Why Retainers are an Important Part of Post-Braces Care

Orthodontic solutions, such as braces and Invisalign, aim to help you achieve that stunning and fantastic smile. Initially, wearing metals in your mouth or tight trays can be burdensome. Nevertheless, you will love them the moment you see some progress.

Weybridge OrthodonticsThe orthodontic treatment, however, does not end once the braces are removed. The dentist may prescribe the wearing of retainers. You may flinch about the idea and may even come up with some retorts. Let Weybridge Orthodontics explain why retainers are a crucial part of your treatment.

The Possibility of Shifting

Retainers are a small and customised dental device that you should wear after the brackets and the wire are removed. The purpose of wearing a retainer is to strengthen the new position of the teeth.

The positions of your teeth move as you get old. Even small amounts of pressure from activities, such as licking and biting can undo the work of braces.

Period of Wearing

After the removal of the braces, we will assess your smile and bone structure. The period of wearing the retainer will depend on the evaluation. Usually, we recommend patients to wear them full-time (all day long) at first. Eventually, we may put some limitations on wearing it. Whilst you may use some breaks when wearing your retainer, it is important that you keep it consistent.

Your Options

At Weybridge Orthodontics, we provide a number of options on retainers. We have bonded wire retainers, which are fixed behind the incisors. We have Essix retainers, which are clear trays that you may remove when eating and cleaning your teeth.

If you are currently on an orthodontic treatment and are planning your post-braces care, get in touch with us today. Our team includes trained Treatment Coordinators who will guide you through the various treatment options in a friendly environment.