Adult orthodontics: advantages of subtle teeth straightening

If you think orthodontics means metal braces, it’s time to think again. At Surrey Braces dental clinic in Weybridge, we offer a number of discreet tooth straightening options. Depending on your clinical need and your preferences, treatment may not even involve wearing a fixed brace at all.

teeth straighteningOrthodontics can be advantageous to patients of all ages. Indeed, we are seeing an increasing number of adults at our Weybridge clinic who want to enjoy the benefits of straighter teeth, whether they have had failed orthodontic treatment in the past or were passed over for treatment as a teenager.

You shouldn’t think that the benefits of orthodontics are purely aesthetic, either – although many of the adult brace systems are known as “cosmetic” braces, and despite the fact that many adults are initially driven to seek treatment because of concerns about the appearance of their teeth.

In fact, there are numerous dental health benefits to be gained from orthodontics at any age, which in turn have a positive knock-on effect for your general health and wellbeing. Simply put, straighter teeth are cleaner teeth, so long as you look after them and visit your dentist and hygienist regularly. With fewer awkward to clean areas where dental plaque can gather, you will reduce your risk of both gum disease and dental decay by straightening your teeth.

When there are issues affecting the bite, you may have some teeth that are put under excess wear and tear. Some cases of bruxism – night-time tooth grinding/clenching – can also be helped by orthodontics. Protruding front teeth are at a higher risk of accidental damage, so improving their position helps to protect them.

Weybridge orthodontics

We accept orthodontic referrals from dentists in Weybridge, across Surrey and beyond. Your orthodontist will conduct a thorough clinical examination before talking you through all appropriate treatments.

We use both fixed braces and removable aligners at our Weybridge practice, and each system comes with its own particular set of benefits.

Depending on your need, your Weybridge orthodontist may recommend:

Tooth-coloured braces – either cosmetic appliances or braces for more extensive correction

Lingual braces – attached to the rear surfaces of your teeth

Clear aligners – Removable, and very discreet.