Need a discreet brace? A guide to Incognito braces by Weybridge Orthodontics

Are you looking for a more sturdy brace as an adult that doesn’t draw stares, but also straightens complex misalignments?


When you come to Weybridge Orthodontics for realignment, we can assess your suitability for one of our most popular braces; Incognito Weybridge! Discreet, functional and worn by royalty, this brace does it all while being affixed to the back of your teeth! Brilliant!

Want to know more about Incognito Weybridge? Read on for our brief guide to help you become more informed!

What are they?

In short, Incognito Weybridge is a simple, metal brace with the wires and brackets fixed to the back of the teeth as opposed to the front.

Due to this, they are more subtle than regular braces and are able to treat a wider range of misalignment issues. They do require tightening in the same way as regular braces to move the teeth, and while some patients have found them initially quite tough to adjust to as they rub against the tongue, we can resolve this initial irritant with dental wax. Perfect!


Unlike many other braces that are discreet, this brand of lingual brace is suitable for patients of all ages; as it is fitted, there is no concern about children removing it and forgetting to put it back in afterwards!

As mentioned before, it can treat more complex cases of misalignment and is, therefore, more versatile than aligners like Invisalign. But of course, to assess your suitability for it, our team will need to examine your teeth and discuss this option with you, to ensure that you are aware of all that it entails.

Treatment time

OK, so we have established that this brace can be used to treat more complex cases and, due to its discretion, it is favoured among adults and teenagers.

Therefore, in a similar vein as regular orthodontic braces, many of our patients who have been suited to using it have worn it for an average of 9-15 months. Remember, no one will be able to see it, so we are certain that the treatment time will fly by without any insecurity or concerns about appearance.

Appointment occurrence

As before, you need to remember that this is a metal brace and so, it will require tightening to move your teeth.

And, while we cannot stipulate on the specifics of your individual orthodontic case, many patients who have worn this brace have needed tightening about every 6 weeks. Your tightening sessions may be closer together, especially if our team is working to correct a specific issue, like the rotation of a canine or molar.


As is the way with braces, once they come off, you will need to wear a retainer; this is to ensure that your teeth do not relapse into their former positions.

If you don’t wear a retainer for the specified time, your teeth can move or become more misaligned than they were before treatment, making the entire process a waste of time. Don’t risk it and wear the retainer!