Is Invisalign in Weybridge the solution to your orthodontic worries?

Pay some attention to your dental wellbeing


Here at Weybridge Orthodontics, we empathise and recognise that a great many of our patients have been affected by the impact of recent global changes that relate to the Covid-19 crisis. All we want, as a quality and trustworthy orthodontist is to provide our unique and individual patients with the level of care which they deserve. We understand that a great many of our patients may have been hesitant or resistant to seeking out orthodontic care such as Invisalign in Weybridge during the recent lockdown measures. However, it is our belief that our numerous patients out there ought not to put their dental and oral needs on the backburner any longer, and ought now to seek out the dental care and support that they deserve.

The importance of straight teeth

Recent global events have caused all of us to pay an even closer amount of attention towards our health and wellbeing. Here at Weybridge Orthodontics it is our principal aim as a practice to ensure that each of our patients is as healthy as they can possibly be. Having teeth which are properly aligned can have an overwhelmingly positive impact on the health of a patient’s teeth and decrease the chance of dental and gum issues developing. Many of our patients here at Weybridge Orthodontics do not necessarily understand how having crooked or poorly aligned teeth can have a negative impact on their oral health, and to what extent treatments such as Invisalign in Weybridge can positively improve their dental health.

Why should I seek out Invisalign in Weybridge?

For many people, the advantages of having straight and healthy looking teeth do not extend beyond the aesthetic. However, there are several health benefits to having a straighter smile, which many patients out there may have overlooked. People who have crooked and badly aligned teeth are far more susceptible to developing preventable gum issues such as gingivitis or periodontal disease. The likelihood of developing such conditions is increased for those who have dental misalignment, as there are more difficult to reach spaces and gaps between their teeth in which pockets of bacteria and plaque can form. These plaque and bacterial deposits can cause a number of issues to develop in a patient’s teeth, including gum disease – which is the current leading cause of permanent tooth loss in adults across the country.

What is Invisalign?

Those who are unaware of what Invisalign is, or how it could potentially be used to benefit their smile, need only call upon the expertise of one of our ‘discreet orthodontics’ specialists here at Weybridge Orthodontics. Whilst conventional and commonplace methods of correcting dental misalignment – such as fused metallic braces – are typically regarded as having a negative impact on a patient’s appearance, treatments such as Invisalign leave almost no trace. This is because the fundamentals of the treatment are completely different from contemporary treatments. The Invisalign system does not align a patient’s teeth though common methodologies, but rather consists completely of a single transparent dental retainer. This retainer is custom moulded to fit over a patient’s teeth perfectly and makes use of pressure points which are built within it to apply force to specific teeth. As these retainers are made to perfectly fit over each patient’s unique dental shape, and they are made from a transparent plastic, they are almost completely undetectable when they are worn.