Your options for straight teeth with orthodontics Weybridge

If you want to have a more attractive smile, then look no further than orthodontics Weybridge to set you straight. We have a range of devices that we can use to perfect your bite and realign your teeth so that you not only have a healthy smile that allows you to eat and speak correctly, but also a more confident one.


Whether we perform these treatments for children, young adults or working age adults, we seek to meet the needs and expectations of each and every one of our patients and find a solution that works with them. Depending on the severity of your condition, we may have several options that will make your treatment experience a more enjoyable one.

Such orthodontics Weybridge treatments include removable or fixed braces, some can be short term options and others are able to be worn for longer lengths of time. We help you to decide on a treatment device by offering you unbiased information on every choice that is available to you. In addition to this, we also provide you with bespoke and relevant advice regarding how each of these devices are able to personally change your smile, so that you can make the most informed decision regarding your smile.

We will factor in every feature of the treatment plan, including the length of time we would expect you to need to wear the device, the expected costs and any general complications that you might find yourself experiencing. We draw such information from past experiences of our patients, both positive and negative.

It is important to have a balanced approach to a treatment plan always, especially one as involved as orthodontics Weybridge.

How does a teeth straightening device work?

This depends on the device itself and whether it is a fixed divide or removable. In general, fixed devices, which are attached to teeth via brackets and wires are attached to these brackets work by pulling teeth into their new position.

Some traditional options require a dentist to manipulate the wires every few weeks to pull teeth into their new position gradually over time. Other options, such as Six Month Smiles is a more automated option, where the wire that we used has a memory and it gradually and constantly moves back to this position over the course of 6 months after it has been fitted to your teeth.

Removable devices, such as the popular Invisalign treatment works a little differently by pushing teeth into their new position. An aligner is worn over teeth for a recommended 22 hours every day, gently forcing teeth into a slightly new position and holding them there. After a couple of weeks, a new aligner is worn which pushes teeth that little bit more into their correct position. After a year or two, you can enjoy a perfectly straightened smile.

The direction and amount that we move teeth is predetermined in these situations but with a fixed device, we have more flexibility to our approach, making it more suitable for the complex cases.