Incognito: the secret behind straighter teeth

Incognito braces can straighten your teeth without anybody knowing you are having treatment. They are just one of the discreet brace systems available at Weybridgedental practice Surrey Braces, part of an increased demand for orthodontic treatment that isn’t immediately obvious.

straighter-teethHow Incognito braces work

Unlike other brace systems, which are attached to the front of the teeth, Incognito are lingual braces – which means they are fitted to the rear surfaces of the teeth. This means that they are not noticeable in everyday life, and nobody needs to know that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment until you unveil your beautiful new smile.

We offer several discreet orthodontic options at our Weybridgedental centre. Some of these systems are designed primarily for cosmetic correction, focusing on the teeth that show when you smile and working in just a few months.

Incognito can correct a full spectrum of orthodontic issues, including major problems. Treatment times vary and depend on the type and amount of correction that you need; this will be discussed when you come into our Weybridgedental centre for your initial orthodontic consultation.

With Incognito braces, a fully customised lingual bracket system is used to gradually move your teeth. These braces include custom-made brackets, archwires, and bonding trays, all of which have been designed to deliver targeted results without you having to endure an obvious mouth full of metal for months or years on end.

Your Weybridge orthodontist will use the latest 3D imaging technology to custom-design your appliance and to show you the results you can expect after treatment.

Because these braces are fitted to the back of the teeth, some people find they take a little longer to get used to than standard braces, but in a matter of days you will barely notice they are there. Your hygienist will design a bespoke cleaning routine to help you maintain good dental hygiene during treatment.