What to expect through having Invisalign Orthodontics in Weybridge

If you are fed up with having crooked teeth then you may have resolved to have orthodontic treatment, and one of the most popular orthodontic systems is Invisalign. It’s a great orthodontic systm and is suitable for most people, and it can be used to treat adults and teenagers. One of the main reasons why it’s so popular due to the virtual invisibility of the clear plastic aligners that are worn during treatment, and which are super easy to keep clean and hygienic. But what can you expect when having Invisalign treatment?

orthodontics in WeybridgeYou’ll need to make an appointment to see Dr James Stubbs or one of our dentists in Weybridge to find out if this orthodontic system will give you the results you are looking for. We’ll only recommend it if we think it will work well for you. The next step is for our dentist to take photos of your teeth, as well as impressions and x-rays. These are used to create 3-D digital images of your teeth, and to predict the movements of your teeth during treatment. The great thing about this is that you will be able to see a virtual representation of how your teeth will look. Once the dentist is happy with the treatment plan, then your aligners will be constructed.

You’ll be given several sets to take home with you, and each set is worn for two weeks before it is changed for a fresh set. The aligners are very comfortable to wear as there are no sharp edges to dig into your gums or cheeks, but you are likely to feel a bit of discomfort when you first begin to wear them. This is perfectly normal, and is something that occurs with all orthodontic treatment as after all, your teeth are moving! Any discomfort should begin to pass as you become accustomed to each new set of aligners, and should be easily controlled with painkillers form your local chemists. If the discomfort feels as if it is too much, then contact us for help and advice.

You’ll need to pop into Weybridge Orthodontics every six weeks or so, as we will need to see how treatment is progressing and to make sure your teeth are moving as planned. We will also supply you with more aligners to keep you going. The progression of treatment does depend on you wearing the aligners just about all of the time. You can take them out for mealtimes, and for the very occasional special event, but other than that you should be wearing them for approximately twenty two hours each day to ensure treatment will finish when planned. It is important that you clean your teeth and the aligners before you re-insert them. Once treatment is finished, be prepared to wear a retainer to help prevent a relapse. A relapse is where the teeth begin to return to their original positions, but wearing a retainer will help prevent this.

Not everyone will need to have such extensive orthodontics in Weybridge. If you only have a few front teeth out of alignment, or have previously had orthodontic treatment but failed to wear a retainer, then you may be able to use a faster system. The Inman Aligner can correct minor orthodontic problems in just a few weeks or months, and is fully removable and unobtrusive. Contact Weybridge Orthodontics to find out more.