The Rigorous Test of Braces

When we design braces for our patients, we give them the assurance that they will be able to correct any misalignment their teeth may have. Part of that assurance is convincing them that the braces can withstand whatever the patient will decide to put in their mouths. The question many of them ask is ‘How can brackets and wires stand against all the food we eat until the next appointment?’

Beating Up Braces

the rigorous test of bracesIt is a fact that not many patients know, but all the tools that dentists use on their patients go through a rigorous battery of strength tests before they reach the market. Researchers have come up with a variety of ways to replicate real life situations in testing dental products and tools. There is even a robot that looks like a jaw that moves up and down repeatedly to simulate chewing.

Strength testing is one of the most important hidden aspects of dentistry; because of the work such tools are expected to perform. Braces need – through constant pressure – to weaken teeth enough to move them into the desired position, as well as protect them from external forces that would push them out of alignment. It is a balancing act that requires both power and durability on the part of the tool.

No Further Testing Required

Plenty of effort goes into the construction of such materials to ensure that they can still perform under extreme situations. But, that is not license for patients to attempt to test the limits of their braces. They should focus their energy on following their dentist’s instructions on caring for their braces. The point of wearing braces is to fix misalignments, not to test how strong they are under duress.

In fact, patients would only be hurting themselves if they do that because strength testing has already been done, and they are simply putting unnecessary pressure on their teeth. Leave the dental tool testing to the professionals, and just get ready for the new straight smile you will enjoy when the braces are finally removed.

If you are looking for any more information on braces or general practices in dentistry, do not hesitate to contact us today. We entertain all kinds of questions and inquiries from curious patients, and make everything to the best of our ability.