Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Do you want perfectly aligned teeth but would prefer to obtain them without broadcasting it to the world? At Weybridge Orthodontics, Incognito braces are an innovative product that will do just that. Discretion is the main aim for this modern alternative to the ‘in your face’ braces we are accustomed to seeing. Braces do not have to involve a mouth full of metal. You can now have the straight teeth you have always wanted without your work colleagues ever knowing you are undergoing teeth straightening treatment.

Incognito in WeybridgeLiving up to the name

Incognito braces are just that: incognito! It is a safe, comfortable, and discreet teeth straightening treatment that now available in the UK market. They are cleverly positioned on the backs of your teeth, so no-one will ever suspect that while you are chatting, smiling, eating, and carrying on with your day, your teeth are busy getting aligning. Incognito braces are uniquely crafted to the shape of each of your individual teeth. In Weybridge, Incognito braces are designed specifically to you to ensure your comfort during the treatment period and to provide reliable results. So if you want to have an effective, inconspicuous treatment that can improve both your smile and your confidence, it is worth exploring Incognito with one of our dentists at Weybridge Orthodontics.

How does it work?

When you decide to go with Incognito in Weybridge, we will use 3D imaging technology to obtain an accurate picture of how the final result will look. Our attention to detail means you will receive carefully planned treatment with custom-made braces, comprising archwires, brackets, and bonding trays. Incognito braces are fixed on the backs of your teeth for the duration of your treatment. This means you cannot remove them, which can take a little getting used to. However most patients adjust quite quickly to eating, drinking, and talking with their braces. After the treatment is completed, our dentist will carefully remove your braces so that you can start enjoying your new smile.  So if you have been longing for beautifully straight teeth but have been too embarrassed to wear traditional fixed metal braces, try Incognito braces at Weybridge Orthodontics. We are waiting to enhance your smile.