Looking for an alternative to fixed braces?

If you have always wanted braces but as an adult do not want other people to know you are undergoing teeth straightening treatment, there are many other options you can consider for a more discreet experience. At Weybridge Orthodontics we understand the need for this, which is why we offer alternative orthodontic treatments to traditional metal braces.


The benefits of correcting your teeth

If you decide to invest in orthodontic treatment, you can experience a number of benefits. Firstly, the appearance of your teeth will be improved, enhancing your facial aesthetics and increasing your confidence.

If you have any gaps in your teeth, closing these gaps will reduce the risk of you developing oral infections such as gum disease. This is because when you eat, food particles can build up in the gaps in between your teeth, which can increase bacteria in the mouth and affect your oral health if not treated early enough.

Orthodontic treatments can also correct your bite if you are dealing with an overbite, underbite or a deep bite. Having a misaligned bite can cause a number of issues such as being unable to chew your food properly, which can affect how your food is digested. Correcting your bite will also result in some facial changes and you will experience less headaches and pain in your jaw if you have been suffering with this.

What we can offer you at Weybridge Orthodontics

At Weybridge Orthodontics, we offer orthodontic treatment options for both child and adult patients. If you are unsure of the most suitable treatment for you, there’s no need to worry as one of our experienced dental professionals will be able to provide you with valuable information and bespoke advice in order for you to make an informed decision. We do this in the form of a consultation. This consultation is imperative for our patients, as it allows us to carry out a thorough examination of your teeth by taking x rays, clinical photographs and if needed impressions in order to create a bespoke treatment plan for your current dental issues.

If you are considering orthodontic treatment but are looking for a more discreet option, you may want to try Invisalign Weybridge, which uses removable clear aligners to straighten your teeth.

The benefits of using removable aligners

If you decide to invest in Invisalign Weybridge, one of the most noticeable benefits is that because the aligners are clear, when you wear them it will be hardly noticeable that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Invisalign Weybridge are also removable, which means you are able to maintain a good oral care regime throughout your treatment, such as brushing and flossing after meals. You also are able to have your favourite food and drink as normal but as mentioned it is important to ensure you brush your teeth before wearing the aligners again. They are also made to be comfortable and they reduce the risk of soreness and tension in the mouth.

Lastly, by using this treatment to straighten your teeth, you can expect beautiful results and once the treatment is complete, you will be given another set of retainers to wear overnight or fixed retainers at the back of your teeth to ensure that your teeth do not move back into their previous positions.