How Orthodontics in Weybridge can transform your smile

Are you unhappy with your teeth? Do you feel that you lack confidence as a consequence of how your teeth look? Are you looking to improve the appearance of your teeth? If so, look no further than Weybridge Orthodontics based in Weybridge. Our highly trained and qualified members of staff will be able to assist you with all your requirements and needs.


What does orthodontics mean?

Orthodontics in Weybridge refers to a specialist branch of dentistry that deals with aligning teeth. We live in a world where people are heavily influenced by what others are doing. Social media is a powerful platform that is used by billions and in particular, celebrities, bloggers and influencers who have mass followers. Followers tend to be the general public who look up to their idols and then wish to also have work done to themselves in order that they can be like the celebrities, influencers and bloggers. The first thing that people tend to target to get work done is their teeth.

The majority of people in the UK suffer from teeth related issues at least once in their lifetime. However the most common thing that people complain about is their teeth alignment.

What methods can people use to align their teeth?

There are a number of ways in which teeth can be straightened. Orthodontics in Weybridge cover conventional braces, Gemini braces, Invisalign, incognito, mouth guards and retainers. It will depend on you and your personal needs and preferences which alignment treatment that you opt for.

What are conventional braces?

Conventional braces are perhaps the most common and well known type of braces that are available. You will see a lot of teenagers and even some adults who have orthodontics in Weybridge have conventional braces. These are essentially metal brackets that get attached to the surface of the teeth. Conventional braces are designed for everyone of all ages and are available both under the NHS and privately. Most teenagers and young adults are offered conventional braces under the NHS and they are the preferred choice due to their durability.

If you wish to have conventional braces or have children that you feel require alignment then ensure that you make an appointment to have an initial consultation. At the first appointment the dentist will examine the health of the teeth and then determine the extent of the alignment required. You will be informed of how long the treatment plan will last and then if you are happy with all the advice given then impressions of your teeth will be taken. Treatment plans are often between 18 and 24 months and this is followed by one year of supervised retainers.

You will then be given a follow up appointment in a couple of weeks time where the dentist will be able to fit the braces. The metal bracket gets attached directly onto the teeth. This is often an uncomfortable procedure and therefore it is recommended that you take some form of pain relief before the procedure.