Is Orthodontics in Weybridge Worth The Effort?

The answer to this question is almost certainly yes, especially if your teeth are substantially out of line or if you have significant problems with the way your teeth bite together. If this is the case then you’re likely to find it quite difficult to keep your teeth clean, and especially to floss in between them.

Oral Health Risks Associated with Wonky Teeth

orthodontics in WeybridgeBeing unable to floss and to brush properly increases the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Tooth decay often occurs in the contact areas in between teeth and is one of the reasons why it’s so essential to clean these areas as it’s very easy for pieces of food to become trapped. In addition dental plaque is more likely to build up in between teeth, and the bacteria in the plaque will utilise any food fragments so they can thrive and multiply.

Gum disease poses a significant risk to oral health and general health, and can result in tooth loss. It’s important to floss right down to and just below the gum line, something that can be extremely tricky to do if your teeth are crooked and overlapping.

Once your teeth are straight you should find them much easier to clean, and as a result you’re less likely to have to spend money on treatments for gum disease or tooth decay, or even worse for replacing the teeth altogether. Orthodontics in Weybridge can also help protect your general health, as gum disease has been associated with a whole host of serious health conditions, most notably heart disease and diabetes.

Crooked Teeth Can Spoil a Nice Smile

Even though the health benefits of a straighter smile are pretty obvious, most people will choose to have their teeth straightened for cosmetic reasons. In fact certain braces systems are designed specifically to improve the cosmetic appearance of teeth as they will only adjust the teeth that are visible when smiling. This can be a huge boost to self-esteem and self-confidence, and these types of braces work within a very short space of time. These shorter treatment times also mean they are often far more affordable than traditional orthodontics in Weybridge.

Which Orthodontics System Will Work Well for You?

The best way to find out is to book an appointment with Dr James Stubbs or another of our Weybridge dentists for a full assessment. They will need to check the way your teeth meet together to see where you have any significant bite problems. They’ll also be looking at which teeth are crowded for crooked, and assessing the size of any spaces that need to be minimised or closed up completely in between teeth.

If you have significant spaces in between your teeth then it might not be possible to close them up completely with orthodontics in Weybridge. In this case you may need to be prepared to veneer one or two teeth after completing orthodontic treatment in order to get the very best aesthetic results. Weybridge Orthodontics offers patients a choice of several different systems so we’re bound to have something that is right for you.