On-trend with invisible orthodontics in Weybridge

Popularity is important to teenagers and, if we’re honest, to adults as well. One of the bonding mechanisms of social groups is for everyone to follow certain trends as they arise. This is how people stand out and, conversely, make their unique statement about how they belong. Thirty years ago, wearing braces would not have been considered a smart move for anyone who wanted to make a positive impression. Times have changed.

Orthodontics in WeybridgeMore patients than ever are choosing to have their teeth straightened at Weybridge Orthodontics. There are many driving factors such as ease of use and shorter treatment times. One of the things that is making braces an easy choice for every age bracket, however, is the rise in popularity of invisible orthodontics in Weybridge.

What are invisible orthodontics in Weybridge?

Orthodontics is the practice of using various methods to straighten people’s teeth. This might be to adjust their bite or simply to realign their visible teeth to improve the appearance of the smile.

When people talk about invisible orthodontics, they are actually referring to the practice of using certain kinds of equipment during the process of realignment.

Equipment that is typically referred to as ‘invisible’ is designed to be harder or nearly impossible for someone to spot while you are wearing them. This might mean that the materials used to make the equipment are selected to be sympathetic to the user’s appearance. When it comes to fixed braces, this usually means tooth-coloured or white components. An exception to this is lingual braces which might be made out of traditional materials, but they are attached to the backs of the teeth, so they can’t be seen.

Removable aligners – also sometimes referred to as ‘invisible braces’ – are a different story. They are made from BPA-free thermoplastic which is very thin. This means that they cover the teeth, but they are transparent, so they do not affect the appearance at all.

If you want to join the trend for teeth straightening using invisible braces or aligners, join the revolution today at Weybridge Orthodontics. We can help you make the choice that matches the way you want to be in the world.