Why opt for orthodontics?

Here, at Weybridge Orthodontics, we offer a comprehensive range of options for treating teeth that are misaligned. We understand the importance of correcting teeth that are not quite in the right position, and work with all our patients on an individual basis to find the best possible solution. Orthodontics Weybridge can have a whole host of benefits for the patient. Here, we explore some of the choices available and the advantages that can be enjoyed as a result.


What is orthodontics Weybridge?

Orthodontics Weybridge is a specific area of dentistry that involves correcting the position of the teeth. It is a means of resolving issues with teeth that are protruding, crooked or overcrowded. Today, there are more treatments available than ever before for our patients with misaligned teeth. The one most associated with orthodontics is the traditional metal brace that is fixed to the front of the teeth.

Traditional metal braces are very efficient and can be used to resolve almost any issue related to misalignment. They are composed of metal wires that are fixed to the teeth using special brackets. The patient goes for regular appointments to have the braces adjusted, and each adjustment pulls the teeth a little closer to their desired position. They can deliver excellent results at the end of the treatment period.

Incognito braces are similar to traditional braces in that they are made from metal and attached with brackets, but differ in that they are positioned behind the teeth rather than in front of them. This means that they are not noticeable to others, which is a great advantage if the patient feels self-conscious about the idea of wearing braces. They can be even more efficient as these braces can be tailored to each individual tooth, which often gives great results.

Invisible aligners are made up of clear trays of plastic that are placed over the teeth. The trays are made on an individual basis to fit each patient. They are swapped for new ones every few weeks, and in this way, gradually move the teeth to a better position, allowing them to have a much straighter and more uniform appearance. The main advantages of these straightening devices are that they are unnoticeable to others, and they can be removed for eating or playing sports.

Better oral health

If a person who has misaligned teeth does not have treatment to resolve the issue, then they are much more likely to have problems with their oral health. Teeth that are crooked or overcrowded are much more difficult to clean, which means that food debris and plaque can easily get stuck between them. This can cause issues such as bad breath and even gum disease. If they are corrected with braces, then these issues need not occur.

Increased confidence

Having protruding, crooked or overcrowded teeth can make a person feel much less confident about their appearance. Many of our patients have found that after having treatment with braces, they feel good about their smile and that this translates into feeling happier generally. This can have a very positive impact on all areas of a person’s life.