Opening up on orthodontics in Weybridge

Who we are

Here at Weybridge Orthodontics – also known as Surrey Dental – our team are committed to providing residents with a bespoke, patient centred orthodontic service like no other. With over a century of combined first-hand dental experience, our in-house orthodontic specialists are well versed in providing quality care and professionalism to Surrey residents and beyond. We’re happy to boast we have personally helped restore the smiles to an excess of 21,000 patients within the Surrey area alone, and are showing no signs of stopping. Anyone who is seeking orthodontics in Weybridge of any description, need look no further than the reputable, reliable and approachable practitioners here at Weybridge Orthodontics.

Orthodontics in Weybridge

Aligned with the times

Here at Weybridge, we strive to utilise some of the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies available within orthodontics. To understand this quest for dental perfection, it helps to know a bit about the history of the discipline. For over 10,000 years there has been an active effort made by numerous cultures to improve the alignment of patients’ teeth. Whilst the orthodontics of the Egyptians are crude and rudimentary by today’s standards, they indicate that the correlation between straight and clean smiles and wealth and prosperity are nothing new. Throughout the years, the field of orthodontics evolved and developed, each civilisation making use of the materials and methodologies that were afforded to them from their era. Conventional orthodontics, as they are recognised today, only began to take shape around the year 2,000 when NASA replaced common titanium wire braces with heat activated nickel-titanium. This ushered in a new age in the development of orthodontics, as braces were no longer so cumbersome and uncomfortable. From then on, an increased focus was made to make braces less visible and the next leap in their development came when Zia Chishti launched the Invisalign retainer, which replaced the need for wires and brackets with a removable, plastic retainer. 

Our services

Those who are seeking orthodontics in Weybridge, will find all their dental needs met with ease, by our trained and professional staff here at Surrey Dental. Initially, prior to beginning any treatment, new patients must first undertake a friendly, informal consultation with our staff. This is done to establish which treatment option is best suited to the needs of the patient, as well as establish a relationship that is built on trust, respect and understanding. Here at Weybridge Orthodontics, we offer a comprehensive range of treatments across all fields of orthodontics. These include the installation of discrete orthodontic aligners such as Invisalign retainers, as well as more conventional methods such as ceramic, fused braces, known as Clarity aligners. Whatever the patient feels is the best option for them, our in-house staff will be on hand to clarify and explain the basis of each method of orthodontics in Weybridge. Seeking orthodontic treatments can have a massively beneficial and positive effect on the self-esteem and confidence of those who require them, as they need not be concerned with exposing teeth which are misaligned or overlapping, and can smile to their fullest potential without any care.