Why choose Incognito?

Incognito braces are just one of many options for straightening the teeth here at Weybridge Orthodontics: we also offer more traditional braces and clear aligners among other choices.  This is a guide for those patients who are considering Incognito Weybridge. We explain what these braces are and how they work, and outline some of the main advantages of opting for this treatment.


What is Incognito Weybridge?

Incognito Weybridge braces are also known as lingual braces. They are similar to the braces that are fitted to the front of the teeth in that they are made up of wires and brackets to hold them in place. The crucial difference between them is that lingual braces are situated behind the teeth. This means that although they are not invisible as such, they are not obvious to others due to their position. The result of this is that the only way that people will know that the patient is wearing braces is if they tell them, otherwise it can be between the patient and the orthodontist only!

Great results

Lingual braces can be used to correct a wide variety of issues related to misalignment. Some patients are not suitable candidates for other treatments such as Invisalign, but can get great results by choosing the Incognito option. These braces can be an excellent choice for more complex cases, such as patients who need to have gaps between the teeth resolved or even the heights of teeth corrected.

Tailor made

Incognito braces can be custom made to fit individual teeth. Unlike the braces which are fitted to the front of the teeth, these ones allow for the specific targeted correction of misalignment. The result of this is that most of our patients who opt for lingual braces are very satisfied with the outcome at the end of the treatment period.

Minimal discomfort

Lingual braces are arguably the most easy to wear option when it comes to fixed braces. When compared with more traditional braces, most people find them more comfortable.  There may be a little discomfort after having adjustments made, however, this is usually temporary and easy to resolve with the help of over-the-counter painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen.

More confidence

When our patients are deciding to get orthodontic treatment, their confidence has usually already been affected by having a less-than-perfect smile. This can cause them to be shy in social settings and even resort to talking behind their hands in an effort to conceal their misaligned teeth. When this is the case, having very obvious braces fitted is something that may cause further anxiety and possibly even lower self-confidence. This is where Incognito braces come in.

They offer great results without being noticeable to others. In many cases, our patients will be able to see their teeth becoming straighter during treatment. The combination of this and having braces that no one else knows about can help them to feel increasingly better about their smile and how they look in general. This can be transformative in many ways, allowing them the confidence to go out socialising, to progress in their career and even to find love.