The Culprits behind Crooked Teeth

Braces exist for one reason – and that is to correct the structure of a person’s teeth. In most cases, the need for orthodontics stems from crooked teeth. Once you notice misalignment, a visit to your orthodontist in Weybridge becomes necessary. But still, some people remain curious: what causes crooked teeth in the first place? It is time to find out here.

The Root Causes

orthodontist in WeybridgeIf we were to lump together the factors that cause teeth to look crooked, we will end up with two major categories: genetics and oral care habits. To further understand why this happens, it’s important to take a look at the two.

Genetics do have a role in the appearance of your teeth. Some people have naturally large teeth paired with a small jaw. Crowded teeth and incorrect jaw development may also prompt the need for orthodontic solutions later on. These hereditary factors are half of the reason you may have to wear braces.

The second category, oral care habits, is something you can address early on. Incorrect habits such as thumb sucking, reverse swallowing, and tongue thrusting could all affect the development of your teeth. These actions may gradually move some of your teeth. This shift from their supposed position prompts the other teeth to adjust, thus creating that crooked look.

The Solution

Having crooked teeth could lead to a series of serious health problems. Cleaning is more difficult with crooked teeth, thus making you prone to plaque and tartar buildup. Infections may also happen more easily in this case. As such, it is important to visit an orthodontist to know your options in correcting alignment.

At Weybridge Orthodontics, we straighten crooked teeth with the right solution. As one of the largest orthodontic practices in South England, we provide a wide range of treatments to crooked teeth. Whether through a removable appliance or Invisalign, our orthodontist in Weybridge will find a way to correct your dental problem. Contact us today for more information about what we offer.