The subtle way to enhance your smile

We all want a smile that we can share but crowded, overly spaced or misaligned teeth can detract from your appearance and have a big impact on your self-esteem. You may have considered corrective treatment but worried that metal braces are inconvenient, ugly or difficult to get used to. The good news is that there is a modern system which can straighten your teeth comfortably, effectively and unobtrusively. At Weybridge Orthodontics in Weybridge, Invisalign is a popular technique which we have used for many of our patients.

Invisalign in WeybridgeHow does it work?

An initial consultation allows us to assess the state of your mouth and take measurements. The Invisalign system uses a series of clear plastic trays or aligners which gently reposition your teeth. These are individually made to suit your mouth and you will be provided with a new set every two weeks. This is so they adapt to the changing position of your teeth and continue to guide them into the right place. We use 3D computer modelling which allows the aligners to be made precisely and means that you can see the predicted results in advance. You can try Invisalign in Weybridge and see for yourself why so many people have loved using this method.

What are the advantages?

We use Invisalign in Weybridge for mild to moderate cases where there is no severe crowding or need for teeth to be removed. The process is very comfortable and discreet, with no invasive procedures. The clear plastic aligners are virtually invisible and you can take them out for eating and cleaning so they do not interfere with daily life. As they are individually made for each person out of smooth plastic, they fit without rubbing and ensure that the teeth move in exactly the right way. When your teeth are how they should be, you will continue to wear retainers at night to make sure they stay in place so you can enjoy your new smile into the future.

Give yourself the gift of a beautiful new smile today and make an appointment with us to discuss whether Invisalign in Weybridge is the treatment for you.

Coming straight to the point about Invisalign in Weybridge

There is no doubt that a crooked, gappy smile or protruding teeth affect how you look, how you feel, and sometimes even how people treat you. Perhaps you received some orthodontic treatment as a child. More than 200,000 children and teenagers are fitted with braces each year; however it is estimated that three quarters of all adults would still benefit from some form of orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign in WeybridgeFixed or removable braces improve the function as well as the aesthetic appearance of crooked teeth. They can also be used to realign teeth that contain gaps or are crowded. A brace straightens teeth by gradually moving teeth into the correct position using a small, sustained force in the direction that they need to move. The main problems with fixed braces, especially those fitted to the front of your teeth is that they are rather obtrusive, and may need to be worn for a year or more.

Invisalign, clearly different

For many adults, the prospect of fixed braces is off-putting; after all there are some aspects of our lives that are better left unshared. What makes the Invisalign system different is that the aligners are both clear, and removable. These are advantages that make them a very popular choice with many of our patients here in Weybridge. Invisalign retainers can be used to treat a variety of orthodontic issues discreetly and effectively. Because they are removable, these aligners make eating and oral health care much easier than it is with a fixed brace.

The Invisalign system uses a series of custom-made aligners, which are manufactured at the start of your treatment. Each aligner must be worn for a minimum of 20 hours each day, and the aligners are changed once every two weeks. Because they are not fixed to your teeth, the aligners are a less invasive treatment than fixed braces.

You will need to see your orthodontist for check-ups during your treatment to ensure that everything is going to plan, but you could find yourself enjoying a straighter, healthier smile in as little as six months, depending on the complexity of your case. To find out more, book a consultation at our practice in Weybridge, Invisalign retainers may be just what you’re looking for.

Get new teeth and a new waistline

If you are thinking about investing in teeth straightening in Weybridge, Invisalign is one of the systems you may be thinking about.

In Weybridge, Invisalign teeth aligners are available from Weybridge Orthodontics.

Invisalign is proving to be increasingly popular among adults and teenagers who do not need to have major corrections to their bite and therefore do not qualify for NHS treatment. It works differently from other kinds of braces and it has different benefits.

Invisalign in WeybridgeHow does it work?

Invisalign uses clear, rigid acrylic moulds or aligners that fit snugly over your teeth and gently push them into their desired positions. You wear between 12 and 48 of these aligners, each one brings you one step closer to your final outcome. Each aligner is worn for about 2 weeks before you move on to the next one.

One thing that many people like about Invisalign is that they are so clear and thin, at just 0.3 millimetres thick, that they are almost invisible. Another aspect of Invisalign that not so many people mention is that wearing them can inadvertently help you lose weight.

The Invisalign diet?

In order for Invisalign aligners to work effectively and to schedule, you have to wear them for at least 22 hours a day. This leaves just enough time for you to remove your aligner, clean it and carefully place it in its case before you eat, floss and brush your teeth.

Other than that, you really need to keep them in your mouth or you could end up wearing them for much longer than expected.

With the goal of straighter teeth and the need to wear Invisalign for 22 hours a day, plus the added requirement of removal and cleaning, you may find it easier to resist that leftover birthday cake in the office. Keeping trim may also be easier because you’ll switch to drinking mostly water, rather than tea and coffee with added sugar and milk, which can stain your aligner and so make it more visible.

If you google Invisalign diet, you will find it mentioned in several blogs. Of course, it’s an unintentional side effect of choosing Invisalign in Weybridge, but it’s worth knowing about and perhaps taking advantage of.

Invisalign in Weybridge – invisible braces bring visible results

Are you self-conscious about your smile but reluctant to wear braces because of cosmetic reasons? For some people, a less than perfect smile is nothing to worry about, but for others it can knock their self-esteem. As an adult, you may have put off teeth straightening treatment because you can’t face the thought of months in a row wearing metal braces, or perhaps you feel the costs cannot be justified.

That is why, here at Weybridge Orthodontics, we offer Invisalign – an affordable, safe, and effective alternative to metal braces, which has minimal impact on your lifestyle.

Invisalign in WeybridgeWhat is Invisalign?

Invisalign employs 3D computer technology to create transparent, plastic removable aligners. These move your teeth at a rate similar to traditional braces, but without any metal or wires. The invisible braces are entirely custom-made and can be removed to eat and clean your teeth.

Invisalign aligners are made of transparent plastic, so they are generally unnoticeable when worn. Using computer imaging technology, your dentist in Weybridge can develop a personalised treatment plan for you to shift your teeth into the necessary positions and give you back confident smile.  based This imaging technology helps create your series of custom-made aligners, which have to be worn for about 2 weeks, before being replaced by the next in the series.

Although each case is unique, the usual treatment plan for adults who opt for Invisalign in Weybridge typically lasts for a year, using an average of 18 to 30 aligner trays throughout the treatment.

Am I eligible for Invisalign?

Generally, Invisalign is suitable for most patients with healthy teeth and gums. Invisalign can correct common dental issues such as crooked teeth, gappy and crowded teeth, as well as misaligned bites. However if you need to correct more severe jaw problems, your Weybridge dentist will likely recommend another treatment option.

Ideally, patients who pursue Invisalign should have good self-discipline. Invisalign is removable, but to work effectively, the aligners must be worn between 20 and 22 hours per day.

Learn more about Invisalign in Weybridge

We are looking forward to helping you get the beautiful straight teeth that you have always wanted. So please do feel free to contact us today.

Enjoy a straighter smile with Invisalign in Weybridge

Are you a self-conscious adult who wants to enjoy the benefits of straighter teeth,without the effects of visible metal braces and brackets? If so, then Invisalign may be the right choice for you.

At Weybridge Orthodontics, we understand the struggle that imperfect smiles can bring. That is why we recommend Invisalign as an effective, almost undetectable way to correct your smile. If you are ready for a change, it’s time to learn more about how you can achieve a beautiful smile with Invisalign in Weybridge.

Invisalign in WeybridgeHow does Invisalign work?

Invisalign is designed to help straighten teeth and achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. Yet it is different from traditional braces in several notable ways. A key difference is that Invisalign uses a series of transparent aligners, to help gradually move your teeth into their correct positions. Invisalign aligners are made of clear plastic, making them almost invisible throughout your treatment.

During your treatment, you will have to go through a series of 18 to 30 different aligners — depending on the severity of your case. Each aligner is worn for 2 weeks and then replaced by the next aligner in the series, until the recommended realignment is achieved. Invisalign aligners have to be worn at least 22 hours per day for effective treatment.

Invisalign aligners are easily removed, allowing for comfort and confidence while eating as well as improved dental hygiene, compared with fixed braces. Patients who wear metal braces often find it difficult to brush and floss their teeth properly, causing plaque to build up during their treatment.Invisalign therefore helps you keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy throughout your treatment.

Are you a candidate for Invisalign?

Generally, Invisalign can fix a wide range of dental issues including overbites, underbites, as well as other alignment-related issues. That said, a consultation with your dentist in Weybridge is the best way to determine if Invisalign is the right option for you.

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If you would like any further information about Invisalign in Weybridge, or you would like to request an appointment with one of our highly experienced dentists, please get in touch with us today.

Discretion is the word with Invisalign in Weybridge

Are you an adult who would like to have their teeth straightened, but are now in a world of responsible work where being seen with braces would not enhance your professional reputation? If so, it may feel like you are caught between a rock and a hard place.

invisalign-in-weybridgeMisaligned teeth in a world increasingly focused on perfect appearances will not enhance your reputation either. Misaligned teeth are also harder to keep clean and in years to come may lead to problems resulting from plaque build-up and decay.

However, there is a way out of this conundrum. At Weybridge Orthodontics, we provide many people in the same boat as you with Invisalign.

Using Invisalign in Weybridge to straighten your teeth is somewhat different to the more well-known brackets and wire braces systems that most of us associate with teeth straightening. This is because Invisalign uses transparent plastic trays, which look rather like mouth guards, that fit over the teeth.

The trays are made from impressions taken by your dentist and are sent to Invisalign’s laboratory in the USA. They use these impressions to calculate the path along which your teeth need to move to become beautifully aligned. The laboratory makes a series of aligners. Each aligner represents one step towards the final positions your teeth need to reach to achieve your desired smile. The pressure that the plastic applies to your teeth is what gently nudges them along this path.

You need to wear each tray for about 2 weeks before moving on to the next one. Depending on your individual case, you will need to wear between 12 and 48 trays over the course of your treatment.

In Weybridge, Invisalign clear aligners have other advantages as well as being almost unnoticeable. These stem from the fact that they are removable. This means that during your treatment they are easy to clean, and so are your teeth. Also, you can take them out if you really don’t want anyone to see you are wearing aligners, perhaps for a special event like a wedding, or an important business meeting or job interview.

Invisalign: invisible alignment

In Weybridge, Invisalign is one of the most popular ways of getting your teeth straightened.

At Weybridge Orthodontics, we have a wide range of teeth straightening systems to suit every patient’s lifestyle needs. If you require gradual and discreet teeth straightening in Weybridge, Invisalign could be the treatment for you.

invisalign-in-weybridgeYour journey with Invisalign in Weybridge

Let’s look at what you can expect to happen with Invisalign, including payments.

Right now, you could begin your journey to straighter teeth by taking advantage of our special offer on initial consultations, for which we are charging only £35. You need a consultation so that we can determine if Invisalign is the best teeth straightening system for you.

If it is, then we next take impressions of your teeth and send them off to the Invisalign laboratory in the United States. About three weeks later, you come back for your next appointment. During this clinical check appointment, we will use a 3D computer modelling treatment plan to show you how your teeth look now, how they will move during treatment and how your lovely new straighter smile will look at the end of the treatment.

If you are ready to go ahead with the treatment plan, then we can next get your aligners made up, for which you will need to pay a deposit. This is for manufacturing the aligners.

The aligners are a series of very thin rigid thermoplastic resin mouth trays that fit so snugly over your teeth that no one else will notice you are wearing them. Each aligner is slightly different, representing one step along the path your need to travel. The pressure from the plastic gently moves the teeth. Depending on your dental needs, you can expect to wear between 12 and 48 of these aligners, each one for about two weeks, although we might advise you to wear one or two for longer.

Because Invisalign invisible aligners are removable, you can take them out to clean them, and your teeth. It also means that you can leave them off for particularly important occasions, but you must wear them for at least 22 hours a day if you are to stick to the treatment schedule.

The cost for Invisalign in Weybridge starts from £1,884.25 for children and adults.

Reasons to choose Invisalign in Weybridge

Invisalign clear braces are a quick and effective way to straighten your teeth without the pain and hassle associated with traditional metal braces.

invisalign-in-weybridgeIf you have crooked or misaligned teeth, you may be a candidate for Invisalign in Weybridge. This treatment is also recommended for other dental problems such as widely gapped or overcrowded teeth as well as overbites and underbites.

In Weybridge, Invisalign clear braces are used to treat these conditions, whichcan have a negative impact on your looks and deter you from keeping your teeth clean and healthy. At Weybridge Orthodontics in Weybridge, Invisalign patients achieve their desired results in as little as one year.

Here are a few reasons why Invisalign could be the ideal teeth straightening treatment for you or your teenager.


The main reason why adults choose Invisalign as an alternative to conventional braces is the fact that they are made of clear aligners which are hard to notice. Many teenagers and adults are often frightened by the prospect of metal braces. With Invisalign clear braces, very few people will notice that you are having tour teeth straightened – unless you tell them, meaning little or no impact on your lifestyle.

Removable aligners

Invisalign patients have to wear their aligners for at least 20 hours each day, which means that they can be removed when you eat or want to brush and floss your teeth. This way you don’t need to change your daily routine drastically and you can eat whatever you want.

No more pain

Invisalign braces are extremely comfortable to wear because they fit snugly over your teeth and gums. Unlike metal braces where uncomfortable tightening sessions are part of the treatment, Invisalign aligners are switched out every two weeks in the comfort of your own house.

Fast results

The length of your Invisalign treatment depends on the severity of your dental issues and your individual commitment to the plan. If you have minor teeth or bite problems, you could see your final results in as little as six months, however, average treatment time is between six months and a year and a half.

The secret of three million smiles

There’s a secret revolution happening around the world and the great thing is that you too can be part of it! The secret is the solution that many adults are turning to for straight and healthy looking teeth.

invisalign-in-weybridgeIn Weybridge, Invisalign braces are the preferred choice for many adults who have decided that they deserve a winning smile. We are all aware of the impact that a beautiful smile has on us, as well as how a less than perfect smile can affect our confidence as well as our long-term oral health. While metal braces are a very effective way to straighten our teeth they are not always a suitable choice for those of us who work in a professional environment where our appearance is an important consideration.

At Weybridge Orthodontics in Weybridge, we recognise how important it is to our patients to have a treatment that not only solves their dental issues, but also works as part of their lifestyle.

A clear and simple solution

There’s a good reason that so many people are choosing to use Invisalign in Weybridge.

Because Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, no one is likely to notice that you’re wearing them. This helps Invisalign fit seamlessly into your everyday life. Unlike fixed braces, there are no metal brackets or wires that need adjusting as the treatment progresses, meaning that you spend less time in the dentist’s chair during the treatment. The removable aligners also allow you to maintain your regular brushing and flossing routine as well as being able to eat and drink what you want, when you want.

The goals are in sight right from the start

Because all the aligners are made at the beginning of the treatment, we can show you exactly how your teeth will look at the end of the procedure before you even begin. The length of time taken to achieve your finished look will depend on the degree of straightening and realignment that is required but you will begin to see a difference in a few weeks. Each set of aligners are each worn for just two weeks.

If straighter teeth and a more confident smile are on your to do list, come in at talk to us about Invisalign in Weybridge. We are waiting to give you more to smile about.

Invisalign: the difference is clear

Many of our patients are looking for ways to improve the appearance of their teeth and we strive to offer a full range of services and products to help them to do this. One of the most effective ways to improve your long term dental health as well as your appearance is to correct crowded, crooked or misaligned teeth by using braces. We believe that for a long term dental treatment to be successful it must be compatible with our patients’ needs and lifestyle. This why at Weybridge Orthodontics,we use Invisalign. We find that these clear braces are an effective and reliable solution for correcting poorly aligned teeth and creating winning smiles.

invisalign-in-weybridgeStraighter teeth gently with Invisalign in Weybridge

The Invisalign treatment consists of a range of virtually invisible, removable aligners that are worn for a minimum of 22 hours each day and are changed every two weeks for the next set of aligners. Each aligner is individually made for your teeth and as you change to the next aligner, your teeth gradually move, until they have straightened to the final position.

In Webridge, Invisalign braces are designed to fit in with your lifestyle, and most of the time you will forget that you are even wearing them. The time it takes to complete the treatment varies from person to person, depending on the complexity of each straightening issue. Your orthodontist will explain the whole procedure with you before starting the treatment to make sure that you are happy with the plan.

The Invisalign treatment made just for you

When you come for your first appointment to find out about Invisalign in Weybridge we will need to take an impression of your teeth to make sure that the procedure is suitable for you. Once this has been confirmed we will put together a detailed treatment plan. This includes a digital3D image of how your teeth will look on completion of the treatment.

If you are ready to transform your smile using a system that fits discretely and easily into your life, Invisalign in Weybridge could be the answer you are looking for.