How can discreet orthodontics in Weybridge help me?

Orthodontics is a distinct branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of misaligned teeth and other irregularities in the jaw region. Orthodontists are specially trained to deal with a host of issues, including but not limited to, crowded, gapped, twisted and rotated teeth.

Orthodontics in Weybridge can also deal with bite problems such as underbites, overbites and crossbites. These issues are common in children and adults alike, but adults may struggle more with having metal braces. At Weybridge Orthodontics, we are happy to provide various brace-less options that work as effectively as regular brackets and wires.

Orthodontics in WeybridgeWhat problems can discreet orthodontics in Weybridge treat?

Discreet orthodontics can treat a wide range of dental problems and realign your teeth. Typical problems that require orthodontic intervention include:

Crowded teeth

An overcrowded mouth is a condition where there is not enough room in the jawbone for teeth to develop correctly. Ideally, overcrowded teeth should be fixed at a young age, but it’s possible to treat them later in life with the help of discreet orthodontics in Weybridge.


An overbite is a condition where the upper jaw is protruding in relation to the lower jaw. Overbites put too much pressure on the jaw and are aesthetically displeasing. Again, they can be fixed with regular or discreet orthodontics, depending on the severity of each case.


Someone who suffers from an underbite has a longer lower jaw and their chin can be quite prominent. Just like an overbite, an underbite can be caused by developmental problems in childhood or may simply be the result of genetics. Luckily, it can be fixed with the help of orthodontics in Weybridge.

How can discreet orthodontics help?

In order to determine whether you can have your bite problems fixed with the help of discreet orthodontics, we will have to examine your teeth and jaw thoroughly. Removable orthodontics like Invisalign can fix mild to moderate bite problems, while Incognito braces can deal with more complex bite problems.

We can help

Whatever your dental problems or your age, orthodontics in Weybridge can properly straighten your teeth and help you regain your beautiful smile. Not convinced? Get in touch today.