Frequently asked questions about Invisalign in Weybridge

It is never too late to have your teeth straightened if you missed your chance of having braces when you were younger.

Invisalign in WeybridgeThe question is, how do you choose the one that is right for you when there are now so many straightening devices available?

Invisalign in Weybridge might be the solution you have been looking for if you want straight teeth without having to go through the somewhat uncomfortable ordeal of wearing metal braces.

There are infinite possibilities with Invisalign. Enjoy the freedoms of this brace-free alternative, unconstrained by the inconveniences of metals, wires and elastic bands.

Come and have a chat with our expert team at Weybridge Orthodontics and start the process of re-aligning your teeth with us today.

What is Invisalign in Weybridge?

Invisalign are pieces of BPA-free plastic that are moulded to fit over your teeth and gums perfectly.

Every couple of weeks, we require you to replace your retainer with a new set. While the sets are, by and large, similar shapes, they are slightly different versions of each other; the purpose of which is to adjust your teeth until they reach their desired position, which is determined at the start of your treatment.

What are the steps to getting Invisalign

On your first consultation or soon afterwards, we take dental impressions of your teeth using a state-of-the-art digital scanner.

Using these results, we devise a treatment plan that shows how your teeth will move, incrementally, over time. This is advantageous because our patients are given an idea of how their teeth might look post-treatment, which helps them adjust their expectations.

We then send the blueprint to our technicians who then custom-design aligner trays.

What are the benefits of having Invisalign in Weybridge?

The most desirable factor of Invisalign is that the retainers that are used are nearly invisible. The clear and colourless plastic gives the retainer a discreet appearance, meaning you can use them without anyone knowing that you are wearing them, which is music to the ears of self-conscious teenagers and adults.

You can remove the aligners when you eat, drink and brush your teeth, which means you do not have to adapt your lifestyle in any way over the course of your treatment.

Regarding your cleaning routine, stick to your current regimen, which should include brushing your teeth for 2 to 3 minutes, followed by flossing and rinsing out your mouth with mouthwash.

Are there disadvantages?

Having aligners requires self-discipline that some people do not possess. Having the freedom to remove trays at a moment’s notice does not mean you should. For the treatment to be effective, you need to keep the plates in for 22 out of 24 hours.

For this reason, younger children, who also have a greater tendency to lose things, should consider an alternative brace system.

Another reason why Invisalign might not be the best choice for you is that it is a straightening device with limitations. To be considered a suitable candidate, the nature of your issue must be mild to moderate, anything more complicated requires more conventional straightening methods.

We are Invisalign providers. Let us introduce you to a brace-free alternative and pave the way toward perfect teeth.

Straighten your teeth the Invisalign way

Have you had your teeth straightened before, only to be disappointed with the results? With Invisalign and its exceptional technology, you will know precisely what you are getting at the start of treatment.

Invisalign in WeybridgeNot only does Invisalign deliver on its promises, but the treatment itself is far less of an arduous and uncomfortable ordeal than with conventional straightening methods.

We at Weybridge Orthodontics are expert orthodontists and Invisalign providers. See us today, so that we can talk Invisalign in Weybridge.

Is Invisalign right for me?

We are living in the age of the ‘selfie’ where it has become a daily ritual to post images of yourself online happily relaxing on holiday and showing off your enviable life to online friends and followers.

There is, now more than ever, extreme pressure to look good, especially among teenagers and young adults. By this reasoning, sporting a metallic smile is less than ideal for the average youngster.

Want to fit in with your peers all the time while straightening your teeth? Invisalign in Weybridge will straighten your teeth, close that unsightly gap between them and correct the ‘bugs bunny’ overbite that you are self-conscious about.

What is the Invisalign in Weybridge straightening method?

At the start of treatment, you will receive aligner trays that are moulded to fit your teeth and gums.

No two aligners trays are the same, and every treatment plan is unique to the patient. Your trays are designed for you alone using 3D scanners that outline the series of movements your teeth will make until they reach their final, desired position.

You will not wear one set of aligner trays for the duration of the treatment. Instead, you are required to replace the set with another on a bi-monthly basis, which is a slightly different version from the last. Unlike traditional braces that place pressure on all your teeth at once, every two weeks, the prescribed aligner will adjust the position of just a couple of teeth.

What do Invisalign aligners look like?

The aligners are clear, colourless and removable pieces of plastic. They are virtually undetectable to the unknowing eye, making it easy to go about your day without people noticing your straightening aid.

If you are introverted or a highly self-conscious person, the practically invisible look of Invisalign will appeal to your need of not wanting to draw attention to yourself.

What benefits do they provide?

People love being able to remove their aligners whenever they need to, while drinking, eating and playing contact sports.

You do not have to avoid certain foods that could damage metal, or become paranoid at the thought of food getting stuck in your wires. At the same time, you can enjoy the physical activities you love brace-free, which will obviously eliminate your concerns about breaking your straightening aid.

You do not have to incorporate extra steps into your cleaning routine – brush as you usually would.

With Invisalign, you will have your expectations surpassed. Pose for your Instagram fans with straight teeth and a beautiful smile that melts hearts.

Enhance your beauty with Invisalign

What is Invisalign, and why is it such a preferred method to straighten teeth? Visit our clinic, Weybridge Orthodontics and we will provide you with the information you need to decide whether this groundbreaking treatment suits your needs and whether it will give you the smile you have always wanted.

Invisalign in WeybridgeWhat draws people to Invisalign in Weybridge?

People want straight teeth and the perks that come along with it: fact. What people do not want, especially adults is to wear metal on their mouth for a prolonged period that draws unwanted attention from their peers.

You will not experience the above wearing clear, custom-made Invisalign retainers. Carry on with your life unhindered by your straightening aid. Even enjoy a few hours retainer free while you eat, clean your teeth and play sports – just remember to put it back afterwards for effective results.

How to these aligners work?

Once you have decided that Invisalign in Weybridge is right for you, our orthodontist will take photographs of your mouth using a state-of-the-art scanner that produces thousands of dental impressions in seconds.

With these, we will draw up a treatment plan that outlines the series of movements your teeth need to make. Each set of trays must be replaced every two weeks, which will slowly, bit by bit, move your teeth into their final desired position.


You can benefit in many ways by using Invisalign. First and foremost is their discreet appearance, which will appeal to image-conscious adults and teenagers alike.

As an adult, you can maintain your professionalism and straighten your teeth at the same time. The aligners are made from plastic, so most people will not know that you are wearing them.

Do you have nightmares about eating salads with braces and having the bits of your meal unknowingly stuck to your metal? Being able to take out your invisible braces while you eat eliminates the possibility of this happening.

Brushing your teeth will not require you to clean between your wires where plaque build up is likely to gather because you will not have to change your cleaning habits in the slightest. Keep to your regular brushing and flossing routine.

Will I experience pain?

Like any other orthodontic device, you will experience some discomfort when you replace your aligners. This is because these aligners are placing pressure on your teeth to adjust to a new position – you are bound to feel some tenderness.

Who benefits?

Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for Invisalign. If you are someone with a severe bite problem, invisible braces are not likely to be the best fit for you. As such, these invisible braces are restricted in what they can achieve, so only those with mild to moderate issues that are relatively straightforward to fix are suitable for a straightening aid of this kind.

Come to us, and we will examine your mouth and assess whether Invisalign at Weybridge Orthodontics can help you. If not, there are several alternatives worth considering that are still better than conventional methods.

Can you get braces or Invisalign if you have dental veneers?

Veneers have been a popular means of improving smiles for several years now, with many celebrities adopting the treatment as a way of creating the best possible look for their public. However, some people find that after having veneers fitted, their teeth may have shifted in terms of position over time or as a result of forgetting to wear a prescribed retainer after treatment.

Invisalign in WeybridgeIf there has been a shift in the teeth after getting veneers, you might be wondering if it’s still possible to get braces or Invisalign in Weybridge. If you would like to discuss your case on an individual basis, we are happy to help you here at Weybridge Orthodontics in Surrey. It is possible to get these treatments with veneers. Read on to find out more about how it all works.


If you require braces, it is entirely possible to get them fitted even if you already have veneers. However, we will try to avoid attaching any brackets to the veneers, as these will not be quite as robust as your natural teeth and enamel in terms of holding the brackets in place. The ideal way to do this is to fix the brackets to the teeth that sit alongside your veneers, although we can attach to the veneers themselves if it is necessary.

Providing your veneers are in good condition before you get braces, the braces shouldn’t affect their appearance. If there is any damage to the finish of the veneers once orthodontic treatment has been completed, we can polish them for you to get them back to their original condition.


If you have veneers but want to improve the alignment of your teeth, Invisalign in Weybridge is often the best option. This is due to the fact that this treatment involves placing a set of customised clear plastic trays over the teeth and there are no brackets or wires required. If Invisalign in Weybridge is a suitable option for you, it will be easy to protect your veneers and keep them intact for the duration of your treatment.

What’s the right choice for you?

In an ideal world, people who need to get orthodontic treatment such as braces or Invisalign should make sure that this is completed before getting dental veneers. However, we are well aware that this is not always possible, and are happy to work with you to help you to achieve the best possible smile.

Invisalign may be the best option for you if you are worried about your veneers becoming damaged from braces, however, it is not suitable for every patient and this is very much dependent on your individual needs. In some cases, braces are the best means of meeting your expectations, especially as they can be very effective for a wide range of orthodontic issues.

Contact us to chat about your options. We will take x-rays and moulds of your teeth before asking about the result you are looking for. We then offer a choice based on our expertise, and we can then get on with creating that great smile!

Smile broadly with Invisalign

Whenever you look in the mirror or look back at old photos, do you wish your teeth looked less crowded, crooked or gappy? If your teeth are letting down your smile but you can’t bear the thought of wearing unsightly fixed metal braces, then you’re in luck. With Invisalign in Weybridge, you don’t need to endure the train track look to get straighter teeth. In fact, hardly anyone will even notice you are having your teeth straightened, when you choose Invisalign at Weybrigde Orthodontics.

Invisalign in WeybridgeThe discreet way to straight teeth

Invisalign doesn’t remotely resemble traditional braces. Instead of metal brackets and wires, it uses clear, transparent aligners, which are moulded to snugly fit over your teeth. A series of aligners are designed, each worn for around 7–10 days, gently nudging your teeth into straighter positions via in-built pressure points. Once one aligner has done its job, you simply take it out and pop the next one in, as the aligners are removable.

Treatment with Invisalign in Weybridge takes on average 12 months though times will vary according to how crooked your teeth are to begin with.

Living with Invisalign

The perks to using Invisalign make this a great option for self-conscious adults who don’t want the world to know about their teeth straightening. Their clear appearance means no-one will notice when they’re on, while their removable nature makes eating and cleaning your teeth no different than before you started your treatment. This is because you must remove your aligners whenever you eat, drink, brush or floss. This ensures that they do not become stained. You’ll therefore need to brush your teeth before you pop your aligners back in after every meal. You must also wear your aligners for at least 20–22 hours a day to ensure your treatment runs to schedule.

Find out more

If you’d like to keep on smiling with confidence while you get your teeth straightened, then it’s worth considering Invisalign in Weybridge. It works well for mild to moderate misalignments. To find out if it could work for you, get in touch with our friendly team to book an Invisalign consultation.

Don’t fancy yourself in brackets and wires?

If the idea of having to have brackets, whether metal or clear ceramic, glued to the front of your teeth and strung together with wires puts you off getting your teeth straightened, then come and find out about another method.

Invisalign-in-WeybridgeAt Weybridge Orthodontics, we understand that for many of our patients, having to mar their looks with traditional braces is not something they can do. Often this is because they have to maintain a certain image of professionalism or authority. If they are younger, it’s because life’s hard enough already being a teenager without having to feel crucified with embarrassment about their braces for months on end.

That’s why we offer Invisalign in Weybridge. Invisalign revolutionised the world of teeth straightening when it first hit the market back in the late 1990s. Since then, more than 6 million people have had their teeth straightened with these nifty clear aligners.

Invisalign in Weybridge works really well on mild to moderate alignment issues. It pushes rather than pulls teeth into place. This means it’s not so great for complex alignment processes or for teeth that failed to descend properly and need to be pulled down, or up, out of the jawbone. That said, it is possible to start with traditional braces and then move onto Invisalign in Weybridge once the alignments have reached a simpler stage.

Easy smiles, easy snacks

Invisalign aligners are made of transparent rigid plastic that fits exactly to the contours of your gums. When you put them on over your teeth, they fit like an extra layer of enamel and pretty much disappear from view. As well as being undetectable, the fact that Invisalign aligners are also removable takes a lot of hassle out of eating and cleaning. All you have to do is remove and store them while you eat, brush your teeth thoroughly and then put them back in again.

On average it takes a year for treatment and this is followed by a period of wearing a retainer, either bonded or removable, to keep your teeth in place while the bone and ligaments settle down.

If you’d like to find out more about Invisalign in Weybridge, come in for a consultation.

Invisalign mistakes to avoid

Just like any other treatment, Invisalign involves a learning period for patients to get used to it. Invisalign is a very simple treatment and won’t require much time or effort from your part, but without knowing, it’s easy to make rookie mistakes.

Invisalign in WeybridgeAt Weybridge Orthodontics, we are here to help you adjust to Invisalign in Weybridge. This teeth straightening treatment is much simpler than regular braces and doesn’t require as many visits to the dentist for adjustments. However, without knowing, it’s easy to do some of the following common mistakes:

Don’t throw your aligners away

When you start with Invisalign in Weybridge, you are not used to the idea of having a foreign object in your mouth for 20 hours a day. And while it’s great that you can remove your aligners for a few hours every day, it’s really important to store them in a safe place in order to avoid an accidental loss. For instance, if you are eating in a restaurant, don’t store your aligners in a napkin, because they can easily be thrown away. Instead, carry with your Invisalign case with you at all times and use it for storing your aligners when you remove them from your mouth. The chances of losing them this way are much slimmer.

Don’t leave your aligners out for your mouth for too long

Invisalign in Weybridge doesn’t come with many rules and regulations. However, this doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want, because your treatment can easily be compromised. One thing that should be imprinted in your mind while you are undergoing treatment is the fact that you should wear your aligners for at least 20 hours per day (some dentists may even say 22). This time frame only leaves a few hours to eat, drink and participate in activities where you’d rather not have your Invisalign aligners in. Measuring this time precisely is crucial for the effectiveness of your treatment.

Get in touch

To get started with Invisalign in Weybridge, call us today. Our helpful team will help you set up a consultation appointment in order to determine whether you are a good candidate for this treatment.

Join the 6 million smiles with Invisalign in Weybridge

Back in the 1990s, a student at Stanford University in the USA was lying on his bed, daydreaming about how much nicer it would’ve been to get his teeth straightened if he’d been able to do it with his mouth-guard style retainer rather than brackets and wires. He turned that dream into a reality, and now more than 6 million people have benefited from his daydream.

Invisalign in WeybridgeIn Weybridge, Invisalign clear aligners are available from Weybridge Orthodontics, where we use them to correct mild to moderate malocclusions. And with great success.

People love Invisalign in Weybridge because these smooth plastic aligners are comfortable to wear, almost impossible to see and allow you to keep on eating whatever you like.

You take out the ultra-thin, transparent aligners each time you eat or drink anything other than plain water and to brush your teeth.

How to get Invisalign in Weybridge

The first thing to do is come along for a consultation with Weybridge Orthodontics. We can do an assessment to find out if Invisalign is the right treatment for you. Invisalign does not work on every malocclusion situation. If your teeth are severely out of line, you may need to start off with another kind of braces and then move onto Invisalign part-way through the process.

We will take detailed measurements of your teeth using a handheld scanner that builds up a 3D image of your teeth on a nearby monitor as we scan. We use that to show you how your teeth will need to be moved and what your aligned smile will look like.

If Invisalign is right for you, you will receive a series of aligners. Each one has carefully placed pressure points inside it. They press on the teeth until the jawbone responds by dissolving and rebuilding itself to relieve the pressure. This takes 7-10 days. Then you put in the next aligner, and so on until you reach the last one and the treatment is done. You then need to wear a retainer while your teeth and bone settle down into their new arrangement.

Give us a call now and book an appointment.

Keeping your treatment under wraps

If you are like most Brits, you’re not so keen to have everyone know your private business. We don’t all like to go on about our ailments or have complete strangers ask questions about our dental treatment. If that sounds like you, you may have been avoiding treatment to get your teeth straightened because you didn’t want to be on the receiving end of everyone’s curiosity.

Invisalign in WeybridgeWell, you don’t have to be if you choose Invisalign in Weybridge from Weybridge Orthodontics.

Invisalign in Weybridge is great for mild to moderate alignment issues, which could well be you if you managed to get through childhood without your dentist insisting on braces on the NHS, which is only available for complex and severe misalignment issues.

Now you see them…

Invisalign uses clear plastic trays that go over the teeth. The plastic is so thin that once the aligners are over the teeth, they are very hard to see. This is a big selling point, especially if you need to look professional and grown-up for your job.

Eat what you like

The other big selling point with Invisalign in Weybridge is the fact that you take the aligners out when you want to eat or drink. There are no brackets and wires to get food stuck in so you can continue eating whatever you like. All you have to do is make sure you brush your teeth before you put the aligners back in, and that you wear them for at least 20 hours a day.

How Invisalign works

You get a series of aligners and wear them one after the other, each for about 7-10 days. During that time, carefully placed pressure points inside the aligners press on your teeth to get them to move. Depending on what your alignment issues are, it takes about a year to complete treatment.

Afterwards, you will need to wear a retainer for some time while your teeth settle into their new positions.

Want to find out more? Come in for an assessment with Weybridge Orthodontics. If Invisalign is not right for you, we can suggest another type of discreet treatment.

The secret is in the name – Invisalign in Weybridge

Invisible alignment is written right into the brand when you work with Invisalign in Weybridge. Here we look at how it lives up to its name.

How does Invisalign in Weybridge do the job?

Invisalign in WeybridgeWe’re so used to the classic image of braces when it comes to teeth straightening that it can be hard to imagine how something else would do the same job. Surely it has to be a strong procedure with lots of metal and sturdy equipment – doesn’t it? It’s true that anything that we want to use to shift the teeth has to apply the required pressure. What’s not true is the idea that we need metal to achieve this.

Invisalign aligners are made from clear plastic which is is durable, thin and free from any nasties. They sit over the tops of your teeth. Once in position, the pressure required to move your teeth is applied by the inside of the aligner. It is shaped to apply gentle force in the right direction that it moves the teeth in the same way as traditional braces.

Are there any drawbacks?

Invisalign in Weybridge is an aesthetically low-impact method that straightens the teeth swiftly and comfortable. At Weybridge Orthodontics, we’ll always talk to you about the potential drawbacks of any method we recommend, as well as the bonuses.

There are some misalignments that cannot be taken care of using Invisalign. We can check your teeth to see if you can choose this method when you have a consultation with us.

Invisalign requires a bit of discipline to get the benefits of treatment. You are in control of your aligners at all times. It’s up to you to make sure that you wear each one for the required amount of time every day. This is upwards of 22 hours. You have to take your Invisalign out to eat, so this will take up most of the other two hours each day.

Finding out more

There is only so much we can tell you about this excellent straightening method in one article. In order to get more information, you need to visit us here at Weybridge Orthodontics. We can show you an Invisalign aligner and photographs of successful procedures.