Bad Dental Habits You Have to Break

Good habits can be powerless under the stress of bad dental habits. They are harmful and can worsen your dental condition or even cause irreparable damage.

We want to help you dodge the damage. Ditch these bad dental habits for good teeth and optimal oral hygiene:

Not Brushing or Flossing Properly

Weybridge OrthodonticsYou may be brushing your teeth regularly, but you are probably not doing it right. You might also be ignoring flossing simply because it does not seem to be doing you any good. It is about time you take these two aspects of proper dental hygiene seriously to avoid plaque, tartar, and gum disease. It is important to brush twice a day (at the very least) and to floss as well.

Using a Hard-Bristled Toothbrush

Brushing too much and too hard can harm the teeth, especially for those with sensitive teeth and gums. Aggressive brushing using a hard-bristled toothbrush can increase sensitivity, and can expose the roots of the teeth, damage the enamel, and even push the gums back.

Using Teeth as Tools

Admit it, you have used your teeth to open a bag of crisps, to open a fizzy drink, to rip a price tag off, to uncap a jar, and even to straighten a bent fork tine. This can be traumatizing to your teeth and can even cause the edge to chip off or fracture. Avoid doing this and let tools to the dirty work instead.

Crunching and Sucking Ice

There is an odd satisfaction in sucking and crunching ice, but this odd habit can do your teeth harm. The cold and brittleness of the ice can fracture the teeth and crack the surface of the enamel. While crushed ice is less harmful, it can still trigger sensitivity and may eventually lead to bigger dental problems.

Grinding Your Teeth

Teeth grinding is a difficult habit to break. Usually caused by stress and anxiety, prolonged teeth grinding can cause an abnormal bite or crooked teeth. There are several ways out of this habit, but the most effective one, a solution our dentists also recommend, is using mouth guards at night.

Mouth guards protect your teeth from the damage that comes with bruxism, or teeth grinding. Athletes involved in extreme sports also use these for teeth and gum protection. Weybridge Orthodontics provides custom-made mouth guards especially fitted for you for maximum comfort and protection.

Book an appointment today and we will give you a solution that fits you best.