What to know about your Invisalign treatment

You’ve heard about the amazing benefits of having your teeth straightened but are overwhelmed when it comes to choosing from among the myriad of orthodontic appliances available? You are well-familiar with traditional metal braces but, as an adult, you don’t really want to announce your orthodontic treatment plan to the world.


Modern orthodontic appliance designers have found the ideal solution: clear (barely visible) aligner-like braces. The most widely known and preferred brand being Invisalign Weybridge.

At Weybridge Orthodontics we look to efficacious orthodontic treatment, offering our patients modern teeth straightening devices with sought after deliverables including Invisalign Weybridge.

A look into why Invisalign Weybridge has become such a phenomenon in the orthodontics industry reveals a number of advantages that are not provided with the use of other more traditional teeth straightening tools.

We focus on a few important points to know about before opting for Invisalign.

Facts about Invisalign treatment plans

  • Aligner-like trays must be worn

In order to straighten teeth successfully, it is imperative that a patient wears their aligner-like trays as instructed by our dental practitioner. This means that the responsibility of abiding by the treatment plan falls to the patient. These are removable aligner-like trays which means it is the patient’s responsibility to put them back on after meals or brushing and flossing. We recommend that the trays need to sit on teeth between 20 to 22 hours in a day – anything less will mean that the trays aren’t being given the time they need to do their job properly.

  • Be vigilant about oral hygiene

Neglecting to brush and floss teeth and failing to clean trays properly allows bad bacteria and plaque to accumulate on teeth and gums. Lack of a recommended at-home oral hygiene practice only risks the effectiveness of the treatment plan, not to mention the danger of tooth decay.

  • Smoking is discouraged

Not only is smoking a threat to dental health as it has been linked to gum disease and mouth cancers, there is the increased chance of the clear aligner-like trays from becoming discoloured or stained.

  • Initial adjustment period

It only stands to reason that with having a foreign object placed on teeth, some patients may need a short period of adjustment while they get used to wearing their trays. Any adjustment issues like changes in speech usually goes away after a short period of adjustment.

  • Role of retainer following completion of treatment

An important step with any orthodontic treatment plan is to continue to support newly aligned teeth by wearing retainers once treatment has come to an end, and so it is with Invisalign braces. This may raise a few eyebrows among patients, but it has been found that teeth can move again into undesirable positions once the braces have been removed. When armed with accurate information, patients are best able to make correct decisions regarding their oral health treatments. At our Weybridge Orthodontics clinic, we prioritise patient education by taking the time to answer a patient’s questions and address their concerns. Why not book an appointment by getting in touch with us and have more of your questions about orthodontic treatment answered?