How does Invisalign compare to traditional metal braces?

Even though clear aligners and traditional metal braces are aiming for the same results, they both straighten the teeth in different ways. Traditional metal braces may be more commonly thought of when ‘orthodontics’ comes to mind, however at our clinic we provide our patients with a wide array of more modern,and therefore discreet alternatives. Traditional metal braces use metal brackets and wires in order to place pressure on the teeth to encourage realignment. Invisalign differs by using clear plastic trays to slowly readjust the position of the teeth in order to reach their desired position.



Although both traditional metal braces and  Invisalign in Weybridge may eventually produce similar results, the appearance of them differs greatly. Traditional braces may be argued as having an unsightly appearance, due to their metal wires, clear aligners however are invisible, which may be a reason for their continued rise in popularity.


During the treatment process Invisalign in Weybridge differs greatly to the alternative. During the process of traditional braces, many appointments may have to be scheduled in order to change bands, wires, and tighten the braces. One of the many joys of receiving Invisalign in Weybridge at our clinic Weybridge Orthodontics, is that all costs and treatment times are decided before the process commences. In addition to predetermined costs, our Clincheck digital scanning technology allows our patients to be made aware of the exact movements their teeth will take throughout the process, as well as the exact number of transparent trays required, which are replaced every few weeks.

How much do clear aligners cost?

We understand that many of our patients who are receiving private dentistry may wish to be aware of all prices before commencing their chosen dental treatment, which is why we always inform them of all possible costs as soon as we can. Once our patients have decided to proceed with treatment, they can settle a deposit, and then decide to repay their costs over an eighteen or twenty-four month time frame.

Are Invisalign available on the National Health Service?

The discreet nature of Invisalign unfortunately puts them within the category of cosmetic dentistry, which means they are only available under private dentistry. As a general rule, the cost of all dentistry (whether this be cosmetic or orthodontic) depends greatly on the complexity of the individual case.


We understand that financial flexibility can be hard to find, in any scenario, which is why we offer our patients a repayment calculator.  Our repayment calculator allows our patients to select the type of brace they wish to receive, the deposit the wish to put down, as well as the period of time they wish to pay the fees back.

Why choose us to receive your clear aligners?

Our clinic within Weybridge boasts a large fully qualified team of dental professionals, all of whom have pride in delivering excellent customer service, in a clean, and comfortable professional environment.

A service you can trust

We know how important it can be to read customer reviews, which is why we display a wide range of patient testimonials on our website, all of which exemplify our happy and satisfied customers.