Discover the many orthodontic benefits of choosing Incognito in Weybridge

Hidden wonders


At Weybridge Orthodontics we always want our patients to feel their absolute best and have the confidence in themselves to smile to their heart’s content.

Treatments such as Incognito in Weybridge are one of the many ways that we achieve this goal, by giving patient’s of all ages the opportunity to realign crooked or overcrowded teeth without impacting how they look aesthetically.

The ability to discretely realign smiles has resulted in a huge rise in the amount of patient’s – both younger and older – turning to us here at Weybridge Orthodontic and expressing an interest in Incognito braces.

What makes Incognito braces special?

Incognito in Weybridge is a form of treatment that is known as cosmetic orthodontics, whereby the orthodontic treatment has been specifically designed so as to minimise the visible impact it has on a patient’s appearance.

Incognito braces achieve a straighter smile through a method that is, in principle, very similar to how conventional fixed metal braces operate.

Traditional braces require a bracket to be boned around the front of each tooth, which is then connected using a thin metal or plastic wire. Over time, this wire applies tension to the crooked or overlapping teeth and pulls them into position.

Where Incognito braces differ, however, and what separates them as a cosmetic orthodontic treatment, is that the brackets and wires are all attached to the inside of a patient’s teeth only – meaning they are obscured from sight.

Being hidden in this way allows for patients of any age to undergo fast-acting and effective long term dental realignment, without ever having to be concerned with the aesthetic implications of fixed metal braces.

How do you get Incognito in Weybridge?

At Weybridge Orthodontics we’ve helped transform countless smiles through Incognito treatment over the years.

We always find that the best way to start Incognito treatment off is with an initial consultation to discuss the details of Incognito treatment – such as the timescale and what results patients can expect. These consultations also let us take the measurements and photographs which we will need to craft each patient’s custom-made braces.

Incognito is the UK’s only fixed orthodontic appliance which is both 100% custom-fitted and discrete. As such, each set of Incognito braces must be carefully crafted for the patient who is receiving them, so they fit perfectly to the interior of their teeth.

Before our orthodontists fit every patient with their unique Incognito lingual braces system, we use 3D rendering technology to create an accurate image of what their smile will look like once they have finished their treatment.

We’ve found that this can be a great help in giving patients the confidence they need to go ahead with Incognito treatment as they can see how the results will pay off in the end.

If you are interested to find out more about what Incognito braces could do to straighten your smile, then the first step is to arrange a consultation with one of our in-hour dentists.

As all installations of Incognito braces are unique and tailored to those who are getting them, we always work our hardest to adapt our services to meet every patient’s specific needs.