Braces aren’t what they used to be

When we picture someone wearing braces, correct me if I’m wrong, but the most obvious image that comes to mind is an awkward teenager with ‘train track’ braces dominating their mouth, right? Well braces have evolved since those good old days, they now come in an invisible option! Yeah you read it correctly, invisible! these Incognito lingual braces are fixed onto the back teeth, ensuring they are practically invisible to others, or as some may say,Incognito! Weybridge Orthodontics offer Incognito braces to their patients, they’re perfect for adults as they’re totally hidden and will allow you to go about your day-to-day life, without anyone noticing you’re wearing a brace. Amazing! says lingual braces are popular with celebrities such as Mylie Cyrus, due to their invisibility.Incognito braces are also an amazing option for most people who would like to discreetly make over that smile

incognito-braces-in-weybridgeSecretly improve that smile with Weybridge Incognito braces

Incognito braces are customised to fit your teeth. At at the end of the treatment your teeth with be straight, without you having to suffer any embarrassment or lack of confidence, which is all down to the invisible nature of Incognito. Weybridge Orthodontics say that there is no need to remove the braces when eating, as they are fixed comfortably behind the teeth, so eating food and drinking liquid while the brace is attached, will not cause a problem. The braces are made bespoke to fit each patient and an examination is carried out before the Weybridge Incognito braces are designed. say that Incognito braces are suitable for both adults and children, they would be perfect for adults wanting to secretly get that perfect smile, or for children or teenagers that need teeth improvements without feeling self-conscious. Weybridge Incognito braces start from £3590.50 for adults and children, and the practice is currently offering £25 to patients who refer a friend. So what are you waiting for? Arrange a consultation with Weybridge Orthodontics today for just £35 to find out how Weybridge Incognito braces can boost your confidence, and give you an amazing smile that friends will be envious of.