How does Invisalign in Weybridge compare to traditional metal braces?

Invisalign is the largest and the most popular brand provider of clear aligners worldwide, and the brand we happen to use at our clinic in Weybridge. Invisalign are essentially clear aligner trays which are made of transparent plastic, they aim to straighten moderate overcrowding as well as other alignment issues within the mouth. Clear aligners have risen greatly in popularity within recent years, due to their subtle appearance, and effective long-lasting dental results. In terms of comparison, both forms of orthodontics strive for the same results, however they both do so in varying ways.


Traditional metal braces

Traditional metal braces use metal wires and brackets, in order to apply pressure on the teeth. Metal braces are often referred to as ‘train tracks’ and may be more suitable for patients who are suffering from severe overbites or underbites. Despite both forms aiming to straighten the teeth, their appearance differs greatly. Traditional metal braces could be considered as ‘unsightly’ by some, which is why we aim to promote variety.

A discreet alternative

Invisalign in Weybridge is able to produce the same effective dental results as traditional metal braces, without the hindrance of obvious dental work. Aside from their invisible aesthetic appearance, clear aligners are extremely easy to care for. Clear aligners can be removed to clean, and eat, meaning they are a perfect fit for patients with a busy lifestyle.

How do clear aligners work?

Despite their rising popularity, many of our patients may be unsure of how Invisalign actually works! The clear aligner trays are replaced every couple of weeks, in order to slowly encourage the teeth to move into a straighter position.

Our clinic is lucky enough to embrace modern forms of dental technology, one example of which is known as ‘ClinCheck’. ClinCheck is a modern three dimensional scanning system which creates impressions of the teeth, as well as a 3D estimation of a patient’s desired dental results.

Why we use ClinCheck

ClinCheck is an excellent way to estimate the exact number of trays required, which can cut down the amount of dental visits required during the treatment process. Reducing the number of dental visits not only allows the treatment to run smoothly, but can also cut financial costs for our patients.

How long does Invisalign in Weybridge take to produce results?

As a simple answer, it depends on the individual. Treatment time can vary massively depending on the severity of an individual’s case, however as a general rule Invisalign can take from around twelve to eighteen months to produce results. In more severe cases, clear aligners may be worn for up to thirty months, although this is not common practice.

How much does Invisalign cost?

It is always hard to apply a general rule, as all dental cases may differ greatly. Our practice will endeavour to give a good estimate of costs involved on dental examination, as the period of treatment can vary according to the complexity of a patient’s dental condition.,

Spread the cost

Many patients receiving private dental care may be put off by the idea of a large upfront dental bill, which is why we strive to ease their concerns. Our dental clinic not only offers 0% interest finance payment plans spread over twelve months, but we also give our patients the chance to pay off their treatment over several years.

Have you considered using Incognito braces in Weybridge?

With braces, you can achieve your lifelong dream of having straight teeth. However, even though archetypal braces have evolved, people are hesitant about the possibility of wearing a straightening aid.

incognito braces weybridge

While adult braces are socially acceptable, many do not like the idea of having metal glued to their front teeth for the world to see.

If you are looking for an alternative device, have you considered Incognito in Weybridge? Contact us today at Weybridge Orthodontics, to learn more.

What is Incognito in Weybridge?

Incognito braces are aptly named because the device is positioned behind your teeth and out of plain sight.

They are made in a similar way to ordinary braces, using metal brackets and wire; only the placement is different.

Why choose Incognito in Weybridge?

Incognito or lingual (meaning toward the tongue) braces are custom-fabricated to fit the shape of your teeth exactly.

We also use 3D technology that helps to accurately map out your treatment and provide you with results that will not leave you feeling disappointed.

Will I have to change my lifestyle with Incognito in Weybridge?

Braces can change the way your teeth look monumentally, but when you wear them, you may get frustrated by the sacrifices that you have to make.

With lingual braces, these will not be issues that you face, and for the most part, you can carry on with your life as usual. At the same time, you will not have to worry about discolouration or white spots when your braces come off.

However, one thing to make a note of is that cleaning grit out of the back of your teeth can get tricky, so be sure to invest in some high-quality floss.

Is there anything else about lingual braces that I should know about?

Lingual braces do come with a set of limitations, especially if you have a severe overbite. A severe malocclusion will exert a lot of pressure on the device, causing it to detach easily. In these instances, our orthodontist will direct you toward a more suitable method.

You may also struggle to speak properly initially and develop a temporary lisp. However, once your teeth adjust to the foreign device in your mouth, it should go away over time.

As with conventional braces, there are types of food that you cannot eat because of how they might react with your device. For example, you should stay away from hard or crunchy food. If you do not want to limit your diet, Invisalign is a viable alternative.

Last but not least, despite being made to fit your mouth, the device has been reported by many as uncomfortable. While you may get used to the device, some people experience low-level discomfort throughout the experiences of wearing braces due to their tongue being in constant contact with metal.

Exploring the alternatives

If an Incognito device is not for you, Invisalign is another commonly used orthodontic aid that renders positive results and lots of happy smiles.

As with Incognito braces, the device, made from clear plastic, is not detectable to the untrained eye.

Repair your crooked or rotating teeth with Incognito.

How does Invisalign compare to traditional metal braces?

Even though clear aligners and traditional metal braces are aiming for the same results, they both straighten the teeth in different ways. Traditional metal braces may be more commonly thought of when ‘orthodontics’ comes to mind, however at our clinic we provide our patients with a wide array of more modern,and therefore discreet alternatives. Traditional metal braces use metal brackets and wires in order to place pressure on the teeth to encourage realignment. Invisalign differs by using clear plastic trays to slowly readjust the position of the teeth in order to reach their desired position.



Although both traditional metal braces and  Invisalign in Weybridge may eventually produce similar results, the appearance of them differs greatly. Traditional braces may be argued as having an unsightly appearance, due to their metal wires, clear aligners however are invisible, which may be a reason for their continued rise in popularity.


During the treatment process Invisalign in Weybridge differs greatly to the alternative. During the process of traditional braces, many appointments may have to be scheduled in order to change bands, wires, and tighten the braces. One of the many joys of receiving Invisalign in Weybridge at our clinic Weybridge Orthodontics, is that all costs and treatment times are decided before the process commences. In addition to predetermined costs, our Clincheck digital scanning technology allows our patients to be made aware of the exact movements their teeth will take throughout the process, as well as the exact number of transparent trays required, which are replaced every few weeks.

How much do clear aligners cost?

We understand that many of our patients who are receiving private dentistry may wish to be aware of all prices before commencing their chosen dental treatment, which is why we always inform them of all possible costs as soon as we can. Once our patients have decided to proceed with treatment, they can settle a deposit, and then decide to repay their costs over an eighteen or twenty-four month time frame.

Are Invisalign available on the National Health Service?

The discreet nature of Invisalign unfortunately puts them within the category of cosmetic dentistry, which means they are only available under private dentistry. As a general rule, the cost of all dentistry (whether this be cosmetic or orthodontic) depends greatly on the complexity of the individual case.


We understand that financial flexibility can be hard to find, in any scenario, which is why we offer our patients a repayment calculator.  Our repayment calculator allows our patients to select the type of brace they wish to receive, the deposit the wish to put down, as well as the period of time they wish to pay the fees back.

Why choose us to receive your clear aligners?

Our clinic within Weybridge boasts a large fully qualified team of dental professionals, all of whom have pride in delivering excellent customer service, in a clean, and comfortable professional environment.

A service you can trust

We know how important it can be to read customer reviews, which is why we display a wide range of patient testimonials on our website, all of which exemplify our happy and satisfied customers.

What is orthodontics, could it be right for me?

Orthodontics is essentially a field of dentistry that aims to realign the teeth within the mouth. Orthodontics in modern dentistry comes with a wide array of treatments, and can be used to amend a moderate to severe overbite, as well as protrusion of the teeth.


Patients who may need orthodontics

Individuals who may be looking at receiving orthodontics in Weybridge, whether this be traditional metal braces or clear aligners, may be suffering from dental imperfections, which can be rectified by this field of dentistry. These treatments can improve dental and overall health, as well as boost confidence.

Do orthodontics in Weybridge only help children?

Despite common misconceptions about dentistry, orthodontics can not only be suitable for children or teens, but treatments are also becoming increasingly popular with adults. Patients of all ages can receive orthodontics, including patients who have previously received orthodontic work, and have unfortunately failed to maintain their results through the use of retainers.

Are traditional metal braces the only type of orthodontics in Weybridge available?

No! Certainly not. Traditional metal braces may come to mind initially when patients think of  orthodontic work, however there are now many alternative types of orthodontics. At our clinic in Weybridge we are pleased to boast a wide array of options available for our patients. Modern dentistry allows our clinic to offer individuals more discreet braces, one type being clear aligners.

What are clear aligners, and why may these be right for me?

Clear aligners are clear transparent trays that are moulded perfectly to the patient’s teeth and gums. At our clinic we use a modern digital scanner known as Clincheck, which allows our patients to see the possible results that could be achieved, as well as the treatment process. Clear aligners slowly adjust the position of the teeth within the mouth by replacing the transparent trays every few weeks.

The perfect fit

Clear aligners may be perfect if you are looking for subtle, and effective orthodontics. Invisalign could be considered as ideal for patients with busy work and social schedules, as they can be removed, and cleaned whenever it suits the patient. Adults especially may regard Invisalign as the best option for them, if they feel as if obvious dental work may hinder their career prospects.


Invisalign could be described as the largest brand provider of clear aligners world wide, and is the provider we use to treat our patients at our dental clinic. Invisalign’s global brand has recently risen greatly in popularity due to their invisible appearance, and their effective and rapid orthodontic results.

Do you offer other types of discreet braces at your clinic in Weybridge?

Yes! At our clinic we offer multiple forms of subtle braces, one example of which being Incognito braces.

What are Incognito braces?

Incognito braces are thin metal wires and caps which are placed behind the teeth, meaning they are virtually invisible to other individuals. Incognito braces are custom made to each individual, and slowly encourage the teeth to move in a positive direction, producing rapid and desirable dental results.

What are Invisalign, and are clear aligners right for me?

Invisalign are a form of orthodontics, a type of dentistry which aims to straighten the teeth, correct moderate to severe overbites, and resolve protrusion of the teeth within the mouth. Invisalign in Weybridge could be argued as the largest brand provider for clear aligners within the United Kingdom, they have grown greatly in popularity within recent years, due to having a discreet appearance, and using convenient modern dental technology, such as digital scanning. Invisalign are essentially transparent plastic trays which are individual to each of our patients, and the situation of their dental case.


How do Invisalign in Weybridge work for you?

The transparent plastic trays are essentially replaced every few weeks, in order to adjust the alignment and position of the teeth within the mouth, to ensure they slowly reach their desired dental position.

The Invisalign in Weybridge treatment process

Much like with any dental, orthodontic, or cosmetic treatment, Invisalign begins with an initial consultation. During an initial consultation our dentists will work with you to help decide if Invisalign suits your needs. After we’ve decided that clear aligners fit your specific dental case, the treatment process can begin!

The first step

The first step is to scan your teeth using a three dimensional digital scanner, which illustrates each movement of the teeth throughout the Invisalign process. The Clincheck technology we use allows our patients to view the possible results which can be achieved through the use of Invisalign. In addition to our smile predictions, we can also tell our patients how many clear aligner trays are required during the process (which ensures they are always aware of the cost of treatment before it starts).

What’s next?

After an initial assessment is made and we have made digital scans of your teeth and mouth, we can send your moulds to Invisalign! After receiving your first set of transparent trays, your teeth can start to move into the ideal position. Once treatment commences, Invisalign has the advantage of a reduced number of dental appointments (compared to traditional metal braces which require wire tightening), which also reduces financial costs.

The final step

Once your clear aligners have been sent back to our clinic by Invisalign, our patients will settle the necessary deposit to proceed with treatment. Once the deposit has been settled, our patients can pay the remainder of the dental fee over eighteen to twenty-four months with a zero interest payment plan.

How do I start my treatment?

If you are leaning towards the possibility of receiving clear aligners, then you may be wondering how to start the treatment process. Located on our website, we place our telephone number and email address to allow patients to contact us regarding any queries or concerns they may have. 

Have a question?

Also located on our website, we offer our patients the chance to fill in a few personal details, along with any questions they may have for us regarding their potential treatment.

Pay us a visit

We understand that many patients would rather meet us directly, and discuss potential treatments face to face. Nervous patients may appreciate a visit to our clinic to ease their concerns which we always welcome.

Are Incognito right for me?

Incognito in Weybridge are a subtle form of orthodontics which aim to re-align, fix overbites, and amend protrusion of the teeth. Incognito in Weybridge, also commonly referred to as lingual braces, are growing in popularity, due to their less conspicuous appearance, and easy treatment process in comparison to traditional metal braces. Incognito braces are an innovative type of brace that produce effective results rapidly, and can be suitable for many of our patients. Many individuals may lean more towards Incognito braces due to the fact that they are comfortable to wear, with a lack of metal wires and brackets, which therefore eliminates the need for wire tightening appointments.


Choosing the right orthodontic option for you

If you are suffering from dental imperfections, but don’t wish for obvious dental work, then Incognito braces may be right for you. Many of our patients wish for orthodontics which don’t hinder their career prospects, and don’t impact their self-confidence. Incognito braces are the only fixed-appliance, invisible orthodontic option currently on the UK market which are customised for each individual patient.

How long does Incognito in Weybridge take to produce results?

As with any dental or orthodontic treatment, the treatment time varies greatly depending on the severity of the individual case. Although it is hard to distinguish the exact treatment time, we can give our patients a rough estimate once we have assessed their teeth.  Patients with more extreme cases may take a year or two, although more simple cases can take a considerably less amount of time.

Are Incognito in Weybridge expensive?

At our clinic within Weybridge we aim to offer our patients the choice of dentistry both under the National Health Service, and with private dental treatments. Unfortunately subtle orthodontics such as Invisalign and lingual braces, are considered as cosmetic, and are therefore not available on the National Health Service.

Do you offer alternative payment options?

Yes! We understand that many of our patients may not be able to pay for their dental work upfront, which is why we offer our patients a monthly payment plan. Going through any form of dentistry whether this be restorative, orthodontic, or cosmetic can be costly financially, and emotionally, especially for those who suffer from dental anxiety.

Our monthly payment plan

Many of our patients may wish to avoid a hefty upfront cost, which is why we offer them zero per cent interest payment plans. Our dental treatments can be paid in instalments, with a zero per cent APR rate. Located on our website, we also offer our patients a repayment calculator, which allows them to decide the deposit they wish to pay, along with the monthly payments they are financially able to produce.

Patients who feel nervous about visiting the dentist

Many patients may experience varying levels of anxiety when visiting the dentist, this may be due to negative childhood experiences, which can be carried into adulthood. We understand that some patients’ nerves may prevent them from attending their dental appointments, which is why we try to help. Our dental clinic within Weybridge aims to soothe our patients’ nerves by offering them a welcoming, clean, and comfortable dental environment.

Advice on brace cleaning for patients using Invisalign in Weybridge

For patients leaving an appointment with an invisible brace, the top priority you have should be in keeping your brace looking clean and germ free, whilst it slowly realigns your teeth into a lovely straight smile.

Sadly, some patients can still struggle to find a cleaning routine that works for them, so that’s why we’ve come up with a short list of things our patients using Invisalign in Weybridge can try, to keep their brace looking good throughout their treatment.


Give it a good scrub

First up on our list of tips for patients of Invisalign in Weybridge is a rather simple one, just give your brace a good scrub. This is because throughout the day bacteria and plaque can start to build up on the surface of the aligner and if left unchecked this debris can then spread to your teeth through direct transfer, whenever you wear the brace.

To avoid this you should give it a light brush every other day with a recommended cleaning solution. Doing this often will kill any harmful bacteria, clear out plaque, as well as help reduce staining of the brace that can occur from repeated wear. At Weybridge Orthodontics our highly trained team can provide you with a wealth of information on the correct methods of cleaning your brace and how you can make it last as long as possible.

Rinse it regularly

Regardless of how long you take your brace out for you should always give it a light rinse under cold water. Doing this often will clear out any gunk or dried in saliva that may be clinging to the surface of the brace, as over time this can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Keep it safe

Keeping the brace safe is another thing some patients can struggle with, as there are times when it can be absent mindedly placed in a pocket or down on a table or surface at home. Not only does this allow for bacteria to transfer onto the brace, and then later your mouth, but it also puts it at risk from accidental damage or becoming lost.

So make sure that after each cleaning session that you always leave your brace to dry inside a hard bodied container. Doing this will keep it sterile from bacteria or inquisitive pets and it will also be safe from any knocks or potentially becoming lost.

Just leave it in

Finally, perhaps the most important thing you can do is to just leave your brace in for as long as you possibly can. Ideally patients should have it in their mouths for at least 22 hours a day, with it only being removed for cleaning, eating meals or brushing teeth, as leaving it out for too long can interfere with the effectiveness of the realignment.

So if you are struggling with keeping your brace looking spotless, then just try a few of these tips to make your brace last as it realigns your smile into that straighter one you deserve. For further information on this treatment or to schedule your own appointment just get in touch with our team at the practice.

Invisalign in Weybridge: delivering desired results with treatments designed around your lifestyle

All of us want straight teeth, but few want to achieve a charming smile if it means having to wear metal braces for an extended period.

If you are someone looking for a device that is subtle yet effective, ask us about Invisalign in Weybridge.

Facts about Invisalign in Weybridge


Our practice, Weybridge Orthodontics, specialises in orthodontic devices. Although we stock a broad spectrum of straightening aids, we recommend invisible braces to people of all ages for the reasons described below.

Invisalign replaces metal with clear plastic.

One of the best features, according to some previous Invisalign users, is the appearance of invisible braces, in that they do not look like your conventional straightening aid.

This is the case because the device is made entirely of high-quality plastic instead of ligatures, archwires, and metal brackets.

Invisalign is accompanied by advanced technology.

This type of advanced technology allows us to customise your treatment plan, mapping out how your teeth move to the millimetre. By doing so, you have a clear indication of how your teeth may look once you stop using your aligners.

The device is removable.

If you choose Invisalign over standard braces, you will not have to worry about which food items could damage your wires, or be forced to incorporate new steps into your cleaning routine to reach plaque stuck between your brackets.

The design is subtle.

If you want braces without the unwanted attention received from having metal affixed to your teeth, Invisalign in Weybridge is a good choice of product.

The only people who will know about you wearing braces is your dentist, you, and the people that you decide to tell.

Whether you are a professional in the workforce or have self-conscious teenagers, Invisalign is geared toward a variety of lifestyles where discretion is highly valued.

How much will treatment cost?

It depends on the treatment plan you choose. If the final sum is overwhelming, chat to our dentist about the possibility of an 18-24 month payment plan.

How long does treatment take?

We understand how impatient you must feel about sporting straight teeth. However, it is essential to note that the pace at which teeth are pulled into position using Invisalign spans 12 to 18 months, depending on the nature and extent of your dental issue.

If you are looking for a quicker fix, there are other devices that work faster. However, it is essential to note that these only partially straighten your teeth for cosmetic purposes, and will not necessarily improve upon your general oral health.

Is anybody viable for treatment?

There are limitations to the devices, in that severe or unusually complicated dental issues may require wearing an alternative orthodontic device.

However, do not let this put you off – ask our orthodontist to examine your mouth and ascertain whether Invisalign in Weybridge is viable for your malocclusion or misalignment or not. 

Is there anything else I should know?

The device is detachable, but for it to work, you must wear it 22 out of 24 hours a day, and only take it out when you need to brush your teeth, eat, or if you play sports.

If you do not wear your aligner often enough, you may be adding months onto your final treatment time.

What are orthodontics, and why should I choose your dental clinic to receive orthodontics?


Orthodontics in Weybridge is essentially the field of dentistry which uses varying forms of braces, aiming to realign the position of the jaw, and straighten the teeth within the mouth. The most common straightening device to be thought of would probably be traditional metal braces, however in modern dentistry there are now a wide array of orthodontic options. Traditional metal braces may not be the most popular choice for many individuals, however there are now many discreet forms of braces.  Despite there being many varieties of brace, they all aim for the same result. Traditional metal braces work by using a metal wire and brackets that slowly encourage the teeth to move in a certain direction (resulting in a straighter smile) and all braces aim to do this. Individuals may choose a dentist to undergo their treatment with based on convenience, price, and location. At our clinic in Weybridge, we believe we offer a high level of dental care, and ensure our dentists deliver treatments in a highly professional and sympathetic manner.

What orthodontics in Weybridge options do you offer?

At our practice Weybridge Orthodontics, we pride ourselves in offering our patients a wide variety of dental treatments. At our clinic we understand that patients may be reluctant to undergo treatment with traditional metal braces, and therefore may lean more towards subtle braces. Despite all forms of orthodontics aiming for the same result, they do so in different ways. More discreet forms of braces may be preferred by individuals who feel as if obvious dental work may hinder their career prospects. Older individuals may feel as if their self-esteem may be lowered if they choose obvious orthodontic work, which is why we offer more subtle forms of orthodontics.

Do you offer Invisalign as a choice of orthodontics In Weybridge?

Yes! Despite common misconception, Invisalign is just one brand provider of clear aligners, however they could be argued as the largest provider of this form of orthodontics. Invisalign  essentially consists of transparent plastic trays that are inserted within the mouth. Clear aligners work by replacing the transparent trays every several weeks, in order to slowly realign the position of the teeth within the mouth. We are happy to offer this method to patients where appropriate.


Despite Invisalign’s rising popularity, our patients may look towards other options. Incognito braces are virtually invisible, just like clear aligners. Incognito braces are essentially metal appliances placed behind the teeth, and are therefore not visible to a patient’s friends and family. Incognito braces are unique in the way that they produce subtle, yet rapid results as they give our dentist more control over the movement of teeth.

Nervous patients

At our dental clinic we understand that many of our patients may experience varying levels of anxiety when undergoing treatment with us. Many patients may feel nervous when undergoing their regular dental check-up, which can result in them being reluctant to submit to orthodontics. During an initial consultation with a patient, we always ask them if they are nervous, or have any concerns about their dental treatment. At our clinic in Weybridge we ensure we educate our patients, in order to be certain that they can understand, thoroughly, the orthodontic treatment they are receiving.