Understanding orthodontics in Weybridge

Weybridge Orthodontics are pleased to offer a range of services in orthodontics Weybridge, Surrey.  Maybe, we should explain what we mean by orthodontic services, as we are aware there may be people who do not completely understand this medical field.


Orthodontic treatment aims to align protruding, crowded or crooked teeth, this helps to correct any problems with the bite of the teeth, as well as improving their overall appearance. The most well known orthodontic devices are braces.

As a dental practice we are proud to offer orthodontics Weybridge as we want to help improve the smiles of our patients, by aligning their teeth so they sit correctly in the mouth. Having correctly aligned teeth has numerous benefits, not least the boost to self-confidence it inevitably engenders.

Why are orthodontics used?

Crooked teeth are a common issue for people, this is more widespread than you would think. If your teeth are not aligned correctly it can make it harder to keep your teeth and gums clean, making you more vulnerable to tooth decay and other forms of damage, as well as gum disease. The bite of the teeth may also be affected, this may lead to difficulties eating in some severe cases.

If your teeth and jaw are in an abnormal position it can lead to the shape of your face appearing to be affected.

Orthodontics is also useful in the treatment of other conditions such as cleft lips and palettes.

There are three main benefits to the use of orthodontics.

1.       Straightening teeth prevents crowding.

2.       Correcting the alignment of the teeth improves the bite.

3.       Prevents other types of damage or issues occurring due to inadequate dental hygiene.


The most widely known orthodontic devices are braces, these are used to help the teeth become realigned into a correct position within the mouth. The braces are fitted into the mouth and worn in place by the client for a prescribed period, this varies based on the type of device used and the needs of the individual being treated.

When to start orthodontic treatment

Around the age of 12 we find that a child’s teeth have been replaced by the adult ones, this may differ slightly depending on the child. We look to see how many of the adult teeth have come through and when, as well as try to gain an understanding of the development of the face and jaw before making any treatment decisions.

Orthodontic treatments can be used in adults of any age. These treatments should not be used in cases where there is not a high standard of oral hygiene, as these treatments can increase the risks of tooth decay and gum problems.

If you are considering orthodontic treatment you must maintain good oral hygiene practices throughout treatment, you will be able to access professional advice to aid you in this.

Our practice is here to help and advise you, should you need orthodontics Weybridge. Our practice is friendly and approachable, we are always happy to assist you with any enquiry you may have, and we will endeavour to answer any questions you may have regarding your treatment. Both NHS and private patients are welcomed at our practice, we are here to be able to offer treatment to anyone who needs it.

Weybridge Orthodontics are a friendly and professional team of 7 orthodontists and therapists to help create smiles for children and adults. We have treated over 21,000 patients with exceptional orthodontic treatment.

We treat both NHS and private patients with the largest team in the area in specially designed, brand new facilities right beside Weybridge’s High Street.

Our firm belief is the patient always comes first, and we are proud to be the most referred practice by general dental practitioners