, that people might be looking at it or that someone could be judging you, will inevitably take up precious brain power and energy that we could be using on other more important things – like our work or families. Unfortunately anxiety breeds anxiety and the more time you spend worrying about your smile the more aware you will be of it. Taking the route to straightening your teeth could give you that boost you’ve always needed to strive for a new job or go on that much needed family holiday (and not worry about all the photos) and what’s more with Invisalign in Weybridge you could be looking at just six months for the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

What do I do next?

If everything we’ve said feel like it’s ringing alarm bells inside you, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at Weybridge Orthodontics, one of our lovely team will be delighted to answer any questions you have and be ready to book you in to get you started on your Invisalign in Weybridge journey.

Your handy guide to having Invisalign Weybridge

Have you always dreamed of having a stunning smile? Do you feel like clear aligners may benefit your oral health? At Weybridge Orthodontics, we believe in the power of your smile and are passionate about restoring confidence in our patients.


If you find yourself researching traditional braces and clear aligners and wonder whether you are a suitable candidate, we would love to have you visit our clinic for a consultation. Our dental practice in Surrey offers everything from dental implants and Invisalign Weybridge to teeth whitening services and routine checkups. You are welcome to book an appointment today with one of our practitioners to find out more about how we can assist with your oral health care needs.

Join the cosmetic trend

Clear aligners have become highly sought after, thanks to their almost invisible appearance. They offer a discreet alternative to metal braces, which are traditionally used. Adult patients can also forfeit any embarrassment since, with Invisalign, they would not have to fear drawing unnecessary attention in the workplace.

If you feel like your smile is holding you back from succeeding in your professional career, you may want to consider having Invisalign Weybridge. Clear aligners are great for both teens and adults who chose to seek teeth-straightening treatment later on in life. It is never too late to have the smile you have always wanted, and clear aligners can do just that while providing both functionality and freedom.

Enjoy the benefits Invisalign has to offer

Invisalign Weybridge functions in the same way as conventional metal braces with a few noticeable differences in their appearance and functionality. For starters, clear aligners offer patients the opportunity to straighten their teeth with minimal discomfort. Invisalign aligners can also be custom-made and designed to fit a particular patient, which results in more comfort.

Another great advantage of opting for transparent aligners is that they require minimal maintenance. With Invisalign, you can simply remove your aligner trays before you eat and gently clean them with toothpaste and cold water daily to maintain good hygiene habits.

What kind of dental issues can Invisalign aligners correct?

If you are looking at straightening your teeth and considering having Invisalign, we recommend visiting us at our dental practice in Surrey for an initial consultation. Some of the dental issues that Invisalign can correct range from common tooth movements to overcrowding and unevenly spaced teeth. Invisalign can also be used to treat mild to moderate bite issues, such as underbites and overbites, and gapping.

The great news is that as each case differs, so does the treatment plan. This means that patients can look forward to as little as 9 to 18 months of wear before they can enjoy a brand-new smile.

To this day, there have been around 8 million people across the world who have chosen to undergo treatment with Invisalign aligners. We at Weybridge Orthodontics in Surrey are delighted to offer this treatment option to our patients, and we look forward to creating your customised treatment plan.

Achieve a beautiful smile with Invisalign Weybridge

Are you longing to create that Hollywood smile you have always dreamed about? At Weybridge Orthodontics, we believe your smile has the power to help build your confidence and create a sense of comfort about your appearance. We want our patients to enjoy improved self-esteem and overall happiness, and treatment with clear aligners is a great way of doing just that.


If you feel like your smile is holding you back from succeeding in your social and professional life, why not consider having Invisalign Weybridge? This treatment plan is an excellent choice for those who would like to straighten their teeth.

How does the Invisalign brace work?

Invisalign aligners first came about in 1997 as a result of Align Technology teaming up with a leading orthodontist when looking to create an alternative to traditional metal braces. This resulted in a revolutionary product, and today, clear aligners are growing in popularity.

Invisalign Weybridge functions in the same way as conventional braces with a few key differences. Clear aligners offer patients the opportunity to have corrective treatment to straighten their teeth but in a discreet way. Close to being invisible in design, Invisalign allows patients the freedom to achieve their dream smile without putting their life on hold or causing any disruption to their daily routines. Patients can also forfeit any embarrassment as treatment with Invisalign will not draw any unwanted attention to their mouths. This works great for adults who decide to seek treatment later on in life and can enjoy the subtle appearance of clear aligners.

Another noticeable difference between traditional braces and clear aligners is that your Invisalign aligners can be briefly removed, allowing you to eat and drink. You can also clean your aligners in the same way you would clean your natural teeth, which helps with maintaining good oral health habits. Simply remove your aligner trays and gently clean them with toothpaste and cold water daily.

The Invisalign treatment consists of a set of removable aligners that need to be changed every two weeks for a new set. Each set will be individually manufactured and customised to the shape of your mouth and teeth. Each week, your teeth will slowly be moved, and as a result, your teeth will have straightened by the end of your treatment plan.

What are some of the issues that Invisalign can correct?

If you’re looking at straightening your teeth and considering having Invisalign Weybridge, we recommend visiting us at our dental practice in Surrey for an initial consultation. Some of the dental issues that Invisalign can correct range from common tooth movements to overcrowding and unevenly spaced teeth. Invisalign can also be used to treat mild to moderate bite issues and gapping. Other problems that can also be corrected with the use of clear aligners include correcting an overbite or an underbite.

The great news is that as each case differs, so does the treatment plan. This means that patients can look forward to as little as 9 to 18 months of wear before they can enjoy a brand-new smile.

Straightening your teeth with Invisalign, Weybridge

Did you know that there is still a large number of adults in the UK living with the discomfort and issues caused by misaligned or crooked teeth? This may seem like an odd thing to comprehend. Considering that tooth alignment treatment is now more accessible than ever before, there is no need for anyone to live with misaligned teeth and the issues that can often be caused by them.


If you are seeking a suitable treatment for this common dental issue, then modern alignment technology and techniques can provide you with a treatment that is discreet and able to give you the results you are looking for.

Invisalign Weybridge can allow you to receive the alignment treatment you may need without others knowing, as once your alignment device is in position within your mouth, others will not be able to see it due to the materials it is made from. Finally, patients who need their teeth aligned can do so in a way that respects their privacy.

A revolution in alignment treatment

If you are one of the many adults who were offered treatment in their years but refused to engage with it due to being in a sensitive stage in your life’s development and not wishing to portray an image that others may have easily poked fun at, then there is no need to be concerned.

Invisalign aligners have been designed with the wearer in mind. By creating aligners that sit subtly in the mouth, one of the major concerns is directly addressed in a way that gives any patient reassurance.

Created by using two sheets of clear plastic, these aligners may be the treatment that you feel comfortable engaging with. One thing we would ask you to realise is that it is never too late for you to receive the tooth alignment treatment.

Deciding to be treated with Invisalign Weybridge means that you are taking a proactive step to improve your oral hygiene and health.

Getting prepared for treatment

Your first step on the path to aligned teeth is to book an appointment with our dentist who can assess your teeth and treatment needs. At this consultation, we will fully examine your teeth so that a suitable course of action and treatment can be recommended to you. This appointment also allows our dental team to take scans or x-rays that will be helpful in the process of creating any aligners that are to be used in your treatment.

Invisalign Weybridge uses a series of different aligners through the course of your treatment, each must normally be worn by the patient for 2 or 3 weeks and then replaced by the next in the series. Each plays its role within your treatment, which typically takes 12 to 18 months to complete.

By the end of your treatment time, you will have the requested results, aligned teeth and greatly improved standards in your oral health and hygiene. We at Weybridge Orthodontics are a friendly and professional team ready to help create smiles for children and adults