Tips to enhance your Incognito experience

Your approach to any dental treatment can change your overall experience. Be prepared, positive and proactive when it comes to your care. This ensures you feel in control and helps to keep you focused on the goal during any challenging period. When you have a long-term dental treatment like teeth straightening with Weybridge Orthodontics, there are bound to be times when you feel like you need a boost. We offer up some of these tips and ideas to help you when that happens with Incognito in Weybridge.

incognito-in-weybridgeChoosing the right braces

You have plenty of options when it comes to braces these days. If you are choosing Incognito in Weybridge, it means you want discreet, fixed braces that will not impact your look at all. If you had other priorities, you might choose a different method. Making the right choice leads to a sense of satisfaction with your equipment and makes for a smoother treatment.


Some people find themselves a bit daunted by the thought of the fitting procedure that accompanies some teeth-straightening methods. Incognito are a little trickier to fit than most because the wires and brackets go on the back of the teeth. It’s important that you relax during treatment, take deep breaths and let your tongue sit loosely and naturally so the dentist can do the work. If you need it, you can always listen to music or an audiobook to distract you during the procedure. The whole process should take less than two hours to complete.

Care tips

Having Incognito in Weybridge on the backs of your teeth can create some awkward angles when it comes to achieving a thorough clean. To ensure that you still achieve an excellent standard of dental hygiene, you may need to add a few bits of extra equipment to your teeth-cleaning kit. Small, interdental brushes are good for getting in between the component parts of your braces. Dental floss is good for this as well. You may even wish to invest in a small dental mirror so that you can get a good look at your braces so you can check for any stray bits of food.

Positive adjustments

If you’re unhappy with the positioning of your teeth in Weybridge, Invisalign could be the answer. At Weybridge Orthodontics, we offer this innovative treatment to people who want to improve their dental orientations. There are various reasons why you might be searching for this kind of treatment. Perhaps the most obvious one is cosmetic. A crooked smile can spoil your appearance. As well as this, though, realigning your teeth can improve your oral hygiene. When your toothbrush has an easier time cleaning your dental surfaces, your risk of developing tooth decay is reduced. Invisalign in Weybridge can significantly change your overall oral health, and its presence is almost invisible.

Invisalign in WeybridgeSeeking Invisalign in Weybridge

If you’re pondering the idea of having braces, come and talk to our team. We’ll examine your teeth and discuss your options. Invisalign brings great results in a wide variety of situations. Once it’s clear that Invisalign in Weybridge is appropriate for you, we’ll ask the dental laboratory to produce your personalised series of clear plastic aligners.

During treatment, you’ll wear a pair of these aligners over your teeth for around 7-10 days. Then you discard that pair and wear the next pair in the series for another 7-10 days. This process continues until you’ve worn all the aligners in your series. Your teeth will be moved into better positions because each aligner has a slightly different shape to the one that came before it.

One of the great advantages of Invisalign in Weybridge is its convenience. There are no attachments: the aligners fit snugly over your teeth. Their transparent material means they have a low visibility. You’re free to carry on with your work and social life without having the visual burden of traditional wire-and-bracket braces. Taking care of your oral hygiene is simple, too. You remove the aligners when you want to eat something or to clean your teeth.

Clear benefits

Invisalign in Weybridge is a gradual process that brings long-lasting results. It’s a popular option because it doesn’t disrupt your day-to-day life too much. Once its work is complete, you’ll have many years to enjoy the benefits of properly aligned teeth.

Discreet dental optimization

Choosing Incognito in Weybridge means you can realign your teeth using an appliance that stays hidden. You won’t have to spend months walking around with a highly visible arrangement of wires and brackets attached to your teeth. That’s because Weybridge Incognito employs a simple but effective innovation: it’s attached to the backs of your teeth. Therefore, it minimizes the potential social discomfort that people often associate with the idea of wearing braces.

Incognito in WeybridgeLooking for Incognito in Weybridge

Many of our patients choose to have Incognito in Weybridge so that their appearance isn’t disrupted by the important work of dental realignment. This treatment can bring many benefits beyond the obvious cosmetic improvements. Your bite will function more effectively because your teeth meet in more suitable positions when you close your mouth. The risk of jaw strain is therefore reduced. Also, you might find that your teeth are easier to brush, and that your chances of developing gum disease and tooth decay are lower as a result.

Proceeding to adjust your teeth

To find out whether this process is a good one for you, we’ll first have a consultation at our modern dental practice. We’ll take a good look at your teeth and listen to your hopes about their future. If Incognito in Weybridge is the right way to achieve what you desire, we’ll produce a treatment plan and start your transformation. Your braces will be custom-made so that they deliver the results you need. The time it takes to complete the process can vary, from 12-18 months or longer, depending on how much you need to adjust the orientations of your teeth.

Kind to the user

These user-friendly appliances, sometimes known as lingual braces, are constructed from lightweight materials that aim to give you a comfortable experience. They apply steady pressure to your teeth so that a better formation gradually develops. While the treatment time might sound lengthy, the benefits that Weybridge Incognito brings you will last for many years. The oral health and cosmetic effects are truly transformative. Your smile will be more harmonious, and your overall dental experience will be greatly improved.

Adults and orthodontics in Weybridge

Orthodontics is not just for children and teenagers. In recent years, more and more adults are looking into orthodontic treatment for various reasons. And while most adults are concerned about the aesthetics of their teeth, orthodontics in Weybridge have numerous health benefits as well.

Orthodontics in WeybridgeIf you can’t stand the idea of having metal braces but you would still like to improve the alignment of your teeth, then at Weybridge Orthodontics we have the right treatment for you. Orthodontics in Weybridge is designed for busy adults who wish to have their teeth straightened without drawing too much attention on their mouth.

Here a few reasons to consider adult orthodontics in Weybridge:

Your teeth can shift over time

Even if you had braces as a child, there is no guarantee that your teeth will remain straight for life. Some people’s teeth move more than others and this can happen because of genetic reasons. Also, it has recently been proven that straightening retainers need to be worn for longer periods of time for teeth to remain straight, therefore even if you were a model orthodontic patient as a child, chances are that your teeth may shift later in life.

Your oral health matters

Did you know that your oral health can affect your general health? If you think that crooked teeth are harmless, you should do some research or ask your dentist. Gapped and crowded teeth are not easy to brush and floss and this can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Moreover, crooked teeth put unnecessary pressure on the bone and this can lead to all sorts of problems – including chronic migraines and jaw problems.

Build up your confidence

If you feel bad about your smile and you hide your teeth on every occasion, then maybe it’s time to seriously consider orthodontics. With discreet orthodontics in Weybridge, you can witness the improvements in your smile in real time without sacrificing your looks. Knowing that your smile and oral health will improve after treatment is a great way to build up your confidence and boost your self-esteem.

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If you are an adult looking for discreet orthodontics in Weybridge, then look no further than Weybridge Orthodontics.

How can discreet orthodontics in Weybridge help me?

Orthodontics is a distinct branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of misaligned teeth and other irregularities in the jaw region. Orthodontists are specially trained to deal with a host of issues, including but not limited to, crowded, gapped, twisted and rotated teeth.

Orthodontics in Weybridge can also deal with bite problems such as underbites, overbites and crossbites. These issues are common in children and adults alike, but adults may struggle more with having metal braces. At Weybridge Orthodontics, we are happy to provide various brace-less options that work as effectively as regular brackets and wires.

Orthodontics in WeybridgeWhat problems can discreet orthodontics in Weybridge treat?

Discreet orthodontics can treat a wide range of dental problems and realign your teeth. Typical problems that require orthodontic intervention include:

Crowded teeth

An overcrowded mouth is a condition where there is not enough room in the jawbone for teeth to develop correctly. Ideally, overcrowded teeth should be fixed at a young age, but it’s possible to treat them later in life with the help of discreet orthodontics in Weybridge.


An overbite is a condition where the upper jaw is protruding in relation to the lower jaw. Overbites put too much pressure on the jaw and are aesthetically displeasing. Again, they can be fixed with regular or discreet orthodontics, depending on the severity of each case.


Someone who suffers from an underbite has a longer lower jaw and their chin can be quite prominent. Just like an overbite, an underbite can be caused by developmental problems in childhood or may simply be the result of genetics. Luckily, it can be fixed with the help of orthodontics in Weybridge.

How can discreet orthodontics help?

In order to determine whether you can have your bite problems fixed with the help of discreet orthodontics, we will have to examine your teeth and jaw thoroughly. Removable orthodontics like Invisalign can fix mild to moderate bite problems, while Incognito braces can deal with more complex bite problems.

We can help

Whatever your dental problems or your age, orthodontics in Weybridge can properly straighten your teeth and help you regain your beautiful smile. Not convinced? Get in touch today.

Important things to know before you get Invisalign in Weybridge

Invisalign is a very popular teeth straightening treatment that, unlike regular braces, does not use metal brackets and wires. Invisalign in Weybridge is a favourite among adult patients who can have their teeth straightened without changing their lifestyle or compromising their appearance.

Invisalign in WeybridgeTo learn more about what Invisalign in Weybridge entails, you are invited to book a consultation appointment with the dental team at Weybridge Orthodontics. Because it’s different from regular teeth straightening methods, there are many things you may wish to discover about Invisalign in Weybridge prior to your treatment.

Invisalign aligners are custom-made

Invisalign aligners are individually made for each patient. This is achieved through the creation of a bespoke treatment plan by your dentist. After pictures and measurements of your mouth are taken, your dentist will send all this information to the Invisalign lab, where your individualised aligners will be created. These aligners will correspond to different phases of your treatment and, as your treatment progresses, you will be asked to move onto the next aligners in the series.

Invisalign is only for responsible people

Invisalign in Weybridge may sound really simple, but in fact, this treatment requires a high degree of self-responsibility. It’s true that Invisalign patients don’t have to change their diet and can continue brushing and flossing their teeth as they normally would, but they should always remember to wear their aligners for at least 22 hours per day. Forgetting to comply with this simple rule can lead to considerable treatment delays.

Stay in touch with your dentist

It’s true that Invisalign patients do not need to visit their dentist for adjustments as often as patients who wear braces, but staying in touch with your dentist is really important. Be prepared to see your dentist consistently for receiving your new aligners and having your teeth checked. If you maintain your appointments, your dentist can monitor your Invisalign treatment closely and detect any anomalies before they turn into full-blown problems.

You will have to wear aligners after the treatment

Another thing to know before you embark on your Invisalign journey is that you will need to wear retainers once your treatment is finished. This will ensure that your teeth will remain straight.

On-trend with invisible orthodontics in Weybridge

Popularity is important to teenagers and, if we’re honest, to adults as well. One of the bonding mechanisms of social groups is for everyone to follow certain trends as they arise. This is how people stand out and, conversely, make their unique statement about how they belong. Thirty years ago, wearing braces would not have been considered a smart move for anyone who wanted to make a positive impression. Times have changed.

Orthodontics in WeybridgeMore patients than ever are choosing to have their teeth straightened at Weybridge Orthodontics. There are many driving factors such as ease of use and shorter treatment times. One of the things that is making braces an easy choice for every age bracket, however, is the rise in popularity of invisible orthodontics in Weybridge.

What are invisible orthodontics in Weybridge?

Orthodontics is the practice of using various methods to straighten people’s teeth. This might be to adjust their bite or simply to realign their visible teeth to improve the appearance of the smile.

When people talk about invisible orthodontics, they are actually referring to the practice of using certain kinds of equipment during the process of realignment.

Equipment that is typically referred to as ‘invisible’ is designed to be harder or nearly impossible for someone to spot while you are wearing them. This might mean that the materials used to make the equipment are selected to be sympathetic to the user’s appearance. When it comes to fixed braces, this usually means tooth-coloured or white components. An exception to this is lingual braces which might be made out of traditional materials, but they are attached to the backs of the teeth, so they can’t be seen.

Removable aligners – also sometimes referred to as ‘invisible braces’ – are a different story. They are made from BPA-free thermoplastic which is very thin. This means that they cover the teeth, but they are transparent, so they do not affect the appearance at all.

If you want to join the trend for teeth straightening using invisible braces or aligners, join the revolution today at Weybridge Orthodontics. We can help you make the choice that matches the way you want to be in the world.

Is Incognito in Weybridge the right treatment for you?

Incognito is a very popular teeth straightening treatment that can be used by children and adults alike. Also known as lingual braces because of its position in the mouth, Incognito in Weybridge is as effective as metal braces with an added bonus – it’s entirely invisible.

If the thought of traditional metal braces for straightening your teeth is not appealing, you can always book a consultation for Incognito in Weybridge at Weybridge Orthodontics. Our experienced dentists will help you decide if this treatment is the right option for your smile.

Incognito in WeybridgeWhat is Incognito?

Lingual braces were invented in the 1970s but didn’t become popular till much later. Nowadays, Incognito is more mainstream than ever and more patients are eager to try this discreet teeth straightening method.

Incognito is a branded type of lingual braces made with nickel-titanium brackets that are customised to fit every single tooth. Incognito uses the same hardware as traditional braces and the brackets are glued to the teeth. However, unlike regular braces, Incognito braces are hidden on the back of the teeth.

The application process for Incognito in Weybridge is virtually the same as with metal braces. Patients may need uncomfortable at first, due to the position of the brackets on the inside of their teeth, but the discomfort will soon disappear.

Incognito braces are customised to fix your unique dental problem – whether it’s crooked, gapped or overcrowded teeth. Incognito braces can also deal with more complex dental problems such as twisted and rotated teeth.

Are these braces right for you?

Knowing about the benefits and disadvantages of lingual braces is a great start to deciding whether they are the right treatment for you. Incognito in Weybridge is very discreet, convenient and can treat many different dental problems. However, oral hygiene can become quite challenging with lingual braces.

To make the best decision, book an appointment with one of our accredited Incognito dentists in Weybridge. Not only will we examine your teeth carefully, but we will also advise you on the pros and cons of Incognito braces for your individual case. We are happy to address any questions you may have. To schedule your consultation appointment, call us today.

Another way to straighten teeth

Think of getting teeth straightened and you probably see an image in your mind’s eye of teeth with metal brackets on them, with wires running between the brackets. Pan back and you discover the teeth belong to a nerdy 12-year-old with no sense of style and a rucksack full of homework on their back.

Invisalign in WeybridgeIf that’s what you see when you think of teeth straightening, then it’s no wonder that you don’t want to look any further into getting treatment for yourself, now that you are an adult in a position of responsibility. You need to be taken seriously, not be mistaken for your niece or nephew.

So, what are you going to do? Are you going to live with those wonky teeth that your parents couldn’t afford to get fixed when you were a kid? Of course, you can do that. It’s not as if they are giving you any pain, although they are rather hard to keep clean. You’re always a bit shocked at the amount of plaque the hygienist scrapes from between them when you go for your 6-monthly session.

And, you do wonder what people think of your teeth when you smile. In fact, you sometimes try to keep your lips together, or you don’t smile at all. It would be nice not to have to be so self-conscious.

And you can be. You can get your teeth realigned and upgrade your smile without having to compromise on how you look during your treatment, if you choose teeth straightening with Invisalign in Weybridge.

Invisalign in Weybridge features clear aligners which are only 0.3mm thick and made of clear plastic. Because they are made to measure to exactly fit your teeth, once the mouth guard-style aligners are on, no one can see them.

You take Invisalign out for eating and drinking, and cleaning your teeth, but wear them the rest of the time. They won’t interfere with your speech, and, because they are made of smooth plastic, they won’t irritate the inside of your mouth either.

In Weybridge, Invisalign treatment takes a year on average. Why not come into Weybridge Orthodontics and find out if they are the right way to straighten your teeth?

Taking responsibility for your home treatment

Teeth straightening can be a lengthy process, in some cases taking up 2-3 years before the realignment is completed. Often after the initial treatment, you will then also need to wear some form of retainer or support equipment to stabilise your realignment. It’s good to remember before starting treatment that the results will be worth the effort and you will go on to enjoy a much-improved smile. However, you will need to commit fully to the treatment method, following orthodontics in Weybridge instructions for home care.

Orthodontics in WeybridgeIf you have chosen orthodontics in Weybridge using Invisalign, you will need to follow an exact treatment plan and the home care maintenance information. During your consultation and fitting of these bespoke aligners, your dentist at Weybridge Orthodontics will give a clear treatment plan to follow. The aligners will need to be replaced according to your treatment plan once every 7-10 days. Invisalign also require special home care to maintain the aligners and take care of your teeth.

At home you will need to:

  1. Remove your Invisalign to eat and drink, you may drink water without removing your aligner. However, since they are made from clear plastic, eating your meals and drinking tea or coffee is likely to discolour your aligners. This reduces their effectiveness as a near invisible brace option.
  2. Always clean your teeth before putting the aligner back into your mouth. You will need to get into the routine of doing this after each meal, snack or drink. This is to stop small particles of food getting trapped into the aligner or against your teeth. This is both unhealthy for your teeth and can cause bad breath as well as being unsightly, creating again conditions for your aligner to be stained.
  3. Your aligner will need to be cleansed thoroughly at least once a week, with a recommendation of twice a week. You will need to wear your aligner for around 22 hours a day, so you will need to find time to properly soak your aligner in dental solution.

Invisalign in one example of orthodontics in Weybridge treatments. At Weybridge Orthodontics, we have a full comprehensive list of treatments available. Call us today for your consultation.