Straighten your teeth with Incognito in Weybridge

All of us want those perfectly aligned teeth, but very few people are born with them. In recent years, adult interest in teeth straightening has significantly grown, however, not many adults like the idea of wearing traditional braces. Despite the fact that modern braces have come a long way and are now more lightweight and discreet than ever, there is no way to hide them and this can be negative for adult lifestyles.

Incognito in WeybridgeAt Weybridge Orthodontics, we are excited to be able to offer our adult and teenager patients an alternative to traditional braces with hidden lingual braces. With Incognito in Weybridge you can have your teeth straightened without anyone knowing. Lingual braces can achieve the same results as traditional braces in a discreet and effective way.

How does Incognito work?

As their name suggests, lingual braces are fitted to the back surface of your teeth above your tongue. Unlike regular braces, Incognito braces – the brand of lingual braces we use at Weybridge Orthodontics – are customised to the shape of your teeth and to your individual dental needs. This ensures the brackets of the braces fit perfectly against your teeth.

Once your braces are fitted, you many experience mild sensitivity or discomfort, but it will go away as soon as your mouth adjusts to them a few days later. Just like metal braces, lingual braces gradually move your teeth into their right position by applying constant pressure to your tooth roots.

Am I eligible for Incognito braces?

After your initial consultation and evaluation, our dentists will determine if lingual braces are the best method for straightening your teeth. The best thing about Incognito braces is that they can fix most of the same problems regular braces can fix, therefore, they are ideal for many people who wish to straighten their teeth and restore their bite discreetly. Incognito braces are also suitable for younger patients as well.

If you are interested in Incognito in Weybridge, we would be happy to discuss the treatment with you and answer any questions you many have. To get your treatment journey started, book a consultation with one of our friendly dentists and we look forward to seeing you soon.