Professional care with orthodontics in Weybridge

Treatment that addresses any alignment issues that you may have with your teeth or jaw is important for your general health and wellbeing and this is why orthodontics Weybridge is often provided to children at around the age of 7 to ensure that their development is on track.


Because if your teeth or jaw are not aligned properly, you can suffer from complications with eating, which can result in nutritional deficiencies or gut problems. If you do not have a healthcare professional who looks at these conditions holistically, then you may go several years without correct treatment and this can have devastating impacts on your growth and health.

Other issues that can present with a misaligned bite include headaches, neck pain or speech difficulties, to name a few. Orthodontics Weybridge can correct these issues by using specific devices to realign your bite and your teeth, improving your confidence as well as your health.

By looking at some of the options available, you can begin to understand the vast range of different solutions that are on offer, so that you can make an informed decision as to what treatment solution is the best for your personal situation. We help you to decide what is right for you in this important moment, by offering opinions and facts on the advantages and disadvantages of each option, and discussing the potential time frames and costs of each of the options that are available to you.

Is straightening teeth only for children?

Not at all. Although orthodontics Weybridge is offered at a young age, it is also consistently followed up throughout your life, when you change dentists or when you present with potential symptoms that might signify a misalignment.

A lot of adults are coming through wanting cosmetic alterations to the alignment of their teeth because they did not have braces when they were younger and their teeth are not as straight as they want them to be.

Many streamlined options are available to these individuals, focusing on the specific needs that they present with and eliminating a lot of the other features that are not applicable to them. This can reduce the length of time braces need to be worn, reduce costs and allow for other features to take precedence, making their teeth straightening experience a more enjoyable one.

Is there any complications associated with straightening your teeth as an adult?

We generally like to straighten the bite and teeth of younger patients because their bones are more malleable and subject to movement. As an adult, it may take a little longer to straighten your teeth, but we can certainly still do it and there is no reason why adult braces cannot be just as effective as devices used on younger patients.

In fact, the majority of patients that wish to have cosmetic realignment treatments performed on their teeth are adults and because your teeth will only get more twisted with age rather than naturally straighten, there is no time like the present to embark on a journey of self-improvement.

Think orthodontics is just about straightening teeth? Five health benefits of wearing a brace

When it comes to straightening teeth, everybody knows that wearing a brace is the best way to get a straighter smile.


And, with modern braces being as varied as they are, there is now more choice than ever in which brace can be used to get you the smile that you have always wanted!

While many metal braces historically have been far from confidence-boosting in the short term, long term, their results are undeniable, leaving many people with straighter, healthier smiles. While many people assume braces exist solely to treat cosmetic issues, there are a range of secondary health concerns that braces can have a positive impact on, especially if you have more complex misalignments.

At Weybridge Orthodontics, we recognise the secondary issues that often occur when teeth are misaligned. Our orthodontics in Weybridge are targeted to not only straighten your teeth quickly and effectively, but to reduce other issues that you may be experiencing as a result of having crooked teeth. So, if you are looking for a team who know everything there is to know about braces, look to Weybridge Orthodontics!

But what are the health issues that our orthodontics in Weybridge can help to alleviate? Read on to find out.

Supports the jaw

Having misaligned teeth undoubtedly puts additional pressure on the jaw, and can lead to conditions like temporomandibular joint disorder. Also, having misaligned teeth often means that your jawbone is compromised, causing issues with chewing biting and even leading to headaches and migraines.

As our orthodontics in Weybridge gently move your teeth, your upper and lower jaws will align correctly, allowing you to eat, bite and floss without discomfort.

Prevent tooth decay

Tooth decay is a major concern for dental teams and, it goes without saying, that crooked or misaligned teeth have more areas for plaque to accumulate. Also, as crooked teeth are harder to brush, they are tougher to keep healthy, leading to things like tooth decay.

While you may need to attend a hygienist appointment while wearing your brace to ensure your teeth are clean, post-treatment, your teeth will be easier to clean and there will be fewer incidents of decay. Brilliant!

Better nutrition

As previously mentioned, teeth which are not correctly aligned are not as good at biting into or grinding up food. This can lead to consumption of softer, less nutritious foods and problems like acid reflux.

As braces gradually align your teeth, you will be more comfortable with biting into foods like raw vegetables and fruits, and will notice a reduction in gastrointestinal issues too!

Prevents gum disease

With nowhere to hide as your teeth straighten, bacteria which could lead to periodontal diseases are easier to remove, so you will have a lowered risk of developing gum disease.

Better overall health

Plaque and crooked teeth go hand in hand and as excess dental plaque has been linked to heart disease, having a brace fitted could actually improve your overall health. Talk to our team today about which brace is the best one for you!

Could orthodontics in Weybridge get your smile back on track?

Keeping you smiling


Here at Weybridge Orthodontics, we recognise that recent global events may have made a number of us more hesitant to seek out orthodontic care and may have caused them to put their oral needs on the back-burner. However, as life slowly returns to normal, we urge anyone who may have neglected their dental care over recent months to consider making an appointment with one of our experts here at Weybridge Orthodontics. This would be to see if orthodontics in Weybridge could be the answer they need to help get their oral wellbeing back on track and ensure that they are as dentally fit and healthy as they could possibly be.

The importance of straight teeth

Having teeth which are straight and even does far more for your smile than simply improve it on an aesthetic level. At Weybridge Orthodontics, we believe that one of the fundamental principles of orthodontics in Weybridge should be to maintain a reliable standard of dental health and wellbeing. Whilst there are several obvious cosmetic advantages to having straight looking teeth, there are also several other health reasons as to why straight teeth are advantageous. One of the most important advantages of seeking out orthodontics in Weybridge for those who have poorly aligned teeth is the decreased likelihood of patients contracting gum diseases such as gingivitis or periodontal disease. These are the leading causes for adult tooth loss across the country, and are entirely preventable, should the appropriate measures be in place.

What orthodontic options are available?

When we consider orthodontics in Weybridge, many of us do not think beyond conventional, fixed metallic braces. These are still a trusted method of re-aligning teeth and still available here at Weybridge Orthodontics, although they are not typically highly praised for the impact they can have on the outward aesthetics of a patient. In response to this, we now offer an entire range of ‘cosmetic orthodontic’ treatment options. These allow patients to amend misaligned or crooked teeth in a way which has a minimal effect on their appearance, and in some instances – such as through removable orthodontic retainers – nothing needs to be attached to the patient’s teeth at all.

What are removable orthodontic retainers?

For those who are perhaps unaware of the leaps and bounds that the field of cosmetic orthodontics has made in the last few decades, the fundamentals of the removable retainer system may be hard to grasp. Rather than bonding brackets to the front or backs of each tooth, these systems allow patients to correct misaligned teeth through a means which leaves no trace on their outward appearance.

How do these retainers work?

This is all made possible through the creation of a set of custom moulded dental plastic retainers. These retainers are perfectly fitted to the exact shape of each patient’s teeth and are made from a specialised plastic which is both malleable and soft, yet firm enough to amend misaligned teeth. This happens through the use of pressure points that are specifically formed within the interior of each retainer, and thus apply pressure to the desired teeth when it is worn. In addition to the removable nature of these treatments, another aspect which has propelled it to one of the most widely sought after methods of treatment today is the ‘invisible’ nature of the process. As the retainers fit perfectly over the patient’s teeth, and as they are made using a thin and see-through plastic, they almost become entirely invisible.

The solutions modern orthodontic treatments can provide

Orthodontics and its history


Orthodontics in Weybridge is the branch of dentistry, where the main goal is the realignment of misaligned teeth and jaws. Orthodontic conditions date back to prehistoric times – some archaeological samples from 50,000 years ago have been shown to have crooked teeth. Ancient historical authors, such as the very well known Greek physician Hippocrates, were the first to write about treatments of misaligned teeth. Ancient Egyptian mummies have been shown to have metal wires wrapped around their teeth, to which possibly catgut material had been bound to exert pressure in order to realign teeth.

The major breakthroughs in this branch of dentistry however started to happen in the 18th century, primarily in France and later there were significant developments in the US as well. One of the greatest advances was the invention of dental adhesives in the 1970s, which led to the partial solution for the aesthetic issues associated with previous orthodontic treatment methods. Metal braces with brackets adhering to the surface of the teeth were made possible. However, this was still a partial solution only, as most people still do not like the idea of having metal wires and brackets in their mouth for an extended period of time. Luckily today there are many different treatment solutions that address the aesthetic concerns associated with metal braces. Visit our dental clinic, Weybridge Orthodontics if you would like to find out more about what types of orthodontics in Weybridge we offer!

What types of orthodontic treatments work for different types of conditions?

There are a wide range of different orthodontic conditions, which require different types of treatment. One type of treatment may not be suitable for every orthodontic condition, therefore if you think you need some type of orthodontics, a consultation session with us is necessary before starting any procedure.

A popular orthodontic treatment option is Invisalign, high in demand like many invisible aligners, Invisalign consists of moulds of a patient’s teeth made out of a clear plastic material. A series of these aligners are manufactured throughout the progression of the treatment in order to achieve optimal results incrementally.

Another popular option are clear fixed braces. These work on the same principle as traditional metal braces with brackets, with the main difference being in the material of the arch wires and the brackets. Contrary to traditional metal braces, the brackets are made out of a plastic material with a near identical colour of the teeth themselves and a transparent plastic wire.

Another popular option are Incognito lingual braces. These are custom made, personalised braces made out of metal, however in contrast to traditional metal braces, these are located on the inside of the teeth, making them barely visible.

Invisalign and other plastic aligners are usually suitable for the treatment of milder cases of orthodontic conditions. Complicated malocclusions for example cannot be treated by Invisalign or other invisible aligners – these conditions require traditional braces.

If you think you require some type of orthodontics in Weybridge, do not hesitate to contact us and book yourself a consultation session at Weybridge Orthodontics, where we help you find the optimal treatment type suiting both your condition and your lifestyle!

Teeth Straightening from Weybridge Orthodontics

Having a nice smile is an important part of many people’s sense of self-confidence. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a dazzling smile that they can show off to their friends and family? Sadly though, many of us may have teeth that we do not consider to be perfect, or teeth that are misaligned. For many people, having misaligned teeth can put a real dampener on the perceived quality of their smile, and can potentially make them smile less.


The good news though is that hiding your smile doesn’t need to be your only course of action, and there are actually many better orthodontic solutions. For example, one of the orthodontic options worth looking at is teeth straightening. There are a few different treatments that are encompassed by the label of teeth straightening, so today we’ll provide an overview of some of these available treatments, which should potentially allow you to consider whether any of these treatments would be right for you.

When considering orthodontics in Weybridge and the impact that orthodontic treatments can have on your future and current oral health, it is important to look for high quality, specialist orthodontists who can provide you with long-lasting results. Because of this, if you are considering orthodontic treatment, then you may wish to consider Weybridge Orthodontics.

Here at Weybridge Orthodontics, we have assembled a team of specialist orthodontists who have all spent years undergoing rigorous training at prestigious UK dental schools. In addition, we use the latest orthodontic technology available, including sophisticated computer graphics which help to demonstrate predicted treatment outcomes, so you can be sure that with us you will receive some of the best and most up to date orthodontic treatments available from top-quality professionals.

Overview of different teeth straightening options

As mentioned, there are quite a few different examples of teeth straightening treatments that you can receive. One relatively new and popular example is Invisalign. Invisalign is named as such because it is a treatment that straightens teeth by using a set of clear, nearly invisible plastic aligners to gradually shift the position of teeth over time. Invisalign aligners are made to comfortably fit an individual patient’s teeth, and they are provided to the patient in sets. This means that the patient wears one aligner for a period of time – usually about two weeks – before switching it out for the next aligner in the set, which is what allows the patient’s teeth to be gradually shifted into a more favourable position over time.

Another available treatment is Gemini braces. Gemini braces are a treatment that uses metal braces to gradually shift misaligned teeth, and are arguably more similar to what one might think of when hearing the term ‘orthodontics in Weybridge.’ Unlike many conventional braces though, Gemini braces coloured elastic bands give a patient’s braces a more colourful and cosmetically pleasing look. The coloured elastic bands are held in place underneath the Gemini braces’ “brackets” such that they are still visible on top of the teeth. The elastic bands can come in a variety of different colours, and furthermore, the colours of these bands can be changed when a patient attends one of their 8 – 10 weekly appointments with their orthodontist after initial treatment.

What is Orthodontics in Weybridge?

Orthodontics in Weybridge improves misaligned or overcrowded teeth, normally using braces, as well as problems with over/underbites. With six clinics across Surrey, Weybridge Orthodontics offers a wide range of treatments to improve misaligned teeth and can help to bring a smile to your face; over 21,000 satisfied patients have already been treated by our highly-qualified staff.


Am I eligible for treatment?

It can sometimes feel daunting seeking advice for an issue that is concerning you or someone you love. It may be useful to know that children, adolescents, and adults can all benefit from orthodontics in Weybridge. When you visit our clinic, we promise to give you the red carpet treatment and a very warm welcome. We have a specialist team who will guide you through your ‘orthodontic journey’ and will ensure that you have all the information you need to receive the best care possible.

On your first visit, you can expect to be greeted by our friendly receptionists who will help you to fill out the paperwork detailing important information, such as your medical history, before you have your consultation with the clinical staff. The purpose of this consultation is to gather your views about the appearance of your teeth.

A clinical examination will also take place, which involves checking the face, jaws, and teeth. Any necessary radiographs, photographs or moulds of your mouth will be taken to enable us to devise a treatment plan with you. We promise to treat you within a reasonable time-frame and we pride ourselves in delivering effective results, no matter how complex the case.

What treatments are available?

Following the clinical examination, and with the benefit of our Treatment Coordinators’ expertise, we will be able to advise you of the options available to you. There are 3 different treatment options: early treatment; interceptive treatment; and adult treatment. For each of these, there is a range of private and NHS routes that may be taken and all of these will be discussed with you.

We offer short 6-month treatments for those with only front teeth issues and where, perhaps, teeth have moved since a previous treatment, to treatments that take longer. Whatever treatment plan is advised, you can be sure to get the best advice to make the right decision for you.

With over 10 different brace systems to choose from, we have the flexibility to offer a great treatment plan that will really help improve your smile. If you’ve never heard of ‘Invisalign’ or ‘Gemini’, ‘Clarity’ or ‘Damon’, then don’t worry! The differences between these braces and brackets, as well as the rest of the range on offer, will be fully explained (don’t worry; we won’t test you afterwards!)

How much will treatment cost?

The cost of treatment will depend on the route taken, but we have a special offer for consultations and a refer a friend scheme, giving you £25 for every friend referred to us. Sounds good? It certainly is; it’s just another reason to show off your new smile once you’ve been treated by us, and your friends have too.

Need to find orthodontics in Weybridge?

Orthodontics often refers simply to teeth straightening. This is true but it can include so much more. If you are looking for orthodontics in Weybridge then we can cater to a whole host of different requirements. At Weybridge Orthodontics, we are teeth straightening specialists! But how can you benefit from orthodontics and why would you choose us? Read on to be left in no doubt that we are the right way to go.


What are orthodontics?

Orthodontic treatment is used to correct and improve the appearance of your teeth including crooked teeth, overbites and underbites, as well as gapped and crowded teeth. As you can imagine it can do wonders for your self-confidence, but more than that, it can reduce discomfort and even help prevent more serious conditions developing further down the line. But if we’re talking about braces aren’t they just for children? While teeth straightening is most often carried out on younger children it is in no way limited to them only. Second to that, braces are not the only option. Let’s have a look at what you can expect from your orthodontics in Weybridge.

Some of our treatments

Our range of treatments is wide and although that may seem daunting we strongly encourage you to talk to our team here at Weybridge Orthodontics. We pride ourselves in being able to provide you with the ideal treatment for you personally. After all, we’re all unique and this includes our pearly whites. With our wide range of treatments including; Clarity, clear braces with an 18-24 month treatment time and enhanced patient comfort; Invisalign, an incredibly popular near-invisible treatment guaranteed to help you feel more confident about your smile and much more, you know we have your needs covered. Looking for something a bit quicker? We have  treatment options we call Six Month Smiles. If you feel that the issues are primarily with your front teeth then this may be the option for you. It includes a variety of treatment options encompassing, but not limited to, Incognito Lite, an invisible and cost-effective option if your front teeth alone need straightening.

What if you don’t know what treatment to choose? Don’t panic, we know you’re not the expert and you aren’t expected to be. Talk to our team of teeth-straightening specialists and we can help you find the perfect fit to ensure you’re smiling again.

Meet the team

Do you still need convincing that Weybridge Orthodontics is right for you? Well, take a look at some of the fantastic staff we have working for us here;

James Stubbs is our principal specialist orthodontist. He is a member of the British Dental Association, the British Orthodontic Society, American Association of Orthodontists and the World Federation of Orthodontists. James adopts the very latest orthodontic techniques to make sure you are getting the best available treatment.

Samantha Brown works for us as a specialist orthodontist and has a vast amount of experience treating both adults and children. She specialised in orthodontics at Guy’s Hospital in London and earned her Membership in Orthodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons of England. These are just two of our friendly and incredibly talented staff members focused on providing you with the best care available. So if you are looking for orthodontics in Weybridge all we can say is look no further.

Why choose our dental practice to receive orthodontics in Weybridge?

Our dental clinic in Weybridge is the only dental practice within the local area that specialises in orthodontic dental care, we are dedicated to delivering an exceptional level of dentistry to all of our new, and pre-registered patients. Our clinic has over one hundred years of combined dental experience, and we have successfully treated over twenty-one thousand dental cases so far!


What makes us unique?

Our dental practice offers all of our patients early treatment, interceptive treatment, as well as adult orthodontics in Weybridge. If you are looking for a high standard of dental care delivered by skilled dental healthcare professionals within a clean and modern dental environment, then our practice Weybridge Orthodontics could be perfect for you.

Want to find out more?

If you are interested in the dental services we provide, you may be wondering how to get in touch. Located on our modern dental website we offer our patients a direct telephone number, as well as an online question form.

For patients who are pressed for time

Our online enquiry form may be perfect for potential patients who do not have time to give us a call or email to book an appointment, this ensures even our busiest patients can stay on top of their dental health.

Meet our fantastic dental team

Our dental clinic is lucky enough to boast an impressive team of dental healthcare professionals, all of whom have completed several years training in postgraduate dental study. Our team comprises many orthodontists, specialist orthodontists, orthodontic therapists, in addition to dental nurses and even a dental hygienist! Our well equipped dental team is able to cater for all of our patients, whatever their dental needs.

Take a look at our patient testimonials

Within the world of modern dentistry there is huge competition, which is why we try to offer a unique dental experience, which stands out from the rest. If you are interested in receiving orthodontics in Weybridge you may be interested in taking a look at our patient reviews. Our patient testimonials are evidence of the high standard of dental care we offer at our clinic, a large array of these are located on our website, for all of our potential patients to view.

Do you offer video reviews?

Yes! Our dental practice embraces the latest advancements in dental technology, and this is not limited to our patient testimonials. Our digital testimonials hear from many of our happy patients who have previously received orthodontic work at our dental clinic. 

A glimpse at your future smile

If you are looking at receiving any type of orthodontic care at our dental practice then you may be curious to see how your future smile will look, which we completely understand, and therefore wish to accommodate! Located on our modern dental website we display many ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of our patients’ pre and post-treatment smiles. If you are curious to see how your dental results will look, then feel free to visit our dental website now!

What are orthodontics in Weybridge?

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that aims to realign, and consequently straighten the teeth within the mouth. Aside from the functional improvements, orthodontics can also lead to a healthier mouth overall. Many individuals may think of traditional metal braces when orthodontics come to mind, however within the modern field of dentistry there are many more subtle dental alternatives.


How do traditional metal braces work?

Traditional metal braces are commonly referred to as ‘train tracks’ and might be considered as unsightly in comparison to the subtle orthodontics in Weybridge we provide. Traditional metal braces use metal brackets and wires in order to apply pressure on the teeth, to result in them reaching the desired position. Despite all braces aiming for the same results, they all do so in varying ways, their appearance could be considered as the largest difference.

The discreet alternatives we offer

Our clinic never compromises on the quality and quantity of our dentistry, this is why we offer various types of braces to suit each individual’s circumstances, Incognito, Invisalign, and Clarity, just to name a few! Invisalign could be argued as one of the more popular dental treatments we offer at our clinic, producing effective, and long-lasting dental results.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the largest brand provider of clear aligners worldwide, the aligners are transparent plastic trays which are replaced every few weeks to slowly encourage the teeth to realign. The popularity of clear aligners is not only due to their invisible appearance, but also their effective orthodontic results.

The treatment process

Initially, we will take a digital impression of your teeth using a modern technology known as ‘ClinCheck’. After your impressions are created we can start the treatment process! Using the ClinCheck system, we can estimate the exact number of trays required, as well as the treatment time you may require.

How to contact our dental clinic

Located on our website, we have a wide array of contact details for patients who wish to receive orthodontics in Weybridge. Aside from our standard telephone number, and email address, we also offer our patients an enquiry form.

How it works

We understand that many of our patients may have hectic lives, whether this be due to work or social events, we aim to accommodate this. Our online enquiry form asks for a few simple personal details, as well as the type of enquiry and the message you wish to send our trained dental team.

Finding a time that suits you

Amidst the busy modern world, finding a dental appointment to suit our patients’ lives can be tough. We understand that our patients may appreciate long opening hours, this is why we are open Monday to Thursday from eight-thirty in the morning until five in the afternoon! Despite our flexible hours, we also offer evening appointments, for our most busy patients!

How to book your first appointment

Located on our website, we offer an enquiry, and an appointment email address. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, we suggest you call 111, or send us an email which we will reply to as soon as we are able. If you fancy a more direct approach, you can always give us a call, or come and pay us a visit!

What is orthodontics, could it be right for me?

Orthodontics is essentially a field of dentistry that aims to realign the teeth within the mouth. Orthodontics in modern dentistry comes with a wide array of treatments, and can be used to amend a moderate to severe overbite, as well as protrusion of the teeth.


Patients who may need orthodontics

Individuals who may be looking at receiving orthodontics in Weybridge, whether this be traditional metal braces or clear aligners, may be suffering from dental imperfections, which can be rectified by this field of dentistry. These treatments can improve dental and overall health, as well as boost confidence.

Do orthodontics in Weybridge only help children?

Despite common misconceptions about dentistry, orthodontics can not only be suitable for children or teens, but treatments are also becoming increasingly popular with adults. Patients of all ages can receive orthodontics, including patients who have previously received orthodontic work, and have unfortunately failed to maintain their results through the use of retainers.

Are traditional metal braces the only type of orthodontics in Weybridge available?

No! Certainly not. Traditional metal braces may come to mind initially when patients think of  orthodontic work, however there are now many alternative types of orthodontics. At our clinic in Weybridge we are pleased to boast a wide array of options available for our patients. Modern dentistry allows our clinic to offer individuals more discreet braces, one type being clear aligners.

What are clear aligners, and why may these be right for me?

Clear aligners are clear transparent trays that are moulded perfectly to the patient’s teeth and gums. At our clinic we use a modern digital scanner known as Clincheck, which allows our patients to see the possible results that could be achieved, as well as the treatment process. Clear aligners slowly adjust the position of the teeth within the mouth by replacing the transparent trays every few weeks.

The perfect fit

Clear aligners may be perfect if you are looking for subtle, and effective orthodontics. Invisalign could be considered as ideal for patients with busy work and social schedules, as they can be removed, and cleaned whenever it suits the patient. Adults especially may regard Invisalign as the best option for them, if they feel as if obvious dental work may hinder their career prospects.


Invisalign could be described as the largest brand provider of clear aligners world wide, and is the provider we use to treat our patients at our dental clinic. Invisalign’s global brand has recently risen greatly in popularity due to their invisible appearance, and their effective and rapid orthodontic results.

Do you offer other types of discreet braces at your clinic in Weybridge?

Yes! At our clinic we offer multiple forms of subtle braces, one example of which being Incognito braces.

What are Incognito braces?

Incognito braces are thin metal wires and caps which are placed behind the teeth, meaning they are virtually invisible to other individuals. Incognito braces are custom made to each individual, and slowly encourage the teeth to move in a positive direction, producing rapid and desirable dental results.