What to know about the Incognito braces system

The dental industry has dedicated much time and resources to developing new and exciting techniques and appliances to correcting teeth alignment and other crooked teeth issues. In recent years, modern orthodontic appliances like ‘invisible’ braces to reposition teeth into correct alignment has opened up orthodontics to patients who are looking for enhanced comfort and efficacy in their teeth correcting treatment plans. An added bonus is if the braces tick all the above boxes as well as being discreet-looking. All these desirables are met within braces such as Incognito Weybridge and Invisalign.


At Weybridge Orthodontics, our patients have access to modern and effective orthodontic treatment plans so that they can achieve the best possible outcomes from their investment in orthodontic treatment.

The Incognito Weybridge belongs to the new generation of discreet-looking braces that are suitable for both young and adult patients. Using a forward-thinking approach to correcting teeth alignment, these braces are affixed to the back of teeth – hidden from the gaze of the outside world. In fact, unless a patient were to tell someone that they have braces in their mouth, no one would be able to tell they are there.

The Incognito Weybridge braces are fully custom-made to meet each individual patient’s orthodontic condition. The system uses advanced technologies and materials to help achieve the desired outcomes.

How is Incognito braces different?

The purposeful design of Incognito lingual braces differs in that they make use of custom-produced archwires, brackets along with bonding trays to deliver the patient’s desired orthodontic goals.

3D imaging technology is used in the design of this remarkable orthodontic appliance which offers the patient a lifelike view of the braces they are to wear. This digital technology is also able to predict, with great accuracy, what the ultimate result from treatment will look like.

Plus points of invisible lingual braces

This type of braces is not designed to be removable which may save patients in a number of ways: no more forgetting to put them back on after eating or brushing, less chance of them being damaged or lost when not in use.

Another positive of 3D technology in the design of custom-designed braces is that attention is given to every detail to ensure the appliance fits in perfectly with the patient’s oral situation.

One of the challenges to wearing traditional fixed metal braces is the appearance of white spots on the front surface of teeth that are visible once the braces are removed. Patients on this orthodontic treatment plan are at low risk of this teeth imperfection occurring.

Lingual braces achieve high comfort value.Thanks to the unique design of the braces which follows the particular shape of teeth of the patient to maximise on patient comfort and also lessens the likelihood of speech interference.

Now, with an amazing array of orthodontic appliances to choose from, it has never been a more opportune time to let orthodontics help you improve the quality of your life. For a professional consultation about all available orthodontic treatment plans at Weybridge Orthodontics, reach out to our front desk team to schedule an appointment.