Incognito Weybridge is the discreet path to results

Many adults continue to put off straightening their teeth for a number of reasons, with one of the most pressing of concerns regarding their appearance throughout the treatment and how this will affect their professional and social lives.


With dentists understanding this and there being a demand for a viable solution, Incognito Weybridge has been developed and is now commonly used throughout the country as the one, truly invisible teeth straightening option available to adults who are looking to discreetly and conveniently perfect their smile.

Incognito Weybridge works like most fixed braces where wires and brackets are attached to teeth and as the wires are strategically tightened, they pull the teeth into alignment. The only difference is that these braces are attached to the back of your teeth rather than the front, so that no one can tell that you are wearing them.

They are coated in a layer of gold-coloured metal to create a smooth surface along the back of your teeth, repelling food debris and protecting your tongue from damage as you speak. They do not have a great impact on your speech, with most of our patients reporting that they become accustomed to the adjustment after only a few weeks, allowing them to speak without great discomfort throughout the majority of their treatment plan.

Why would you want to use this treatment?

There are many reasons why you might choose to attach lingual braces rather than the more traditional options. Every treatment option comes with its advantages and disadvantages and it is up to both dentist and patient to discuss these and determine what style of braces would be the best for a patient to suit their physical needs, as well as their emotional expectations.

Invisible, removable devices which are quite popular these days still have certain limitations which might not suit some individuals. They require you to be quite motivated to continue wearing them and you are expected to remove the aligners every time you eat and brush your teeth again before replacing them. If you do not wear these aligners for the prescribed 22 hours daily, then your results may not be as you expect.

Incognito Weybridge takes away this concern whilst still being as discreet, if not more so. Fixed braces take away the uncertainty that might be too disconcerting for a lot of people. You simply hand over the reins to a professional and allow them to work their magic over the course of several months.

At the end of your treatment, you can enjoy having a healthier and more attractive smile, one that you have likely been wishing to have for many years.

Most people who receive teeth straightening treatments in adulthood do not regret the decision, only they wish to have done it sooner to enjoy the vast benefits that straight teeth provide. So why don’t you come in and see what we can do for your smile during a no-obligation consultation,, so that you can be empowered with the knowledge that there are options available out there for you.