Orthodontic treatment in Weybridge

Orthodontics Weybridge is a pillar of modern dentistry allowing the reorganisation of teeth for patients whose bite is not quite right. Misaligned teeth are more than an aesthetic issue; they can lead to the patient having to compensate by using exaggerated jaw movements when eating and wearing down tooth surfaces. Bruxism (grinding teeth) is more common in those with poorly meshing bites.


The stereotypical patient looking for orthodontics Weybridge used to be in their mid to late adolescence, this was for good reason. There has never been a need to treat baby teeth with aligners (obviously) and the inconvenience and cost of a brace led to most adult patients concluding that orthodontics was not worth their time and energy.

We are seeing many more adults receiving orthodontic treatment these days, but with modern orthodontics being so subtle, you are unlikely to notice. So it seems the stereotype will continue for some time.

Brief rundown of our services


The most common braces are the traditional method of providing orthodontic treatment using metal wires and brackets, mostly replacing the now antiquated headgear. However there are many other types of brace now available if you meet the criteria.


The 3M Unitek is a workhorse of a brace with worldwide adoption, it is our go-to metal brace, which uses coloured elastic bands to enable the patient to express their own individuality.


This is the reimagination of the metal brace for working professionals.    

More swish than other forms of orthodontics, Weybridge, each of its gold tooth attachment points are handcrafted for the tooth it is mounted on, providing a discreet and extremely low profile.


Clarity is a brace that is made from a composite of polymers and glass, giving the tensile strength required in a brace while being less noticeable. It is an excellent compromise for conditions that are too severe for clear aligners, but is adaptable for patients who wish to avoid a metal brace.

Functional appliance

Yes, it is a boring and not very inspiring name, but a functional appliance is a bridge widener that uses a set of sliding plastic blocks and wedges to progressively widen the jaw, making room for overcrowded teeth. They perform an extremely important service creating the pathway for straighter healthier teeth.

The upper removable appliance

These are half of a functional appliance, used when only the top jaw requires an extension such as widening or lengthening.


Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles aligners focus on rapid realignment of the four front teeth for cosmetic reasons and are aimed at adults with a deadline, like a wedding, to reform a smile.

Post-orthodontic treatment

You may have heard about retainers, the flexibility of teeth makes orthodontics possible, but regressions are not unheard of where tendons in the gum (which have been put under tension by the change of tooth position) pull them back to their starting positions. This can be addressed by cutting the tendons, but the first level of treatment is 2 months use of a retaining device. 

The Essix Retainer

The Essix Retainer is the global standard in retainers and has been in use for a long time. Now made from PVC to increase the durability and ease of cleaning, this is our preferred retainer.

Upper wire-bonded retainer

The wire-bonded retainer is close to a brace in the sense that it is permanently fixed in the mouth for two months and is used to prevent severe cases of regression.