Is Invisalign in Weybridge right for you?

Invisalign could be argued to be the largest brand provider of clear aligners within the United Kingdom, providing happy smiles for thousands of patients worldwide, including our dental practice in Weybridge. At our dental surgery we offer this particular form of orthodontics for patients who are suffering from dental imperfections (such as crooked, irregularly spaced, or misaligned teeth), without the appearance of obvious dental work. If you are searching for a dental treatment that fixes your smile without the hindrance of metal brackets and wires, then clear aligners could be a perfect fit for you.


How does Invisalign in Weybridge work?

Invisalign are clear transparent plastic aligners which are removed to eat, and clean thoroughly. Clear aligners work by slowly adjusting the position of the teeth to result in a straighter, and more perfect smile.

What to expect from the Invisalign in Weybridge treatment process

Many of our patients may have heard of ‘Invisalign’ famous in the field of modern dentistry, however they may be unsure of what to expect from the treatment process at our practice in Weybridge. Much like any dental treatment, we always commence Invisalign with an initial consultation, during this appointment we will assess your smile, and determine whether Invsialign is right for you, and your individual dental case.

Taking the next step

Once we have decided that Invisalign is right for you, we can take photos of your teeth, producing three dimensional images to illustrate the movements your smile will make during the Invisalign process. Our ClinCheck system can create a custom-made digital estimate of your future smile, this gives our patients something to look forward to nearing the end of their treatment.

How long will your treatment take?

This is a question we get asked frequently at our dental clinic, as many patients may be concerned as regards to how long they will have to wait for their projected smile. Using our modern ClinCheck system we can determine the exact number of trays our patients require, therefore reducing the number of dental appointments they need to attend during their treatment plan.

Once we have taken your digital impressions (using our modern ClinCheck scanner) we can commence your Invisalign treatment!

The first step to achieving your desired smile

Once our dental team receives your transparent clear aligner trays, you can start to wear your Invisalign braces! Your clear aligner trays should be worn for as long as possible, and are replaced by our clinic every few weeks.

How do I pay for my clear aligners?

Dental care could be considered as a large financial and emotional investment especially for those who experience dental anxiety, which is why it is important that our patients find a payment plan that works for them. Our dental clinic understands that all of our patients’ financial situations are unique, which is why we offer them the chance to pay for their chosen treatment over an 18 or 24 month period.

Do you charge interest?

No! We understand that dental fees can be a financial burden for many of our patients which is why we strive to ease that strain. Our monthly payment plans never charge interest, this means you are only ever paying for your dental treatment, and your treatment only.