Incognito: the braces that no-one need know about

Incognito lingual braces can correct anything from mild to severe orthodontic problems, without anyone knowing you are having treatment. They are one of the most popular options at our Weybridgedental practice, and the unique design of their brackets means they are much more comfortable than traditional orthodontic appliances.

incognito-lingual-bracesAn increasing number of adults are contacting our Weybridgedental clinic wanting to straighten their teeth, but not wanting the whole world to know about it. It’s not difficult to see why the thought of traditional braces can be off-putting to adults, because they are not particularly compatible with a busy adult lifestyle. That’s where Incognito lingual braces come in.

There are a number of discreet orthodontic appliances on the market, but many of them focus primarily on the cosmetic aspect of your smile. They are designed to work on the front teeth – those on display when you smile – and are an excellent treatment option for minor correction. However, if you need to make more significant adjustments to the positioning of your teeth, or of your bite – how your jaws meet together – Incognito braces could be the perfect solution.

When you come for an Incognito consultation at our Weybridgedental clinic, your orthodontist will be able to provide a realistic 3D image of what results you can expect from treatment thanks to the advanced computer software we use.

Incognito lingual braces are custom-designed to fit your teeth perfectly, so a thorough clinical examination will be required at the start of treatment.

Your exact treatment time will depend on the amount and type of correction required, and your orthodontist will advise you of this when you come to our Weybridge clinic for an Incognito consultation.

Woodwind and brass instrument players may find that they need to adjust their playing style when wearing these braces, but they cause no significant problems with speech or comfort.