Rethink teeth straightening with Invisalign

In our many years of dental care, one of our interesting finds at Weybridge Orthodontics is that patients tend to fall into two main groups: those who are ready and excited to embrace new dental developments and technologies and those who tend to give what they term, ‘new-fangled inventions’ a wary eye. We acknowledge this propensity to be over-cautious when changing from one medical intervention to another, but we would like to assure the latter group of patients that there are no grounds for concern when it comes to Invisalign Weybridge.


For many years now (more than one might at first think, considering the popularity of this orthodontic appliance today), Invisalign Weybridge has been trusted to correct all manner of orthodontic difficulties that can result in bite problems, speech impediments, poor oral hygiene, gum infections, awkward smiles and jaw joint pain.

Patients on orthodontic treatment plans who focused on Invisalign Weybridge are often overjoyed, beaming with confidence in their new smiles; their body was free from pain and their digestion improved. How can Invisalign achieve all this and more? We shine the spotlight on an orthodontic system that continues to inspire smiles across the globe.

Invisalign’s unique set of characteristics

At first glance, the compelling set of Invisalign’s characteristics is a strong statement of the remarkable capabilities of this teeth-straightening system. The design of the system sets itself apart in a number of ways from other typical forms of orthodontic appliances.

The first point of interest is that these aligner-like braces do not resemble our usual frame of reference when it comes to braces. Not at all. The aligners are clear trays made from plastic material. Each tray in the set, worn for a predetermined period, is designed to shift teeth along the dental arch in small precise increments until the desired effect is achieved. What patients then have is more comfort and easier oral maintenance as well as a system that is as easy to use as slipping one tray off to replace it with another.

The next characteristic that most patients are keen to know more about is the fact that the braces are removable. Yes, this feature certainly turned orthodontics on its head. Now, patients using Invisalign can enjoy the freedom of eating basically whatever they’d like – no more worries about food restrictions.

Also gone is the struggle with cleaning the mouth. The tray-based system removes the challenge of tangling with floss thread and toothbrush bristles to clean between teeth and around the gum line. A clean mouth and healthy gums are the stable foundation on which orthodontic treatment proves most effective

No fear of embarrassment

Given its transparent nature, Invisalign is quite hard to spot and this makes it much easier to feel confident about smiling in public while the aligners do their work. Now, both teenagers and adults can take their teeth alignment goals further with Invisalign. The first step towards the world of Invisalign begins with a visit to our friendly dentist at Weybridge Orthodontics.