Preventing Playground Related Dental Injuries

National Smile Month is our largest and longest-running oral health campaign. It promotes brushing the teeth at night, cutting down on sugar, and regular visits to your trusted dental clinics. In celebration of this fantastic event, Weybridge Orthodontics shares some tips to protect your child’s teeth from sports and playground related injuries.

Weybridge OrthodonticsDays are getting longer and the outdoors are looking more inviting. Kids are heading out parks and playgrounds for a round of fun outdoor sports and activities. Reports identify traumatic dental injuries as most prevalent in skateboarding, rollerblading and biking, as well as sports such as football, hockey, and basketball.

The Dangers of Play

Weybridge Orthodontics wants your child to be able to play safe every day without the risk of traumatic dental injuries. The variety of dental injuries from play ranges from chipped teeth, dislodged or avulsed teeth. Children may even lose one or two of their front teeth, which may psychologically affect language acquisition and self-esteem.

Dental injuries might require them to go through aesthetic restoration, root canal treatment or replantation of a knocked-out tooth. Even after healing, the discomfort and pain will take even longer to go away. It can also leave your child with long-term consequences in such an aesthetically important area of the mouth.

The Power of Mouth Guards

Managing teeth injury can end up costing quite a lot. Prevention is the best solution when it comes to helping your child dodge major damage and trauma. It is important that children who are into outdoor sports that tend to develop into aggressive and competitive games wear mouth guards along with other essential protective gear. Weybridge Orthodontics believes a mouth guard is important to protect children during play or activities.

There are three types of mouth guards: ready-made, the boil-and-bite, and the custom-made mouth guard made by your dentist. We would like to stress that a well-fitting and efficient mouth guard should be sturdy while being comfortable. It should not restrict speech or breathing. Visit us today for more information about which type fits you best.

We want only the best for you and your children. Let them have the best time when out on the playground, minus the risks and dangers that come with the greatest childhood memories.