Could orthodontics in Weybridge get your smile back on track?

Keeping you smiling


Here at Weybridge Orthodontics, we recognise that recent global events may have made a number of us more hesitant to seek out orthodontic care and may have caused them to put their oral needs on the back-burner. However, as life slowly returns to normal, we urge anyone who may have neglected their dental care over recent months to consider making an appointment with one of our experts here at Weybridge Orthodontics. This would be to see if orthodontics in Weybridge could be the answer they need to help get their oral wellbeing back on track and ensure that they are as dentally fit and healthy as they could possibly be.

The importance of straight teeth

Having teeth which are straight and even does far more for your smile than simply improve it on an aesthetic level. At Weybridge Orthodontics, we believe that one of the fundamental principles of orthodontics in Weybridge should be to maintain a reliable standard of dental health and wellbeing. Whilst there are several obvious cosmetic advantages to having straight looking teeth, there are also several other health reasons as to why straight teeth are advantageous. One of the most important advantages of seeking out orthodontics in Weybridge for those who have poorly aligned teeth is the decreased likelihood of patients contracting gum diseases such as gingivitis or periodontal disease. These are the leading causes for adult tooth loss across the country, and are entirely preventable, should the appropriate measures be in place.

What orthodontic options are available?

When we consider orthodontics in Weybridge, many of us do not think beyond conventional, fixed metallic braces. These are still a trusted method of re-aligning teeth and still available here at Weybridge Orthodontics, although they are not typically highly praised for the impact they can have on the outward aesthetics of a patient. In response to this, we now offer an entire range of ‘cosmetic orthodontic’ treatment options. These allow patients to amend misaligned or crooked teeth in a way which has a minimal effect on their appearance, and in some instances – such as through removable orthodontic retainers – nothing needs to be attached to the patient’s teeth at all.

What are removable orthodontic retainers?

For those who are perhaps unaware of the leaps and bounds that the field of cosmetic orthodontics has made in the last few decades, the fundamentals of the removable retainer system may be hard to grasp. Rather than bonding brackets to the front or backs of each tooth, these systems allow patients to correct misaligned teeth through a means which leaves no trace on their outward appearance.

How do these retainers work?

This is all made possible through the creation of a set of custom moulded dental plastic retainers. These retainers are perfectly fitted to the exact shape of each patient’s teeth and are made from a specialised plastic which is both malleable and soft, yet firm enough to amend misaligned teeth. This happens through the use of pressure points that are specifically formed within the interior of each retainer, and thus apply pressure to the desired teeth when it is worn. In addition to the removable nature of these treatments, another aspect which has propelled it to one of the most widely sought after methods of treatment today is the ‘invisible’ nature of the process. As the retainers fit perfectly over the patient’s teeth, and as they are made using a thin and see-through plastic, they almost become entirely invisible.