How Invisalign can straighten your teeth, with minimal impact on your lifestyle

Invisalign clear aligners offer a discreet and reliable alternative to fixed braces. They are one of the most popular treatments at Weybridge dental practice Surrey Braces, not just because of their subtle approach, but also because of the minimal impact they have on your lifestyle.

invisalign-teethOrthodontics no longer needs to mean braces

Orthodontics has advanced a great deal over the past three decades, meaning that at our Weybridge dental practice we are able to offer a number of discreet solutions to teeth straightening. Whilst some of these treatments involve using either tooth-coloured metal appliances or lingual braces, which are fitted to the back surfaces of the teeth, clear aligners such as Invisalign are often a viable, invisible alternative.

Sometimes referred to as “invisible braces”, treatment with Invisalign in fact involves using a series of clear, removable aligners that fit comfortably over your teeth and guide them into an improved position.

At our Weybridge dental centre we are always keen to emphasise that as well as making aesthetic improvements, and boosting your self-confidence, discreet orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign can also improve your dental health. It’s wrong to think of these devices as purely cosmetic appliances; ask any dentist and they will tell you that straighter teeth are healthier teeth, because they are easier to clean.

Invisalign treatment in Weybridge

If you are interested in treatment with Invisalign, we invite you to join us at our Weybridge clinic for a consultation. We will undertake a complete clinical assessment and will take impressions of your teeth for your aligners to be made.

This system is backed up by excellent 3D computer software, enabling your dentist or orthodontist to show you what results you can expect before you start treatment.

When your aligners are ready, you will be called back to Surrey Braces to check that the first one fits perfectly. You will need to change your aligner every two weeks as your teeth start to move, and will have to wear a retainer at the end of treatment, to ensure that your teeth remain in their new position.

To book an Invisalign consultation in Weybridge, get in touch today.