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Your First Appointment

Your first appointment with us provides us with valuable information about you. On arrival you will be greeted by one of our friendly receptionists who will guide you through the various forms that you need to complete prior to your appointment. The purpose of all these forms is to give us further information regarding any medical or other needs that we need to be aware of before the clinical appointment commences.

You may be having the consultation with a view to having orthodontic treatment, or for a second opinion, or just to see what options are available for improving your smile. A primary purpose of your initial consultation appointment is to listen to your views and concerns about your bite and dental/facial appearance, and assess what result you hope for from any orthodontic treatment.

You will then be invited to one of our treatment areas where you will be greeted by our clinical staff which will include the Orthodontist, Orthodontic Therapist and our chair-side assistants. The Orthodontist or Orthodontic therapist will carry out the clinical assessment and gather all the necessary information.

Your orthodontist will carry out a thorough examination of the face, the jaws and the teeth. This is usually followed by radiographs (X-ray examination), photographs and Digital Scan of the teeth. These records will help your orthodontist diagnose the underlying problems with your bite correctly, and formulate a suitable treatment plan which aims to straighten your teeth perfectly, improve your bite and give you an attractive smile. You will be given a chance at each stage to ask any questions you might have about any of the aspects of this appointment and the clinical findings.

Following the clinical session you will see one of our Treatment Coordinators who will demonstrate the various brace system recommended and also discuss the various financial plans available at the practice. The Treatment Coordinator will also discuss the differences between NHS and private treatment options with you if you qualify for NHS funding. From this appointment you can find out about the latest technology and brace systems available to straighten teeth and to decide which treatment would suit you best. Ask as many questions as you like!

In some cases, your orthodontist will need an opportunity for a careful and meticulous study of the records that has been taken in order to arrive at a considered decision regarding your treatment plan. You may therefore be invited to make another appointment in which we could discuss your orthodontic problems and customised treatment plan in more detail. You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have at this discussion appointment. You will then have all this information to take away with you to decide on your ideal treatment option.

We look forward to working together to achieve Your Perfect Smile.

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