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Metal Braces (Silver) with Coloured Elastic Bands


3M Unitek

Metal Braces ( Conventional Braces)

  • Metal braces with coloured elastic bands is a new way to decorate teeth
  • 8-10 weekly appointments including changing the colour of the elastic bands.
  • Average treatment time 18-24 months, followed by 1year supervised retention
Dr Stubbs Reviewed by Becca Taylor on

The orthodontists were friendly and helpful and gave me the best advice to improve my brushing and to keep my teeth in the best condition after removing my Gemini brace. They talked me through the stages of the improvement of my teeth, which helped me see the improvement at the end.

Becca Taylor
Rating: 4.5
Metal Braces
Dr Stubbs Reviewed by Emily Bugden on

My orthodontist put my Gemini brace on really well and was good at tightening them for the fastest improvement possible.

Emily Bugden
Rating: 4.5
Orthodontic Options

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