Braces for adults

Due to many of the associations and stigmas of braces, many adults can be averse to straighten their teeth, to avoid any kind of ‘embarrassing’ or noticeable treatments. However, there are many fantastic dental treatments available, that directly aim to attack these stigmas, and provide a solution to many of the reasons why people might not opt for orthodontic treatment in adulthood.

Incognito in Weybridge

The important thing to remember is that braces are important, not just for the look of your teeth, but also your oral health. Teeth that are misaligned can grind together in an irregular way, which can make the teeth erode at a faster rate. This can then put you at risk of more cavities, as the teeth have been made weaker, and potentially more grooved in places.This means cavities have more chance of developing, as dirt cannot be removed by regular brushing methods.


One of the most popular and obvious ways of solving the problem of adults not wanting to get braces is Invisalign. Invisalign works by using a series of plastic transparent braces that are moulded to the teeth, so that when they are worn, they fit exactly over the them. When they are used, they are virtually invisible, meaning that you will be able to receive dental treatment without people noticing.

However, there are some disadvantages to Invisalign. Invisalign cannot correct teeth that are severely crooked, and these may need to be tackled with fixed braces, or even surgery in some cases. Invisalign can also be removed, which is a great feature, however it places some responsibility on the wearer of the brace, as it needs to be kept in for at least 20 hours a day, otherwise the treatment will be ineffectual. Where some braces won’t have this issue, Invisalign has the danger of being disrupted by the habits of the user. If you are interested in Incognito in Weybridge, then this is a great alternate option.

Incognito braces

As an adult, you are not denied fixed braces, however we will assume that many adults will not want to appear with metal tracks on their teeth. If you are looking for Incognito in Weybridge, then this is something that we offer. Incognito is a form of brace that works extremely similarly to fixed braces, however the metal tracks run on the inside of the teeth, rather than the outside. Due to special technology, your dentist will be able to create a 3D projection of what your teeth will look like after the treatment, and therefore be able to adjust the braces accordingly. This also means that you will be able to know exactly what the treatment is doing for you, and what you are paying for.

Incognito in Weybridge is available at our very own practice Weybridge Orthodontics, and represents a fantastic option that is different to Invisalign and fixed braces, but reaps many of the advantages from both. We understand that image can be extremely important, both during and after the treatment, so it will be our number one priority to make sure your treatment is as discreet as you want it to be.


Braces are necessary when the teeth have become crooked or displaced. Crooked teeth can be more serious than just a cosmetic issue and can cause serious complications for your jaw alignment and function. Tooth erosion can also occur in areas that have a higher level of contact with other teeth and can therefore become susceptible to cavities and tooth decay.

Invisalign in WeybridgeFixed Braces

Fixed braces are an excellent option for restoring crooked teeth to their natural state, however, they do carry some disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages of fixed braces is the association they have with being a teenager. Many teenagers undergo fixed brace treatment, as this is when their teeth are more malleable, and their adult teeth have all erupted, so they can be correctly aligned as soon as possible. Therefore, many adults can be averse to fixed brace treatment for this reason and avoid braces entirely. The intensity of braces can also be a deterrent, as many adults can think that their teeth are not crooked enough to justify fixed braces. A solution to these problems is Invisalign. Weybridge Orthodontics has a wide range of treatments that are committed to giving you the treatment that will give you the smile you deserve.


Invisalign is the answer to many of the problems and assumptions that fixed braces can bring up. Invisalign is only available to adults, as it is only effective on fully developed adult teeth, so any growth will render the treatment ineffective. Invisalign can also make extremely acute adjustments, so no matter how crooked your teeth are, you can use Invisalign. One of the key benefits of Invisalign, is that due to the transparent nature of the braces, it will be extremely difficult to tell that you are wearing Invisalign. Weybridge Orthodontics is committed to delivering the best possible service to you and making sure that you are informed at every step of the way. It is also important to us that you are as comfortable as possible, which means building up a rapport between dentist and patient, so that the treatments are as friendly and as comfortable as possible.

Beginning Invisalign Treatment

To begin Invisalign treatment you will first need a consultation about Invisalign in Weybridge, to assess your teeth and have a scan, as well as clear up any queries you might have about Invisalign treatment. Once scans have been taken, they will then be sent off, and a series of plastic braces will be specifically made for you. As opposed to regular braces being tightened and adjusted, Invisalign braces will simply be replaced. This will happen approximately every two weeks, and your dentist will be able to assess your progress and steps with the treatment.

Invisalign is also beneficial in that they can be easily removed, which means you are free to drink and eat whatever you want to. If you are looking for Invisalign in Weybridge, then we have all the facilities available for the treatment. Book a consultation with us if you would like to find out more.


Orthodontics is the practice of correcting a patient’s jaw and teeth, to make sure that they are correctly aligned, and the teeth are chewing correctly. This can be an extremely advanced process, as there are many factors that can contribute to a misaligned set of teeth. One of the most common jobs for an orthodontist to do is to realign crooked teeth, for general and cosmetic reasons. Severely crooked teeth can pose a risk to your oral health, as the teeth can grind together, and therefore become eroded, and exposed to decay and cavities. Therefore, if you have crooked teeth, it is important to see a dentist as soon as possible. If you are looking for orthodontics in Weybridge, then we are available for a consultation.

Orthodontics in WeybridgeInvisalign

Invisalign is a relatively new form of orthodontics, that works to realign crooked teeth with a unique method. Fixed braces will use a wire that is attached permanently to the teeth and will be easily visible. Invisalign works in a different way, and instead uses a series of braces that are replaced every two weeks. Invisalign though not quite as effective as fixed braces, however, carries many benefits that mean they are quite often the favoured choice for adults.

Invisalign is made from transparent plastic material that is a perfect mould of your teeth, so they will be almost invisible when they are worn. This is a great benefit to some adults who may be self-conscious about receiving dental treatment, as most people will not be able to tell that you are undergoing dental treatment. Another benefit to Invisalign is that they can be easily removed and reinserted, which means that you can eat and drink whatever you like and not have to worry about the ramifications it might have with your braces. It also means you can undergo treatment such as teeth whitening at the same time.

Orthodontics in Weybridge Orthodontics have your best interests in mind, so if you are looking for the best possible treatment for your unique set of teeth, then do not hesitate to ask us which treatment we think would be best for you.


Incognito is another form of treatment that has many benefits of Invisalign, but also those of fixed braces, and is a form of treatment that resembles both. Much like fixed braces, Incognito braces are permanently attached to the teeth. However, Incognito braces are attached to the back of the teeth, so that they remain invisible, much like Invisalign. There are some great benefits to Incognito treatment that make them a desirable option. While they have a fixed wire element to them unlike Invisalign, they are slightly more effective than Invisalign, and there is no need to remove them when eating or drinking.

If you are looking for orthodontics in Weybridge, then we would recommend our dental practice. We have a wide range of dental treatments, all backed by a friendly and highly professional team that has your best interests at heart.

Frequently asked questions about Invisalign in Weybridge

It is never too late to have your teeth straightened if you missed your chance of having braces when you were younger.

Invisalign in WeybridgeThe question is, how do you choose the one that is right for you when there are now so many straightening devices available?

Invisalign in Weybridge might be the solution you have been looking for if you want straight teeth without having to go through the somewhat uncomfortable ordeal of wearing metal braces.

There are infinite possibilities with Invisalign. Enjoy the freedoms of this brace-free alternative, unconstrained by the inconveniences of metals, wires and elastic bands.

Come and have a chat with our expert team at Weybridge Orthodontics and start the process of re-aligning your teeth with us today.

What is Invisalign in Weybridge?

Invisalign are pieces of BPA-free plastic that are moulded to fit over your teeth and gums perfectly.

Every couple of weeks, we require you to replace your retainer with a new set. While the sets are, by and large, similar shapes, they are slightly different versions of each other; the purpose of which is to adjust your teeth until they reach their desired position, which is determined at the start of your treatment.

What are the steps to getting Invisalign

On your first consultation or soon afterwards, we take dental impressions of your teeth using a state-of-the-art digital scanner.

Using these results, we devise a treatment plan that shows how your teeth will move, incrementally, over time. This is advantageous because our patients are given an idea of how their teeth might look post-treatment, which helps them adjust their expectations.

We then send the blueprint to our technicians who then custom-design aligner trays.

What are the benefits of having Invisalign in Weybridge?

The most desirable factor of Invisalign is that the retainers that are used are nearly invisible. The clear and colourless plastic gives the retainer a discreet appearance, meaning you can use them without anyone knowing that you are wearing them, which is music to the ears of self-conscious teenagers and adults.

You can remove the aligners when you eat, drink and brush your teeth, which means you do not have to adapt your lifestyle in any way over the course of your treatment.

Regarding your cleaning routine, stick to your current regimen, which should include brushing your teeth for 2 to 3 minutes, followed by flossing and rinsing out your mouth with mouthwash.

Are there disadvantages?

Having aligners requires self-discipline that some people do not possess. Having the freedom to remove trays at a moment’s notice does not mean you should. For the treatment to be effective, you need to keep the plates in for 22 out of 24 hours.

For this reason, younger children, who also have a greater tendency to lose things, should consider an alternative brace system.

Another reason why Invisalign might not be the best choice for you is that it is a straightening device with limitations. To be considered a suitable candidate, the nature of your issue must be mild to moderate, anything more complicated requires more conventional straightening methods.

We are Invisalign providers. Let us introduce you to a brace-free alternative and pave the way toward perfect teeth.

Why choose Incognito braces in Weybridge over other straightening devices?

Time and time again, regular metal braces prove effective for the user, but their appearance is often described as ‘ugly’, and the experience of wearing them can be highly uncomfortable, especially when metal scrapes your inner cheek and lips. On the other hand, straightening devices such as Invisalign can be problematic for people who lose things easily or forget to replace the invisible braces in their mouths after eating and brushing their teeth.

Incognito Braces in WeybridgeWhat then, are other possible options available to gain an improved smile? We recommend lingual or Incognito braces in Weybridge. Our dental practitioners at Weybridge Orthodontics have the skill and know-how to oversee your treatment.

Lingual braces combine the best features of both types of braces – the fixed nature of conventional straightening aids with the invisible and metal-free appearance of Invisalign. An Incognito brace goes one step further in that it is the only fixed appliance on the market that is uniquely customised for the wearer.

What makes the brace ‘invisible’?

What makes a lingual brace different from a normal one? The brace is affixed behind the teeth and adjacent to the tongue, making it completely hidden from sight. The only people who will know about it are the people you tell and your orthodontist.

Are there similarities between lingual braces and regular braces?

There are more similarities than differences between the two straightening aids.

Lingual braces in Weybridge use metal and archwires – the same materials used with conventional methods.

The duration of treatment, depending on the nature of your issue, is much the same and ranges between 18 months and two years.

To avoid wires snapping and metal breaking, certain hard foods should be avoided while wearing braces, as well as certain drinks that stain – also try to avoid popcorn as you will be picking out kernels for days afterwards.

How are incognito braces applied to your teeth?

We need dental impressions of your teeth, so we can create a device that fits your teeth exactly using custom-designed brackets and wires, which we will then firmly cement into place.

Am I a suitable candidate for Incognito braces in Weybridge?

If you prefer a discreet straightening device, the chances are that you have also considered Invisalign braces. But, it might be the case where the problem you face is too severe or complicated for invisible braces to fix.

Unlike the above, incognito braces can fix a wide range of issues, such as severely misaligned teeth, protruding overbites and other unique conditions.

Are there disadvantages that I should know about before making my decision?

While incognito braces use smaller brackets to try and minimise this issue, tongue irritations that come from constant contact with metal is something you should be aware of. While you might get used to the sensation, it never fully goes away for the treatment’s duration.

Other small issues include temporary speech impairment in the first few weeks after the brace is applied to your teeth – this happens because your tongue is slowly getting used to the foreign object in your mouth. Additionally, not being able to see the back of your mouth might prove problematic when trying to floss food particles from between your teeth.

Not having metal glinting from your front teeth makes lingual braces a desirable alternative to regular braces. Let us help you start you on your journey to straighter teeth.

Straighten your teeth the Invisalign way

Have you had your teeth straightened before, only to be disappointed with the results? With Invisalign and its exceptional technology, you will know precisely what you are getting at the start of treatment.

Invisalign in WeybridgeNot only does Invisalign deliver on its promises, but the treatment itself is far less of an arduous and uncomfortable ordeal than with conventional straightening methods.

We at Weybridge Orthodontics are expert orthodontists and Invisalign providers. See us today, so that we can talk Invisalign in Weybridge.

Is Invisalign right for me?

We are living in the age of the ‘selfie’ where it has become a daily ritual to post images of yourself online happily relaxing on holiday and showing off your enviable life to online friends and followers.

There is, now more than ever, extreme pressure to look good, especially among teenagers and young adults. By this reasoning, sporting a metallic smile is less than ideal for the average youngster.

Want to fit in with your peers all the time while straightening your teeth? Invisalign in Weybridge will straighten your teeth, close that unsightly gap between them and correct the ‘bugs bunny’ overbite that you are self-conscious about.

What is the Invisalign in Weybridge straightening method?

At the start of treatment, you will receive aligner trays that are moulded to fit your teeth and gums.

No two aligners trays are the same, and every treatment plan is unique to the patient. Your trays are designed for you alone using 3D scanners that outline the series of movements your teeth will make until they reach their final, desired position.

You will not wear one set of aligner trays for the duration of the treatment. Instead, you are required to replace the set with another on a bi-monthly basis, which is a slightly different version from the last. Unlike traditional braces that place pressure on all your teeth at once, every two weeks, the prescribed aligner will adjust the position of just a couple of teeth.

What do Invisalign aligners look like?

The aligners are clear, colourless and removable pieces of plastic. They are virtually undetectable to the unknowing eye, making it easy to go about your day without people noticing your straightening aid.

If you are introverted or a highly self-conscious person, the practically invisible look of Invisalign will appeal to your need of not wanting to draw attention to yourself.

What benefits do they provide?

People love being able to remove their aligners whenever they need to, while drinking, eating and playing contact sports.

You do not have to avoid certain foods that could damage metal, or become paranoid at the thought of food getting stuck in your wires. At the same time, you can enjoy the physical activities you love brace-free, which will obviously eliminate your concerns about breaking your straightening aid.

You do not have to incorporate extra steps into your cleaning routine – brush as you usually would.

With Invisalign, you will have your expectations surpassed. Pose for your Instagram fans with straight teeth and a beautiful smile that melts hearts.

The world of orthodontics in Weybridge

When people are told that they need to see an orthodontist to have their teeth straightened, they will often picture archetypal braces: metallic, clunky, extremely obvious in their appearance and uncomfortable for the wearer – the kind only children wore 20 years ago.

Orthodontics in WeybridgeBut there are now more orthodontic devices in Weybridge than ever before that can treat a range of malocclusions and teeth misalignments, rendering one’s stereotyped notion of conventional methods obsolete.

Our practice specialises in orthodontics in Weybridge. Make an appointment with us and we will find a suitable match for your needs.

Exploring your options

We know what you want out of a straightening device, something discreet but practical, comfortable to wear but with fewer wires on which to scrape your cheek.

There are many options from which to choose that fit the above profile.

  • Invisalign or invisible braces

If it is a brace-free straightening aid you are looking for, Invisalign might be your answer. The aligners, made from smooth, BPA-approved plastic, will put a stop to mouth sores caused by metal-on skin friction. Their removable nature might appeal to you too if you do not want to adjust your current lifestyle, in terms of what you eat and how to brush your teeth.

  • Incognito braces

The removable nature of Invisalign is not advantageous to everyone, especially if you have sometimes forgetful and irresponsible children or you are absent minded yourself. Invisalign might cost you more than you budgeted for if the aligners get lost when they are not sitting in your mouth. Incognito braces might be more up your alley if you value discreetness but do not trust yourself or your offspring with a removable device. The orthodontic appliance, which is custom made to fit your mouth perfectly, is placed behind your teeth and out of sight.

  • Damon Clear

Damon Clear is a new type of braces forming part of the Damon System that abandons the use of elastic for a series of slides that keep your archwire in place while still giving it the space to move around freely. By doing this, less friction is created, and your teeth will feel more comfortable than if you were wearing conventional braces.

How long will the treatment last?

Treatment time varies based on the straightening aid that you are using and the extent of your issue that needs correcting. How your mouth is built is another factor to consider – we find that some people’s teeth move more quickly than others.

  • Invisalign

A gap between teeth can take a matter of weeks to fix and mild crowding half a year. For more complicated issues, you are looking at one to two years of total treatment time.

  • Incognito

Treatment can last anywhere between 6 and 24 months.

  • Damon Clear

Evidence has shown that the advanced technology of Damon Clear helps to straighten your teeth more quickly than alternative braces. By wearing Damon Clear braces, you can shave six months off your treatment time.

There are so many different methods to straighten your teeth in this day and age. Fast track your way to a beautiful smile with orthodontics in Weybridge.

Enhance your beauty with Invisalign

What is Invisalign, and why is it such a preferred method to straighten teeth? Visit our clinic, Weybridge Orthodontics and we will provide you with the information you need to decide whether this groundbreaking treatment suits your needs and whether it will give you the smile you have always wanted.

Invisalign in WeybridgeWhat draws people to Invisalign in Weybridge?

People want straight teeth and the perks that come along with it: fact. What people do not want, especially adults is to wear metal on their mouth for a prolonged period that draws unwanted attention from their peers.

You will not experience the above wearing clear, custom-made Invisalign retainers. Carry on with your life unhindered by your straightening aid. Even enjoy a few hours retainer free while you eat, clean your teeth and play sports – just remember to put it back afterwards for effective results.

How to these aligners work?

Once you have decided that Invisalign in Weybridge is right for you, our orthodontist will take photographs of your mouth using a state-of-the-art scanner that produces thousands of dental impressions in seconds.

With these, we will draw up a treatment plan that outlines the series of movements your teeth need to make. Each set of trays must be replaced every two weeks, which will slowly, bit by bit, move your teeth into their final desired position.


You can benefit in many ways by using Invisalign. First and foremost is their discreet appearance, which will appeal to image-conscious adults and teenagers alike.

As an adult, you can maintain your professionalism and straighten your teeth at the same time. The aligners are made from plastic, so most people will not know that you are wearing them.

Do you have nightmares about eating salads with braces and having the bits of your meal unknowingly stuck to your metal? Being able to take out your invisible braces while you eat eliminates the possibility of this happening.

Brushing your teeth will not require you to clean between your wires where plaque build up is likely to gather because you will not have to change your cleaning habits in the slightest. Keep to your regular brushing and flossing routine.

Will I experience pain?

Like any other orthodontic device, you will experience some discomfort when you replace your aligners. This is because these aligners are placing pressure on your teeth to adjust to a new position – you are bound to feel some tenderness.

Who benefits?

Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for Invisalign. If you are someone with a severe bite problem, invisible braces are not likely to be the best fit for you. As such, these invisible braces are restricted in what they can achieve, so only those with mild to moderate issues that are relatively straightforward to fix are suitable for a straightening aid of this kind.

Come to us, and we will examine your mouth and assess whether Invisalign at Weybridge Orthodontics can help you. If not, there are several alternatives worth considering that are still better than conventional methods.

Incognito: a modern and effective alternative to metal braces

Having braces affixed to your teeth is no longer just for children going through adolescence, people from all age groups are considering having their teeth straightened, thanks to the changing world of modern orthodontics.

Incognito in WeybridgeAsk any person about their experiences of conventional braces and what they would change about it and their answers would be similar across the board: “To find an aid that effectively straightens my teeth but still allows me to keep a low profile.” Metal braces do their job, but such devices are anything but discreet.

If you are a thirty-something adult exploring your options, add Incognito braces in Weybridge to your list, or come and have a chat to our orthodontic’s team at Weybridge Orthodontics.

What are Incognito braces in Weybridge?

Incognito or lingual braces are devices that are fastened to the back of your teeth, i.e. the lingual or tongue-facing side.

From the brackets used to the wiring – everything about the straightening aid is custom designed to fit your teeth comfortably.

Will treatment time differ to regular braces?

As with any straightening device, duration varies from person to person and depends exclusively on the extent of your issue and how much work is required to get your teeth where you want them to be.

An advanced 3D mapping device photographs your teeth to create a lingual device that fits the shape of your teeth perfectly. Using such technology, your orthodontist can also predict the movement of your teeth over time and give a rough estimate of how long it takes to pull them into the desired position.

Benefits of lingual braces

Similar to Invisalign, the wearer can enjoy the perks of having a device that cannot be seen, unless a person is looking closely inside your mouth. But unlike Invisalign, lingual braces cannot be taken out, which for some, is advantageous. You will not have to worry about having to remember to place your aligner back into your mouth after eating, nor do you have to practice self-discipline to keep the device in your mouth despite having the freedom to remove it whenever you like.

While you still have to be cautious about what food you can eat, you do not have to worry about food getting stuck in the wires, because particles that do wedge themselves between your teeth are out of sight.

Do they hurt?

Braces of all kinds, even removable ones such as Invisible braces, cause discomfort initially.

Experiencing a sore and sensitive mouth for a few weeks after your braces are fitted is entirely normal and short lasting.

Are they expensive?

The amount you pay for Incognito braces is likely to exceed normal ones. However, if you are willing to pay the price for an invisible brace that will not affect how you look, you are not alone in this decision.

Adding to that, you are not just paying for the “look” but also a brace that is just the right fit for your mouth.

Have a chat to our orthodontist today if you are in the market for lingual braces and want to learn more about Incognito braces at Weybridge Orthodontics.

Why do you need orthodontics in Weybridge?

If you’re someone who is looking for orthodontics in Weybridge, you are not alone. Few people are born with perfectly aligned teeth and at Weybridge Orthodontics in Surrey, we work hard to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. But why do you have teeth that are crooked or overcrowded? Is there a mistake you’ve made, or something you should have done differently? Here, we address the reasons why orthodontic treatment might be needed. Read on to find out more…

Orthodontics in WeybridgeGenetics

You might be glad to know that in most cases, the reason your teeth are not perfectly aligned is purely down to genetics. The size of your mouth, jaw and teeth are inherited from your parents, and there’s not much you can do about that!

As an example, you might have teeth that are more on the large side, but a small mouth. If this is the case, it is very likely that your teeth will either be crooked or overcrowded.

Although none of us can change genetics, effective orthodontic treatment from experts you can trust can help you to align your teeth in the best possible way. The earlier in life this is done the better, but we aim to give adults and those wanting orthodontic help in later life great results too – it’s just a matter of finding the right treatment for you and your circumstances.

Can your lifestyle be the cause for needing orthodontics in Weybridge?

There are some lifestyle influences that can cause the teeth to become crooked, so it’s worth considering if any of these could be hindering your or your children’s smiles.

Thumb sucking has long been thought to be a direct contributor to protruding teeth. This is especially the case if a child sucks their thumb beyond the baby and toddler years, and into later childhood. While there’s not much you can do if you did this yourself, you can discourage your own children from keeping up the habit!

Sometimes children develop the habit of breathing only through their mouth. If this is done often enough and for long enough, it can affect the development of the jaw – which can in turn result in misaligned teeth as they grow older.

When the tongue is stuck through the incisor teeth, this is known as a tongue thrust. Many people do it as babies, but if it continues past babyhood; repeated tongue thrusting can cause the teeth to be crooked.


Sustaining an injury can cause the teeth to be moved into a different position that forces them to protrude or become crooked. This could be due to playing sports or being in an accident. In some cases, tooth loss occurs. When missing teeth are not replaced, this can alter the position of the rest of the teeth – and cause them to become crooked or misaligned.

If your teeth aren’t as straight as you’d like them to be, it’s safe to say it’s unlikely to be your fault. The good news is, we can help you to fix them so that you can get the smile you deserve.